1 Year Anniversary Long Messages for Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Top 1 Year Anniversary Text to Girlfriend 2021

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Top 1 Year Anniversary Text to Girlfriend 2021



1 Year Anniversary Long Messages for Girlfriend/Boyfriend



Say “Happy Anniversary” to your boyfriend or girlfriend, or a special couple you know, with these fabulous anniversary wishes and messages. From romantic and sweet to milestone anniversary wishes, you’re sure to find the words to wish someone a happy wedding anniversary!


1 Year Anniversary Text to Girlfriend


1. I admire every moment I spent with you because you are the only woman that knows me in and out. Happy anniversary my love. 


2. I am happy today to see my beloved wife smiling; it is my prayer for you on this beautiful anniversary.


3. In a day, I think of you one million times because you are always in my mind, happy anniversary, my dear.


4. I want to spend the rest of my life with you without conditions, but for love, I have for you. Happy anniversary.


5. You are indeed a blessing sent from God to me. Since you came into my life, I fell nothing but happiness and joy. Happy anniversary, my lady.


6. My whole life, I have never seen a beautiful lady like you out there until I met you. Happy anniversary.


7. If you were a game of love, I would play you over and over until my last breath. Happy anniversary.


8. I do understand that your happiness lies in my hand, and that is why I promise you today that I will always make you smile. Happy anniversary my love.


9. I never knew you are this good until today. You are extraordinary. Happy anniversary my lady.


10. I am having been wondering how you manage to do all things on your own. You must be a superwoman. Happy anniversary my sweetheart.


11. You treasure sent from God to me, so I must protect you with all my strength, happy anniversary.


12. There are all jealous of you. That is why there all make fun of you, and I want you to know that I like you that way, happy anniversary, my sweetie.


13. I might not be suitable as you are, but I am glad that you are part of my life, happy anniversary role model.


14. People are saying I am mad about you, yes it is true because you have shown me the positive way of life, happy anniversary queen.


15. If I am entitled to make choirs of a wife in her after, then I will still choose you as my wife again, happy anniversary.



One Year Anniversary Card Messages for Girlfriend/Boyfriend


16. My love for you is measurable; I radar die than to let you slept out of my hand, happy anniversary, my princess.


17. Today I stand on your behalf to pray against all evil eyes; may this anniversary be the beginning of our happiness.


18. I specially throw this party to show you how much I care and love you; I hope you will like it?


19. My family is incomplete out you because you are my heart desire also my happiness, happy anniversary my joy.


20. I have to make an effort to leave you so many times, but my heart couldn’t hold it if that is a spiral I think is a good spiral, happy anniversary, my dear.


21. The very moment you agree to make me your husband, I could not sleep wale that day because of the happiness in my heart, happy anniversary, my dear wife.


22. Because of you and for the first time in my life, I was called dad, for this may the Lord reward you for this, happy anniversary, my queen.


23. I am within for person that will take you from me; I think that person will idea kill me first before bringing you, happy anniversary, my love.


24. I don’t care whether you have money or not because I chose to love you without any condition, my love, happy anniversary.


25. I am happy with you now and forever, and I will never leave you even if I have to lay my life down for your sake. Happy anniversary.


26. You are not unique to me, but you are the most fantastic person in my life. Happy anniversary my love.


27. If I have just one wish to be granted, then I want to be always with you, my lady. Happy anniversary.


28. I think I am the luckiest man in the whole world because I have you in my life. Happy anniversary my love.


29. Nothing can change my heart from loving you because my love for you is stronger than a rock. Happy anniversary babe.


30. If by any chance, I have the opportunity to take you away from this planet and travel around the galaxies, then I will not think twice I love you with all my heart — happy anniversary to my dream come true.



Happy 1 Year Anniversary Messages for Girlfriend/Boyfriend


31. You are indeed a bit of good luck in my life. You came at the right time, and I will forever appreciate it. Happy anniversary my love.


32. I promise to make you the queen of my world forever; I do not only what it, but you also merit it — happy anniversary to my role model. 


33. Having a good husband like you is enough for me to be proud of because not everybody is lucky enough to have a man like you. Happy anniversary sweetheart.

34. If you permit me, I will climb the highest mountain and shout to the world that you are the best woman on this earth. Happy anniversary my baby.


35. I pray to the Lord to bless our marriage to the fullest and then bring more happiness to our life.


36. Today I promise to make this anniversary a remarkable day just for you, my love. Happy anniversary.


37. On every anniversary of ours, my love for you increases. What can I ever do without you, my love?


38. This is the best moment to be filled with happiness. I think it’s because I am still with you, my joy. Happy anniversary.


39. On this anniversary, I cannot think of anything except you, my honey. Thank you so much for staying with me.


40. God already favours me for giving you to me. For all these years we’ve spent together, there has been an abundance of love, trust, and courage. What natural blessing.


41. What else do I need from God when I have such an amazing wife by my side. I love you beyond your imaginations, my dear. Happy anniversary.


42. I am short of words already because I have never in my whole life seen such a caring, loving, wonderful, kind, and beautiful genius like you. Happy anniversary my love.


43. Never think negative but positive, my sweetheart, because you are my number one priority. Happy anniversary.

44. I think we are the best couple in the world because we are perfect together. Happy anniversary my dearest.


45. Even the skies and heavens cannot explain how much I love you with my whole heart. Happy anniversary my genius wife.



Happy 1 Year Anniversary Messages for Girlfriend/Boyfriend


46. You are my happiness, my joy, my role model, my dreams come true, my heart. Happy anniversary.


47. I can never think of cheating on you because you are always in my mind. Happy anniversary, my queen.


48. Sometimes, I feel we are the only couple I know who still believe in each other because of the love and affection we share. Happy anniversary my love.


49. You came to my rescue my life when all hopes began to fade away that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Happy anniversary my baby.


50. You are such a wonderful man, and I like the way you treat me. I love it. Happy anniversary, my dearest.


51. You are specially made for me alone, and I can’t afford to share you with anything else. Happy anniversary my love.


52. I need you by my side all the time because I cannot look away. I love you like no ever. Happy anniversary.


53. I beseech the Lord on this special anniversary to always preserve you for me. You are my greatest treasure. Happy anniversary, my angel.


54. You chose me among the rest, and for that, I will continue to love and care for you for the rest of my life. Happy anniversary my darling.

55. If you wear cloth, I don’t mind wearing you every day because I love you so much and you make me proud. Happy anniversary my love.


56. I enjoy every moment we spend together. You are the sweetest, my dear. Happy anniversary my lady.


57. We have sent five years together, and I thank you for being a fateful wife to me. Happy anniversary my love.


58. Despite all, you still never gave up on me. I will be forever grateful for that. Happy anniversary my darling.


59. I never thought of having someone like you as my life partner, but here, we are together as a couple. Happy anniversary my sweetie.


60. I want to spend the rest of my life with someone so special to me.



1 Year Anniversary Texts for Girlfriend/Boyfriend


61. Today my dream comes to reality, and I never knew it would go so soon. I love you with my whole heart, my queen. I just wanted to say, happy anniversary.


62. This is just the beginning of our life, and I pray to the Lord that on this day, he should bless us as we celebrate this special anniversary together.


63. I want to spend some time with you because I want to show you how much I genuinely love you. Happy anniversary my lady.


64. This anniversary has shown me how special you are, so you don’t need to explain it to me anymore.


65. I was thinking about how I was going to make this anniversary a remarkable day just for you, my queen.

66. If you were a game, I don’t mind playing you over and over again as I fall in love with you — happy anniversary rare gem.


67. You are not just my pillar but my everything. You alone are enough to occupy all my memory. Happy anniversary my love.


68. Get ready to take over me, babe, because I am yours, and I will always be. Happy anniversary dear.


69. I want you to know that no one can take your place in my heart as long as you are by my side. Happy anniversary lady.


70. I pray to the Lord to guide you for me, and may the love and affection we share last forever. Happy anniversary my sweetheart.


71. We promise each other to always stand against any evil that will come in between our love. I hope you still keep that in mind?


72. The way you took care of me is one of the reasons why I chose to be your wife in the first place. I love you more like I never do. Happy anniversary love.


73. I am the luckiest man on earth because I got married to the most beautiful, amazing, caring, loving, wonderful woman like you, happy anniversary my one true love.


74. I have been waiting for this special day to come so I can be able to tell you how special you are to me. Happy anniversary my lady.


75. Not even death can separate me from you because of the love we share. Happy anniversary my love.



One Year Anniversary Messages for Girlfriend/Boyfriend


76. You are always in mind, and I can think of anything else. I love you, my rare gem. Happy anniversary.

77. I think of what could have happened to me if I don’t have someone like you by my side? Happy anniversary my sweetie.


78. Today, I will express all my feelings for you. If not for anything, but the power of our love. Happy anniversary love.


79. I want to assure you today that nothing can ever change my mind from loving you. Happy anniversary my sweetheart.


80. I pray to the Lord to shower his mercy on us as we celebrate this anniversary.


81. The skies and the earth are seeing each other every day, but they cannot come close. I pray to God to distance our enemy from us like that. Happy anniversary my angel.


82. You are my heart desires, and having you means I have everything in the world. Happy anniversary my role model.


83. Today is special to me because it’s our anniversary, babe.


84. I am here, coming to the queen of my kingdom. Happy anniversary my love.


85. You might not know the favour you have done for me to accept me as your husband. Thank you so much, darling and happy golden anniversary.


86. I will forever cherish you not only as my best friend but also as my favourite wife. Happy anniversary.


87. You have given me the reason to love you beyond the skies, my love. Happy anniversary.


88. You are my eyes, my shadow, my soul, my life, in fact, I live inside your heart. Happy anniversary my rear gem.

89. You came when I needed you the most, and I think you are my guardian angel. Happy anniversary my dear.


90. It’s complicated for me to be away from you. I love you, sweetheart.


91. Happy anniversary to my gem. You are the only person who knows when I am so glad or not.


92. Today, we are going to renew our marriage for another year filled with blessings. Happy silver anniversary, my love.


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