A Birthday Prayer for My Daughter

What do you give your child for a birthday present? This prayer explores your relationship with your daughter and God by focusing on the way you pray for her.

This is a birthday prayer for my daughter. Many of you have experienced this in some way and I hope these words bring you a measure of comfort or peace. Would you like to read more about our journey?

A Birthday Prayer for My Daughter

• My daughter, I pray that the Lord will keep you from all harm today. I pray for all your needs to be met today. And, I pray that you will be protected and safe from all evil. I wish you a pleased birthday and that God blesses you abundantly. From your mother who loves you very much!

• My beautiful princess, you have brought so much love and warmth to our home. You are everything I ever wished for in a daughter. I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful child. I pray that you will always be loved and cherished by everyone who comes your way. Have a wonderful birthday, my dear daughter!

• My dear daughter, you are not only the favorite of your mother or me but also the apple of our eyes. You are the blessing of God that we pray upon every day.

• My dear daughter, I pray that you always have a strong will and determination to achieve your set goals. There are millions of obstacles in life, but what matters is how you overcome them. God bless you on your birthday!

• Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter! May God bless you with all the joy and happiness you deserve. I hope your birthday is everything you ever wished for!

• To my sweet and lovely daughter, you are a wonderful girl! Just like a gentle summer breeze, I wish you all the best on the journey towards adulthood. May God’s blessings are ever-present in your life, and may you become a God-fearing woman who would dedicate her life to working for the greater good of humankind. Happy birthday!

• Dear daughter, your mother wishes you a very happy birthday. May you live long and enjoy the many blessings life has to offer!

• Darling daughter, on this day, you are a year older. I pray that God gives you all that you ask for. I pray that he protects you and provides for all your needs. And, I pray he makes a way where there seems to be no way.

• Let him put a smile on your face, laughter in your eyes, love in your heart, and peace in your soul. You know daddy is always with you. Whenever you need anything just call me. Happy birthday my dear daughter!

• Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this special day. You have made my daughter a wonderful child. Thank you for making me her mother. Help me to be the best mom I can be. My prayer is that she will develop into a beautiful person who will be loved and happy!!!

• Dear Heavenly, we come before you today to praise and glorify your name. I remember the first time I saw my daughter. She was a beautiful princess to me, and I knew that I had done my best. Life has been tough on her, but she stayed strong and fought hard.

• May you bless her with more of your strength on this birthday. Lord, may you always protect her, may you give her wisdom every day, and may the love of family always be by her side?

• I pray for you each day and hope that you’re living a long and healthy life. I am grateful for all that you have done for me, and the least I can do is spread a smile on your face. You are one of a few women that I love dearly to death. Happy birthday, my dearest.

• Dear daughter, you have put a light on my life. In the darkest of night, you have shone like a lighthouse. Thank you for always being there for me and being so understanding even though I never was a good mother. You deserved better than me. I hope this new year brings you all that you have ever wished for.

Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Daughter

• May God helps her to accomplish her passions and make her a better person. I love you, my daughter.

• My daughter, I am sending a birthday prayer to you. May you have a year full of blessings and success. May all your dreams come true, and may you always be happy. On this special day, there is no other person in this world who deserves the best more than you do!

• Dear God, please watch over my daughter on her birthday. Make her wishes come true. Make her feel secure and loved every day of the year. Help her be wise in everything she does. And let us live long to share more happy smiles and tears together, Amen.

• You are the greatest gift in my life and all I could ask God Almighty for. No daughter is as unique and precious as you, May you start this birthday with a new beginning. Today all I want to pray for you is health, happiness, prosperity, and all your wishes come true. Lots of Love and HUGS!

• My beautiful daughter! May the Lord shower you with His blessings and pour so much love on you that a flood of happiness fills your heart. I wish you the very best on your special day. Happy Birthday!

• Happy birthday to my lovely daughter, who was born on this day. As you grow older, I pray that all your dreams will be fulfilled and achieve the goals you wish. It is hard to believe that the time has come when we have to say goodbye to our children and let them venture out into the world. I will not mind if you come back to me safe because of a parent.

• Happy birth anniversary to you, my daughter! I pray that the Lord keeps his mercies close to you the whole year through. May he bless you with a heart that would sing his praise and make him smile. I love you, dear. Happy birthday!

• May God bless you with an exceptional year. As my little princess, she has grown into quite an exceptional woman. Her kindness and generosity is indeed a rare and precious quality. She has even brought a gleam to the eyes of her father. I pray for health, success, and happiness for her. A birthday prayer for my daughter!

• My darling daughter, today is your birthday, and I pray for you to have all that you desire in this life. May the memories of living with you stay fresh in my mind and heart. I wish you health and happiness forever.

• Dear Daughter, I wish you the best in life. You are my princess and a star that shines bright. I pray that your bright light will illuminate your path and help you to find your way home. May all your dreams come true, and may you never have any regrets in life. Be happy, stay blessed and live long.

• Dear Lord, I pray that you let my little girl continue to discover the woman that she is meant to be. Let her grow in wisdom and knowledge as she becomes a more mature person each day. Help her through the good and bad times that will surely come along her way.

• Please let her always know the joy you bring to our home. Let her see the love we show one another just by living under your care. Guide me through this special time of life as I watch a priceless treasure.

• Dear, on this day we celebrate your birthday. I am grateful for all the times you have made me proud. From the simplest things to the greatest achievements, I’ve been blessed by God to have you as my daughter.

• Now that you are growing up, I can see how you turn into a woman I want to walk beside and not behind. Becoming an adult doesn’t mean that one has lost his or her innocence; it means that more responsibility will be laid on your shoulders soon. Happy

• Dear Lord, this year, let my daughter discover herself in the world around her. Let her explore every corner of her life and look for happiness. Bring joy into her heart and give her all the opportunities to play the harp. Make her understand that you sent her this way for a reason, and she has infinite talents to fulfill.

• My dear daughter, you came into my life with a lot of dreams and hopes. You’ve always been my everything. Words cannot express how much I love you. I pray, Lord, let you stay longer on this planet so that we can have lots of adventures together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Happy Birthday Prayer to My Daughter

• My daughter, I pray that God guides you through life and you find happiness the way you have always brought it to others. Your heart is too big for this world, and I know that God will watch over you.

• My sweet little girl, you have grown into a beautiful, intelligent, and righteous lady. I always remember when you were born, you had to stay in the hospital for two weeks due to colic. It was scary because you seemed so small and fragile back then.

• Today you are a strong woman with all the good qualities of character and beauty one can acquire. It is my prayer that God will continue to protect you and give you more strength to fulfill your goal in life.

• I wish you all the good things in life that a father wishes his daughter. Let me bless your new year with success, peace, and joy. I pray for God’s protection over you so that all your future plans will succeed, and you will remain in good health till you are old. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

• Dearest daughter, your father and I are very concerned that life is too easy for you. We see no challenges in your life. That’s why we decided to test you with a 15-year selfless service at our church. May the Lord bless you as you work hard in His vineyard. Happy birthday!

• I was just thinking about you last night. It was a good feeling, being able to feel happy in the thought of you. You have brought out the best in me and have shown me things I would have never experienced without you there beside me. Don’t keep all your love and wisdom for yourself; share it with others; that is what your birthdays are for:)

• I thank the Lord for giving me such a loving daughter. Before you entered my life, I was just existing and not living! I know you are growing day by day, but the truth is, the older you get, the more you look like your mother.

• My darling daughter always stays sweet and innocent. I pray that you stay true to yourself and never get lured in by false hopes and aspirations. I wish you a wonderful birthday filled with happiness and love.

• Bless my dear daughter and fill her with your love! Strengthen her in the days ahead. Guide her through the dark night as she fights against despair and doubt.

• Let your light shine into all of her favorite hobbies and interests. Shine your light on our family too. I know you will continue to watch over us as we go through life’s trials. Thank you for this blessing! Happy birthday, my sweet girl!

• My darling girl, on the special day of your birth, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. I love you a million times more than all the words, songs, and poems were ever written in history.

• As I blow the candles on your birthday cake, be amazed by the greater miracles that God has planned for you in the future. May your hard work and dedication be blessed abundantly this year. Know that no matter what happens, I will always be here to support you and love you. Happy Birthday!

Prayer for My Daughter on Her Birthday

• My daughter, I’ve seen you grow from a child to a young and beautiful woman. This is the first time in my life that I have thought that it has been perfect. Now that you are an adult, it’s even better. It’s not about age anymore, but your maturity and confidence; you have so much to share with the world.

• Today is a celebration of how well you have done so far in your journey, but also to look forward to the opportunities at hand!

• I pray a prayer to God for my daughter and you. Let your life be filled with love, joy, and peace. Wherever you are at this moment, may you feel loved and protected by God throughout the year ahead? May all your dreams and aspirations come true, and may God protect you in these coming days. Happy birthday my dear daughter!

• Dear God, please bless my daughter with both health and happiness on her birthday. Please protect her from all negative forces in life as she grows up to be a good person.

• My dear daughter, you are a blessing to my life. With you, I have learned the meaning of love. Love for a child is both beautiful and terrible. It is a fire that burns eternally, never dying out or being snuffed out.

• A father’s love is the purest form of love one can feel; forgive me for not showing it much. I pray I give you nothing but joy and happiness on your birthday.

• Birthday is a day of celebration, and you are my daughter. I am so proud that you are mine. You may be miles and miles away, but you will always remain my baby girl.

• Lord, please bless my daughter with a life free from all unhappiness and worries. We pray that she will not have a single day in her life where she feels unhappy. We thank you for giving us the strength to keep going, even when things get tough. May she never forget to cheer up a friend or show genuine love and loyalty whenever she can.

• Happy birthday to my angel, I was not always a good mum, but you have been an amazing daughter. You have picked me back up whenever I fell and shared with me only your positive vibes. You are my sunshine, my miracle, and the happiness in my life that keeps me going.

• Happy birthday, my beautiful baby girl! It’s the best gift I can ever ask for to have you in my life. God truly blessed me with your brilliant mind, loving heart, and pretty face. May God continue to bless you with happy times and a lifetime of good health!

• My daughter, you are a blessing to me. I pray that God keeps you in His arms and bestow upon you the most amazing birthday celebrations ever! Wishing you a very happy 18th birthday!

• Happy birthday to my sweetest daughter! Throughout your whole life, you have been making my life really joyful and meaningful. I love you more than words can describe; you are indeed my blessing.

• My heart still melts when I am reminded of the day when you were born – the look on your mother’s face clearly told us how much she cared for you. You brought a lot of love to our family, and I am thankful to God that he chose me to be your father.

• Dear Lord, on this special day, I pray for my daughter. I pray that you continue to watch over her as always and grant her true happiness, peace, and love always.

• Let her know how special she is to the world. Also, please continue to bless our family with your amazing grace, healing, and miracles. May we all come together as a strong family united and bound by love. I thank you!!!

• As your teens come to an end, I know you have become a very lovely young woman. As a parent, I am proud of the daughter that I made. Birthday is the perfect time to show how much goodness you have in you. May God continue to empower you, bless your path, and remain at your side forever. I love you!

• My precious daughter, I hope you will always believe in yourself. You have the greatest heart, and I am proud of the person you have grown up to be. I pray that you will always be happy and contented. Know that your happiness means a lot to me, and all the love I have for you is beyond measure.

Short Birthday Prayer for My Daughter

• My dearest daughter, may this birthday be the best one yet. I know your dreams are my dreams, and I am ready to build a bridge of gold that will help you achieve your goals and dreams.

• Your life would have been nothing without all the love and good things I have made for you. You have brought joy to our home and hope to our family. May God bless you on your special day, my dear daughter!

• This prayer’s for you, my darling daughter. May God bless you with everything you need for your growth mentally and physically. The Gift Of Life God gave you life and joy has no compare.

• I asked to be your mother, may He always allow me to. You are the girl I’ll forever live for, a gift from God above. On this special day our lives joined as one please hear my plea for a lifetime of happiness in return.

• I pray for a birthday of success, joy, and love. To be as smart and beautiful as a mom on this special day. I pray that everything you need is granted to you today. You are a wonderful daughter, and I hope all your dreams come true.

• What can I do to deserve such a wonderful daughter like you? You always have good ideas and bring life to everyone around you. I can’t even imagine my life without you. May you always be happy on this special day of yours! Happy Birthday!

• You’re the best daughter a mom can ever have! No matter where I am, you are always on my mind. I pray that your faith keeps you going. May this momentous day in your life be filled with happiness and love.

• Happy Birthday to my loving daughter Hope. I cannot express how much I love you, how proud I am of you, and how very fortunate I am to be your mother. May God continue to bless you abundantly.

• My one and only daughter! I thank God for blessing me with such a sweet child. I promise to always take care of you and give you the best of whatever you will need in life. On this special day, thank you mom for adding to the happiness of my life! Take good care of yourself! I love you!

• May your special day be full of joy, happiness, and laughter! Sweetheart, you are so young. You had always been there for me even if I drove you up the wall. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

• My daughter, as you start another phase of life, I pray for your happiness. Let this birthday be an auspicious beginning for you by Allah’s grace. May the year ahead bring you peace, joy, success, and happiness. Today, please accept my wishes for a very happy birthday!

• My dear daughter, may you be blessed with a life filled with love and joy on this special day of yours. May your birth be a blessing to all, like you have been to me and the entire universe. May your destiny guide you towards nothing but happiness and unlimited possibilities from now on.

• Dear God, I thank you for letting this day come. I just pray that the rest of the year works out just as well. I am thankful for my daughter and all that she has achieved thus far. She is young and smart and her future continues to be bright. The many blessings that you have bestowed on me, I also wish her on this day.

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