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Best 120 Wedding Shower Instagram Captions

Many bridesmaids are tasked with throwing the shower for their best friend, and this can be a fun way to potluck-style eat delicious food, and play games for her. If you’re part of a bridal party, you may find yourself writing out wedding shower Instagram captions that accompany the group photo from the big day. Maybe your cousin recently had a wedding shower or bachelorette party and you want to use some of the same types of tags—whatever the case, coming up with creative Instagram captions that reflect the theme is key to making the party look picture perfect!


Wedding shower Instagram captions are a great way to add some fun and excitement to an Instagram post. If you’re looking for unique wedding shower Instagram caption ideas, look no further. These 100 wedding shower Instagram caption ideas go perfectly with your next wedding shower photo. I’ve got everything from puns to rhyming couplets.


Wedding Shower Instagram Captions


1. Looking for the best Instagram Wedding Shower Captions?

2. This caption is funny and fits with your wedding shower👇

3. If you are planning a wedding shower, these ideas will help you. For more tips, visit our blog—

4. 💍Wedding showers will always have a special place in my heart because they introduced me to some truly amazing women. Congrats again and I hope you are as excited about the next step as I am for you! #bridegang

5. Working on a wedding shower being held in the evening? Our creamy sweet secret is “A Cake for Every Occasion” by @xxxxxxxxx #wedding #weddingshower

6. Today’s forecast: Cloudy. 100% Chance of Happily Ever After. ☀️ #weddingshower

7. Brylane Barnes is packed with gorgeous, on-trend wedding and party decor … And there’s always a fantastic sale!

8. Wishing you many blessings along your way today and throughout the years to come 🌼 #weddingshower

9. These two crazy kids are getting hitched! ☄️💕

10. Hey, brides-to-be! Which of my styles are you looking forward to most?

11. Your wedding day is a celebration of your love relationship. It is the most important decision and special time in your life.

12. Cheers to toasting long-lasting love and friendship at this couple’s nuptial celebration! 🥂

13. Here’s the biggest gift you’ll ever receive—it’s yours to unwrap. Happy #WeddingShower.

14. Just think of all the romantic moments that lead up to saying I Do. #weddingshowers

15. Congrats, friend! We couldn’t be happier for you and can’t wait to celebrate with you. 💍 #wedding #shower

16. You don’t have to be a bridesmaid to feel like one. Congrats you guys! 😊 #weddingshower #brideandgroom

17. Thank you for showering me with wishes, love, congratulations, and most of all… With this engagement ring. #wedding #engagement

18. Hi, #brideto be 👰🏼! We are celebrating you today by launching the exclusive 🌟Wedding collection💐. To get a piece of your free gift, visit our stores today #weddingwed

19. Just say I do to a friend who makes you look and feel the best, on your special day and every day. #MyAnniversary #MyWife

20. It takes two to love this much‽️ #weddingshower ##

21. Wedding season is in full swing, but no matter the season, enjoying a delicious Starbucks beverage is always a good idea. Our bride-to-be is here to share her favorite ways to savor the season:

22. Happy shower friend! Cheers to all of the happiness coming your way 🥂

23. What a great way to start a marriage! 🍰💜

24. Celebrate and adorn this day with all the pomp and splendor it deserves. Congratulations, #BrideyNickName!

25. I mean… who doesn’t love to fall in love all over again? 💍 ☕️

26. Wedding season is upon us and toasty toes are on our minds. So kick back and relax with a Pumpkin Spice Latte, while you shop for the perfect gift. 🎁

27. You’re an awesome party thrower. We’re so happy to celebrate your friend today.

28. Don’t forget to post your best throwback photos from this weekend 📸 #vacation2021 #summer2022

29. A #wedding #shower is a celebration of family and friends, of love and traditions. And cake ☺️!

30. Long engagements provide an ample amount of time to plan the perfect party for your soon-to-be spouse. Whether they’re casual or extremely extravagant, here are some wedding shower ideas that will ensure your celebration is nothing short of fabulous.

31. Blessed to be celebrating this exciting time with you! Love, [Name] & [Name] #weddingshower 😛

32. Shower your bride-to-be with sunflowers and smiles. We’ve got a month of romantic flower ideas 💐 —— #wedding #weddingideas

33. I’m feeling so grateful to be surrounded by friends and family on this special day. @ xxxxx #blessed #newlywed #bride . . .

34. Grab a cup of coffee with those that mean the most to you. #weddingday

35. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is YOU! 😍 #wedding #party #happilyeverafter

36. Cheers to celebrating your love in front of all your close friends and family. We wish you a lifetime of happiness together. 🍾

37. It’s a big day for the bride & groom! Each and every celebration has such a special meaning. Best wishes to you! 💗

38. Wedding season always shines the brightest at {wedding shower hashtags}.

39. Wedding showers: a day to celebrate the bride’s future and all of the happy days to come. Cheers! 🍾

40. To all the brides-to-be and soon-to-be grooms: We’re so excited to celebrate you both today! We wish you a lifetime of happiness, love, and adventure! #weddingshowers.


Wedding Instagram Captions


41. Not sure what to get your friend when you’re throwing a bridal shower? No need to stress. Here are some great ideas. #weddinggiftideas #bridalshower

42. Life is full when you spend it with friends. #bridesmaidsloveyou

43. It’s time for the happy shower. 💧 😍 . #bridetobe #couplegoals #destinationwedding #weddingcolors #destinationwedd

44. Live, love, laugh ❤️ are the three things that make up the greatest part of every wedding day.

45. Congrats to the bride and groom 🎊 #weddingweekend

46. I love getting married. I love getting married in October. – Mindy Kaling

47. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We can’t wait to celebrate you two! You’re inviting us into your world to witness your love story unfold. That makes us feel so honored.

48. Congratulations to this beautiful couple on their new marriage. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for them! 💍

49. It’s not about the money, it’s about making it special 👰🏽 #wedding__shower

50. Sip on your coffee or tea and get inspired to get creative with this collection of wedding shower invitations from our talented design community. 💝

51. The best things in life aren’t things. 💍 What a great wedding shower with our favorite squad.! 👰🏽

52. Get ready for the party with us and take advantage of our half-off registry with code SHOWER18 until 8/28. PS. #showerrules 🥂

53. So, what do you think of this adorable couples shower? A little early anniversary party? 😉

54. You’re a blessing, #thankfulforyou #weddingshower #thankful #bestfrenship

55. Great captions for life’s celebrations

56. Gathering close friends and family for a celebration of love that brings two families together as one.

57. A meaningful quote for a celebratory hashtag

58. It’s the little things in life that matter – like making memories. What better way to do it than together? Can’t wait for our next adventure 💑

59. Everyone that was here to celebrate and support you at your wedding shower. I wish you guys all the best for life together @xxxxxxx

60. Before we get hitched, can you tell me if you’re coming to the shower? ☀ #weddingshower.


Wedding Shower Instagram Captions


61. We’re on #showerwatch2018. Follow us and we’ll share our faves-can’t think of a more perfect way to kick off wedding season!

62. The newest love of my life – off to enjoy our 1st night together 💑🥂 #weddingshower #bridetobe

63. Click Explore on IG to see all of the ways we’re getting brides ready for the big day. * _

64. Being a great bridesmaid is about friendship before it’s about clothes. And being a good friend means letting her pick out her own dress.

65. What’s not to love about a princess? Especially a prenup one. 👸🏻

66. What are you looking forward to most when you tie the knot? Maybe planning a life with your significant other? Creating crazy adventures as a family? Watching your children grow up together? Whatever it is, today is the day to tell them how excited you are.

67. Seas the Day! We’re so excited to celebrate your special day with you. Here’s to you and your future marriage – Cheers 🥂 #bride #groom #weddingcake #ringbearer

68. Amidst all the wonderful things my friends and family have given me and my wife, we are so grateful for the greatest present of all—the year that we’re going to share together. Happy Anniversary! 💍👨

69. Have a lovely wedding shower filled with love and friends 💕 ✔️

70. Everlasting moments filled with joy and laughter, because today we celebrate the newest addition to our family. Congratulations, you two! #weddingshower

71. You both set off on the adventure of marriage. May the best days of your life be the days you spend together. Congratulations 🎉 #weddingwednesday

72. The best moments of your life start with the best preparations. Get planning! 😍😉 #instawedding

73. Here’s to holding up our end of the bargain (and taking the morning off) for @xxxxxxx September issue 😎

74. To the best couple that everyone can’t wait to see if each other and makes sure they are always making each other laugh ❤️

75. Happy Photo Shoot Day from @xxxxxxxx

76. Because we’re all friends here, I’m going to take a guess at your plan for the long weekend. Go work on your tan. Drink some wine. Pop open a box of bonbons. In fact, here—from this beautiful thing

77. Great food. Great people. Perfect setting. Always a celebration. ☘️🎂

78. A white wine 🍷🥂to celebrate your love

79. Happy wedding shower to you, from one loved-up couple to another. We’re so excited to celebrate with you! Wish we could be there in person, but we can’t wait for the big day.

80. It’s the most wonderful time of the year—to shower a bride-to-be with thoughtful gifts 🎁🎈


Lovely Wedding Captions for Instagram


81. You look like a million bucks!” – Mr. Peanut #brideanniversary

82. Instead of cookie favors, we’re using these special recipe cards at our shower to pass along family favorites. #weddingshowersarebetterwithcookies

83. Feeling like the luckiest to get a second chance at celebrating life, love, and friendship with the people I couldn’t imagine my life without. Cheers! #bridetobe2018

84. ❤️ “People come into our lives for different reasons at different times.”

85. Walking down the aisle together, is the beginning of a beautiful life journey. You have both been through a lot together to arrive at this day, but you have always emerged stronger and ready for more. It has been your

86. I don’t need a man… I just need BACON.” @xxxxxxx #celebrateyourgirlfriend

87. Behold the power of properly applied blush… 👉🏻 @xxxxxxxxx 👈🏼 #wrathofrosesbride

88. New year! New hair goals! 💇

89. Hosting a bridal shower soon? These sure-fire tips can make your event the talk of the town!

90. 💕 Celebrating the bride-to-be with a shower brimming with sweet treats, memories, and friends celebrating with the couple-to-be. #bride #wedding #weddingshowers #shower #

91. Let’s celebrate the Bride-to-Be with a [ name of food ] shower! 🍭 #bride

92. Cheers to the most important part of a wedding: the love story.

93. This is the perfect morning. You’re thirsty, you’re hungry, and I just happen to have two tickets to Hamilton. #wedding

94. Thanks to my family & friends for showering me with gifts! It was a wonderful day filled with love. 🤗💛 XO #bridalshower #wedding

95. Sending you a shower of love today and every day. Happy anniversary!

96. Keeping it casual and candid for @xxxxxxxxxxxx #WeddingShower – love their initials BB & AJ.

97. Well, here’s to the bride and groom 👰🏻 #weddingshowers

98. Asking the big question with a single ring. 💍 #weddingshowers ##

99. Celebrate love and friendship with this amazing group of ladies! 💗 🎍 #weddingshower ##

100. Hello, Mr. Right. I hope you’re out there somewhere… 👰🏼

101. Wishing this couple a weekend filled with everything they’ve ever wished for. May your hearts beat for each other forever.

102. Celebrate the love, not just the day ❤️

103. From the first time we met, the chemistry between us was undeniable. The world just couldn’t handle our absolute perfection. #WhenYouKnow

104. ♥️I believe in beauty. I believe that every woman is beautiful—in her own way.♥️

105. Life is like a lens, focus on what’s important and blur out the rest 🎥

106. We can’t think of a better excuse to celebrate than an occasion so special as a wedding shower! Congratulations on finding your match in crime … and we hope you find many more shared adventures. #TBTWeddingShower

107. So, you’re a shower and she’s the bride. You play an important role in the celebration, and your love & support will be cherished by her for years to come.

108. Getting ready for the wedding the shower has some rituals that are part of it. They make you feel special like a princess. It’s a lovely time to ask us like friends or family

109. Reach for the moon 🌕, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars ☄️❤ #weddingshowers

110. Celebrating the joys of new beginnings, fresh starts, and family ties. Happy bridal shower to the bride-to-be! We’re celebrating the future Mrs. and her bright future with a sweet brunch with our favorite ladies.

111. Oh dear… wedding season is coming up soon. If anyone needs shower invitations, please let me know!

112. Your style, your wedding. Your day, your way. Let’s get ready to party 🥂 #bride

113. Let the shower games begin! 💕🚿

114. No one is more excited for this day than I am, because today is the day I get to marry my best friend.

115. I don’t like Valentine’s Day (and heart-shaped anything): you are a sweet, good intention, with bad execution. Like my old haircut. #probablynevergivenitagirlanda/10doesntcountasan

116. Creating a beautiful picture with the right wedding shower Instagram captions. They make it easy for your friends and family to share a picture of you on social media.

117. Composing a caption for an outdoor wedding shower we will host in August.

118. Set the tone with a chic evening shower of pastel elegance. #wedding #elegance #shower

119. All of our love and all of the good times that we’ve had, wish upon a star and ask yourself: why are you single?! Happy #weddingguestshower. 🌟

120. Be as happy today as you were yesterday. #weddingshower #wedding #tbt

121. When you have a sister, daughter, friend, grandmother who has forever and always been there for you…and then celebrate her with an epic baby shower!

122. Even more, moments to celebrate. #engagement #wedding #party #love

123. Cheers to you for inviting us to celebrate this special time with you. #weddingparty

124. How many rainbows can fit into one shot? More than you think! ♥_____♥ #anniversary #weddinganniversary #love #couple #photo ##Beach

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