Best 50 + Happy Birthday Prayer for Son

There are so many times in life we need to pray for our children. I know you have asked God to guide him and help him lead the way, but aside from that, I am sure you’ve had a chance to thank him. As your son turns a year older, remember how much he has grown as a person and how his faith has grown. Also, use this birthday to ask God for more guidance and strength for him as well.


This post is specially dedicated to all parents like me who have a son. This post contains some amazing birthday prayers and wishes for your son and beautiful birthday wishes for a son that will fill your heart with a lot of warmth and love and make a memorable day for him.


Birthday Prayer for Son


1. Happy birthday, son! You are one of the best things that ever happened to me. I visited your mother today and she told me how much you have accomplished in life. My life would be duller without you and your achievements. I am sure you will continue to blow my mind once more. I love you so much, dear son.

2. May your birthday be the precursor to many happy, healthy years for you! May this year bring you many blessings, success, and the fulfillment of all your goals. I wish you a belated birthday and hope that you will have a great day. Hoping that your day is as blessed as it is special! Have an awesome birthday and a successful year ahead.


3. On your birthday, I pray that you may not forget where you come from. I pray that it will always be about the family and our traditions. I pray that we will remain together in this journey of life, and you will continue to shine brightly as the best example to other young people. I love you and miss you too much.


4. On your special day, I want you to know that you are my son, someone I am proud of. I hope you understand that this is the most wonderful gift God has given me, and no matter what happens, you will always have a family. I love you, happy birthday!


5. I wish you peace and joy today, on your birthday”, father said. “You deserve every bit of happiness the world has to offer. I know that from the bottom of my heart and you know it too!


6. Dear Son, on this special day we praise God almighty for the gift of life, the love you have given us, and the joy we feel in your company. I pray that you keep trusting your father’s advice; that you do not forget the morals I have taught you and most of all, to always be grateful to God for giving you a life filled with hope.


7. Greetings to you, dear son. May God bless you with strength, guidance, and courage to face the challenges of life and all its complexities. On this special day, I pray that you grow more mature in thoughts so that you can be a better person each day. Be thankful for today, as it is another step on your journey to greatness.


8. I cannot thank God enough for blessing me with an amazing son like you. I feel blessed and honored to be your mother and pray for more years to come so that I can watch you grow as a man and make your dreams a reality. To my loving son, on your birthday, I pray that God Almighty keeps you safe and brings me your smile every single day. Wishing you an extremely happy birthday!


9. My son, you are no longer a child to me. You have grown into a better person and I could not be more proud of you. There is no way to express how much joy you have brought me. Today, I wish for your happiness and good health to be the center of your life. You deserve the best that life has to offer and I hope you achieve them all! Happy birthday!


10. My most cherished son, today is a day when you can relax and remember that your parents are always there for you. Thank God you managed to avoid all the dangers that this country offers and grew to be a good man. I hope that every birthday brings only prosperity and love in your life. Best wishes!


11. Today, I pray for guidance and strength to help me through life. As you have always been there to guide me, I know that you are my source of strength. I believe in your amazing capabilities to see good in all things. All you need is support from family and friends to achieve your admirable goals. 


12. Happy birthday, son, you’re not my first-born nor the last child. I have watched you grow from a little boy to a man over the years and it has been such a privilege during this period. Each time I look at you, I recall my fondest memories of raising you as a child. Thank you for being who you are and for all the sacrifices that you make just for me. I am grateful that God chose you to be my greatest blessing. Wishing you success in all do.


13. Happy Birthday! Son, I hope your birthday brings you closer to God. May your life be full of joy, laughter, and blessings.


14. Happy Birthday my son. I had high hopes for you, and you have exceeded all expectations. You are the best son any mother could ask for. My wish for you is that you do what makes your soul happy and live for the present because the future has its own promises.


15. My dear son, I only pray that you conquer all your challenges with courage and care. Always remember to keep your head held high when things go wrong. Look at the positives and be grateful for what you have. My love for you will never fade, it will always be there to help you when you need me most! Happy birthday!


16. May the Lord watch over you and guide you always! Happy birthday, son!


17. Today is your birthday, and I want to wish you a wonderful day. No matter it’s far or near, here’s a prayer for you: God bless you now and forevermore!


18. Bless my son on his birthday. Keep away all the evil, and bless him with good health, a loving wife, and a happy family. I know you will take him through this path of life and make him confident to walk it. May he always remember You, praise You and glorify You. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


19. Your love is a blessing, your friendship my joy. You have made me happy and filled me with love and compassion all the days of my life. Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with me! May God continue to bless you and keep you safe. Happy Birthday!


20. Dear God, We pray that you give our son the strength to face the challenges ahead. Help him to follow his heart and spread love and cheerfulness around him. Let there be softness in his eyes and a smile on his lips Ameen! God bless you, my son!


Birthday Prayers for My Son


21. Hy, son! May your dreams come true and may you live a life full of happiness and success! Today is a very special day – your 23rd birthday. I am certain that the day will bring all the best things that life on this planet could offer. Wishing you great health and new successes to cherish throughout your life. Happy birthday dear!


22. Happy birthday dear son! You always made me proud and made me believe that our family was blessed. May this day be the most special of your life and make you stronger to fight all odds.


23. Happy Birthday to my son! Thank you for being all that you are, you have changed my life for the better. You were always by my side when I needed someone, and now I need you to be aware of how much I love you for that. Son, I thank god for blessing me with such a kind and caring son like you.


24. Happy birthday to my wonderful son! I am so lucky to have you as my son. You have grown so much, that it is hard to believe that it has already been 5 years since your birth. Time flies so fast! Remember, as you grow older, you need not travel with the caravan and carry the weight of the whole world on your shoulders. I wish you all the success in your life and pray that you will be a noble person who strives for his goals and never settles for less.


25. This is the day when your birthday lands on, I never thought of it as a happy time until your birth. Now, all that has changed, I wish you a very happy birthday! You make me proud every day with your achievements, thank God for your presence in my life. Wishing you happiness and joy, today and forever after!


Birthday Prayer for Son


26. Happy birthday to my son. You have been the strength of my life these past seven years. I couldn’t have imagined raising you alone, but we have made it this far. I wish you a very happy birthday!


27. Today is your special day! Just because you were born on this day, you should not take the rest of the year off. This will be a good time to thank God for your life and all the wonderful things he has done for you. I hope that you can inspire better things in the lives of others as well. Happy birthday to my son.


28. Birthday messages for your son is an awesome pleasure, as you get to know them better. Happy birthday to my son who I have gone through so much with. I pray that you will live a great life and keep your dreams as closely as possible. No matter what, you will always be a prince in my eyes. I love you, son!


29. Happy Birthday to my dearest son. I pray that you are blessed with all the things in life, and also at the same time, I pray that you will be happy with whatever God wants for you in this life. Thank you for being such a great son. Have a lovely birthday party!


30. Dear Lord, we are happy to greet you on this birthday. We offer you our prayers for his better future and also for his health and well-being. We pray that the rain of your love keeps raining on him all throughout the month of April. We ask that you give him the courage to face the challenges of life, selflessly take care of others, keep him grounded and make sure he always recognizes your grace. You know the potential that lies within him…help him recognize it too.


31. Your birthday is a special celebration for me. I want you to have a unique and memorable birthday because you deserve it in every way. I pray that God will create a smooth path for you to continue doing the great work that you’re doing. Happy birthday!


32. Today is your birthday and I am wishing you a wonderful day ahead. You have been a wonderful son, an awesome student, and an outstanding employee. I can’t ask for more. I hope you are blessed with all the happiness in the whole world. Have a blessed birthday!

33. I pray that your past will not be an obstacle for you and that your present will be a big progress in life. I wish you good health, long life, and a safe journey on the path of life. I love you on this special day of your birth.


34. My dearest son, when I think of your birth, the sweet memory still lingers in my heart. This special day should be celebrated every year because it brings back to me the days when your soul was beautiful and innocent. Today is a perfect day to pay homage to you for making me a mother.


35. Lord, may this be a day of celebration for your Son and the happiest birthday. May is a wonderful reminder of your grace and mercy. I pray that God keeps you in his constant love, protection, and guidance. You are an amazing son who has brought much joy to my life. I am so grateful to have you as a son. I love him with all my heart. Happy Birthday!


36. Son, please accept this gift from me as I pray for your wonderful future. May you have a long and healthy life, and may God bless you as you grow older. I hope that you have found true love by now. Have fun on your birthday! Here is wishing you a day filled with joy, laughter, and happiness! May all the good times over the years and all the best times come to be remembered always.


37. Dear Son, Today is your birthday. I am thankful for everything you have done in my life and for me. Happy Birthday!


38. Happy birthday my son! You have turned into an adult and I am glad that you still remember me. I am grateful to God for blessing me with a fine son like you. I wish you all the best in life, bless you with continued success and long life filled with joy.


39. Happy birthday to my sweet son. I wish you a happy birthday and your every wish come true. You are loved by many and there is no better person than you! Have a great day, and enjoy every second of it.


40. Happy Birthday my son. You are my pride and joy! Thank you for giving our family hope in these very challenging times. You are always there for everybody, no matter what! I am proud to have raised such a wonderful son. Wishing you all the best on your birthday and in life.


Happy Birthday to My Son Prayer


41. I pray that the Lord will watch over you and protect you from harm. I pray that he will be beside you on your birthday and every day thereafter. I pray that he will keep you free from evil as you celebrate your birthday, and all the days of your days.


42. My son, I prayed to God that no harm will come your way forever. I pray that he covers you like his warm blanket and showers you with all the love. I pray that your life is as smooth as a bed of roses and you are always protected by angels. Have a wonderful birthday.


43. On your birthday, I wanted to really thank god for blessing me with a son like you. Sometimes I felt like I was giving birth to two children, one who is like his father and another who is all me. You are my joy, the light of my life, and my very reason to live. I hope to make your birthday a grand one just the way you have made mine! Happy birthday, Son.


44. Lord, please fill my son’s heart with joy on his birthday. May he stay happy and healthy. Give him an amazing year. He’s so wonderful. How did I get so lucky? Thank you for another year with my son!


45. Happy birthday, son! Your life is a journey, full of discoveries. I am confident that you are going to be great in whatever you choose to do with your life. You are the apple of my eyes, and I wish you nothing but a wonderful future.


46. I am a father who loves his son, and you are probably the best thing that has happened to me. I thank the lucky stars that brighten my darkness; one of them must have shone on me when I laid my eyes on you for the first time. You may be a pain at times, but I promise that although I am aggravated by your mistakes, I will never stop loving you. Happy birthday, son!


47. My little son, you have been a lovable, outgoing child since you were born. I am very proud of you. I pray that your spirit stays the same as you grow up and that you never lose your great sense of humor and care for people. I pray that my life and all my efforts are enough for you to one day be a man who is equally as kind and loving as his father.


48. When I look at the sky and see the twinkling stars, I remember the star that was lit among them for an instant. You shone brightly like those twinkling stars but never wanted any praise for your deeds. However, many people will think about you on this special day and remember your generosity and selflessness. I will continue to pray for you as you will always be my son.

49. I wish you a very happy birthday son! I pray that the Lord gives you the strength to stand firm when the times are tough and the ability to forgive others when they wrong you. Again, happy birthday! I love you son!


50. On your birthday let me give you a very special gift. I want to gift you respect and admiration for all that you are and all that you will become. As time passes, I realize that gifts as ordinary as money or belongings are not the most important thing in life. You have taught me that true happiness comes from deeper inside. For this, son, I thank you. May your day be filled with happiness!


51. It’s your birthday! Although I’m not with you, my thoughts and prayers are. I can’t think of any better way to celebrate this special occasion than by thanking God Almighty for blessing you with a life that is full of warmth, joy, and love. A happy birthday to you!.


52. To my son who has been a wonderful son, thank you for everything. Thank you for putting up with all the drama. Thank you for supporting me all these years. And thank you for being one of the best person that I know. I pray that all your wishes and desires would come true as you start another year today. May God bless you with happiness always!


53. This is probably the most important day of the year for me because it is your birthday. I remember being proud the day you are born and now that you are grown up, I am happy. I know that you are a blessing to this family and we couldn’t have asked for more. Dad loves you son!


54. Son, I am so proud of you! You are a blessing to me and I love you dearly. May life bring you only the best and make your dreams come true!


55. Dear God, I ask you to spare my son from any troubles in life. Bless him with a job, a good and caring wife, and children who meet all his wishes. Bless him always!

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