Best Birthday Prayers Messages for Son 2021

Best Birthday Prayers Messages for Son 2021



All parents want to make their children’s birthdays the best days of their lives, filled with amazing memories, incredible memories, and always a few laughs. You can help your children have memorable birthdays by remembering these simple birthday prayers for a son to say during each year of their lives.


We customarily chant birthday prayers for our sons on their special day. There are no set prayers, but instead, there are some commonly used phrases. The birthday of a child is a big event in the parents’ lives. It is an occasion when they want to do everything they can for their child. Here are some Birthday Prayers for my son.


Birthday is a day of blessings, and birthdays are special because they have special importance. The birthday gives us an opportunity to take out a bit of time from our busy schedules and celebrate this occasion with our near and dear ones. In this blog post, we have presented a selection of birthday prayers for a son. These special birthday prayers will help you wish your son in a way that he can remember it always. His birthday should be celebrated with great excitement and joy by everyone at home. All the best wishes must be showered upon to him on this very special day of his life.


1. Happy birthday, son! I pray that your life’s journey is sweet for the rest of your days in this world. I believe you to be one of God’s burning lights who has been sent here with a purpose to achieve. And, I know this is your special day, but know that you are never too far away from our thoughts and prayers.


2. Son, you are truly a blessing to us. From the moment I laid my eyes on you, I have never thought that this day would come! You are tall and handsome, and I know your dad is very proud of you. I hope that you will always follow your dreams and remember to be thankful for every moment that the good Lord has blessed you with. My son, may this birthday be the start of a beautiful journey! Happy Birthday.


3. Dear child, on this special day, we offer you birthday prayers. May your life be blessed, and may all your dreams come true!


4. Dear Lord, I thank you for bringing my son into this world and granting me the opportunity to be his mother. With every day that passes, he is becoming a man, and I am so overjoyed to see that. I wish him a very happy return on his birthday and pray you to protect him all the time in life. Amen.


5. As your Father, guardian, protector, and mentor, I love you wholeheartedly. I pray to God to give you peace, health, and happiness. On this day, I promise always to have your back no matter what may come your way. I thank God for gifting me with a son as wonderful as you. May today be filled with joy for you and your partner!


6. Lord, I pray that you give my son a humble heart. Give him wisdom and knowledge to make good choices during his young life. Teach him to lead others with gentleness and humility. Guide him onto a path that will always bring glory to your name, amen!


7. My son, how I love you. Son, I am grateful for your presence in my life. My son, you are a very special and unique gift of God. Here is a prayer for your birthday, may God bless you with love, peace, and happiness. May your birthday be full of hope, joy, and lots of love from your near and dear ones.


8. I don’t know what to give to my son on his birthday. We hope that these son birthday prayers can help you answer the question.


9. Happy birthday, my dear son! Today, I pray that you always find success. I pray that your career and business are on a high, and the sky is the limit. Also, I pray that you are blessed with all family, friends, and enemies who are good for you. I wish you health, wealth, and happiness today and always! Have a wonderful day as you celebrate one year older.

10. Dear son, you are the apple of my eye! You are always there when I need you; pray for me to die of old age, please. I wish you a very happy birthday! May all your hopes and dreams come alive on this day.


11. Dear Lord, today is a special day for my son. I pray to you to give him the best birthday in the world. I also pray to you to keep his life safe from any danger and take care of all his family members.


12. Thoughts are too small to express my gratitude; I want to let you know how much that I love and care for you, my dear son. May your life be filled with happiness and joy. Happy Birthday!


13. Dear God, we are grateful for your unconditional love and care for us. We know that you are with us to guide us and lead the way. I pray that you bless my son on this birthday of his. May all his wishes be granted and give him the strength to face every situation in life. I pray that he finds happiness and success in his journey of life. Dear God, make him a better person so that he can bring change in the lives of others who work with him.


14. Dear son, May you be blessed with each and everything good this life has to offer. May you be touched with love, charity, a sweet-smelling fragrance, and pure joy. Amen! I hope you have a wonderful day, son!!


15. Dear God, I pray that my son would have a completely renewed outlook towards life and learn to trust you no matter what life throws at him. I pray that he may finally realize that his submission to God is the reason for all his success in this world and hereafter. I have complete faith in you, and he should also follow my example. On his birthday, please surround him with your divine protection so that he may continue to see only the good things in life. He deserves nothing less.


Birthday Blessing Prayer for Son


16. There is no greater gift than a child, and there is none more helpless than a newborn. I felt blessed when you came into this world, but I can’t do this without God. My prayer for you is that he would guide and protect every step of your life. Bless your son on his birthday, and bless him with many more!


17. My son, I am your Father, who was there since before you were born and will be there forever after. I know parents are supposed to say these words but forgot how much you mean to me. You are my first and only child who taught me the ultimate love a parent can feel for a child. You deserve all the happiness in the world, and nothing could rejoice me more than seeing you happy. No words can express how grateful I am for having you as a son. May God.


18. Son, it is always a great honor when you call me the best mother on this earth. I am proud that you took me as your mom, and I promise to give you my unconditional prayers and support whatever life gives you. Thank you for being the kind of son I have always wished for.


19. My son, as you start this new chapter in your life, I pray that you take God’s blessings with you and create wonderful memories. May your birthday be prosperous and full of grace. On this day, may the Lord bless you with happiness and success. Enjoy the moments as they will live on in your heart forever.


20. My dear son, the day you were born, your cute little face filled me with joy beyond words. May you always enjoy smiling and working hard in life like you did when you were a child. Today, I am praying that God showers you with more blessings than you can ever wish for. Celebrate this special day by rejoicing in the knowledge of His love for you!


21. Dear Lord, today is a day to celebrate my son’s birthday. He deserves all the happiness in the world. You have made him what he is today. Grant him all the wisdom and strength to thrive for his tomorrow, Amen.


22. Happiness is not a matter of events; It is a matter of choice. Your birthday is a special event in this considerable celebration you call our life. You have today to make us smile and continue the awesome legacy that you have built so far. The adventure continues!


23. For you, you are my son; I want to give you a special gift, a wish that will come true; I pray that you always have God’s love with you.


24. O Lord, please provide my little son with endurance to withstand all pressures of life which he will come across. Give him wisdom so that he may choose his friends wisely and knowledge so that he/she may use the right power and strength at the right time. Please make him humble, kind-hearted, generous, cheerful, secure, and honest. And for this special day, please give him a long life with good health.


25. May this divine circle of light fills you with peace, love, and success. This day should be celebrated by all as a day of joy and happiness. You are the person who stays in my mind always. I pray for your good health and prosperity all through life. Let all your dreams be fulfilled so that you can give again to others. Happy birthday to you, my son!


26. Our heavenly Father, today we thank you for the gift of the birthday of your son Jesus, our savior. We will not forget his death on the cross and his birth to bring us hope. Dear Lord, please bless my boy with a great birthday. Help him to be all he can be in life and guide him to follow the path of his choice, Amen.


27. Today is the day which I have been waiting for since last year. May you live long and happy, and may all your dreams come true. Know that I still love you a lot and want you to be happy, independent, and successful in life. Keep smiling, son! Have a rocking birthday party, my son!


28. The birthday when you were born brought the greatest gift in my life. The greatest gift is you. You are my pride, my joy, my comfort, and my sunshine. I did not know how to pray until you were born. Now I pray for you every day and ask God to bless you always, bless your future with great achievements and help you. You are a great blessing that came from heaven into our lives. Happy birthday always!


29. Happy birthday to my son. You are the best son that any father could ever dream of. It is not only because you are talented, intelligent, and good-looking but also because you care for us so much. May you be blessed with top grades and fulfill your dreams. I will always be here to love and support you on this very special day.


30. Happy Birthday, Dear Son! Today, on your special day, I want to tell you how much you really mean to me. You deserve all the happiness in the world today because you have always been good, kind, and generous throughout your life. You’ve never caused me a second of pain, and I am so very proud of the young man you’ve become. Continue to choose wisely and know that you will always have a home under my sky, with my love surrounding you every single day of your life.


Best Birthday Prayers Messages for Son 2021


Birthday Prayer for Son From Mother


31. Papa God, I thank you for blessing my son with a sound mind and body. The birthday boy is a blessing to me because of your grace and mercy. I pray that your favor will continue to rest on him, transforming his life with your love. Show him what true manliness is. Guide him in his career pathway. I bless the Lord of heaven and earth, who has made possible this day.


32. Dear Lord, I thank you for blessing me as my son. He is such an inspiration and a huge part of my life. Thank you for giving him to me. Let his every dream comes to true, Amen.


33. Your life may or may not be like your Father’s, but you will always be my son. I hope and pray that you will make the right choices in your life. You are so blessed with a caring mother who is willing to sacrifice everything for you. Son, happy birthday!


34. May your life be filled with blessings, my son. May you find peace, joy, and success in everything that you do. Happy Birthday!


35. I pray that on your birthday and throughout the year to come, you will be showered with God’s love and grace. May you walk in faith under his loving care. May you and your family be blessed abundantly. I pray that in this year to come, my son will experience all the treasures of being God’s favorite child and receive days filled with blessings from heaven above.


36. Let this note find you in the best of health and spirits. May your day be as wonderful as you are special to me.


37. Son, I pray that you will continue your quest to become a better man. I pray that you will always be kind and faithful to yourself. Most importantly, I pray that you find a woman who shares your heart with you and makes you both complete. Happy birthday to my beloved son!


38. My son, you have come a long way since the day you were born. I remember the day when I first saw you, and I was sure that you were going to be my pride and joy! You have grown into an accomplished man, and I have enjoyed every moment of your life. On your birthday, I give thanks to God for sending me a wonderful son like you. May all your wishes/prayers come true.


39. My sweet, dear son, I thank God you were born. You are such a blessing to me and have loved me more than words can say. May your birthday be filled with joy and happiness, so you always know how much you mean to me, not only today but always.


40. To my one and only son, you are a rare gem not everyone gets. I am grateful for the happiness you have brought to my life. Your presence and thoughtfulness have taught me to be humble and appreciate things around me. On your birthday, I wish you much more prosperity in your career and a happy family.

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