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Best 100 Couple Picture Captions for Instagram

Couples picture captions for Instagram can be an excellent way to build a loving relationship between two people. Not only it can help you in growing love with the other person, but it also can help in maintaining balance and happiness in your marriage.


Couples are awesome. Whether they’re dancing in their kitchen or enjoying a picnic by a lake, they’re the people with the brightest smiles on their faces. That’s why you will find a selection of captions for couples’ pictures that will make your Instagram look even better!


Couple Picture Captions for Instagram


1. Couples are central to the story of our lives. Here’s hoping you both continue to make each other as happy for years from now as you do today 💑

2. Happy #internationalcouple day and every other day of the year. 💑

3. We made it. Five years. Never knew we could be this happy, but every day we prove that true love really does exist 🙂 #marriagegoals

4. Let’s plan a date night in one of these adorable cities this weekend 😀❤️

5. This is me and my husband. We love to read together, the two of us in our coziest clothes on a lazy Sunday afternoon. #mykindoflove

6. Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages

7. There’s nothing better than a lovely couple – just ask anyone in love. ❤️ * The caption is sometimes called “start” or “end.”

8. Love is always in bloom 🌹💐 

9. When each memory takes us to a place in our past, we are so lucky to have these moments to cherish.” – Unknown

10. There’s a reason it’s called falling in love – you don’t get to choose when, where, or how. Big thanks to my lovely babe @samsoniteofficial for making my world go round! #ad #

11. Hope your day is filled with as much love as ours 💕

12. We are loving this shot of two lovebirds perched in their heron-shaped nest. Happy Saturday! #nikon360action #heronitecologycenter #saturdayslikethese

13. Every couple has a story. Share yours: how did you and your partner meet? How do you keep the fire burning? #ShareYourStoryWithLove

14. Now booking weddings and elopements for fall 2021

15. Romantic… in awe…. in love with you.😍 😁😆👭💏🙈👯 #loveislove

16. Forever in my heart. Love you always and forever, Samantha ✨😘❤️ #foreverinmyheart

17. This #boyfriendgoals pair knows a thing or two about enjoying the simpler things in life #SundayMorning 🍃

18. Lovely morning for a bike ride and brunch with these lovely people

19. What do you mean? We don’t need a reason to celebrate on Valentine’s Day 😉 🤷‍♀️

20. Hey you two delicious humans, I’m so glad to be able to hang out with you on this beautiful fall day. ☀ #couple

21. You + me is everything ☀️💙 #youandmetoesEverything 🌸🍂 #loveislove #lovewins

22. It’s the little things like this captured moment, that make everything right in the world. #loveislove #gaymarriage

23. Like a #LoveNote, your kiss makes every single day so much brighter. Happy one month today! Xoxo

24. When I fell in love, it was like entering a whole new world.

25. If one day is great, imagine how awesome a lifetime together will be.

26. We’re a couple of strays 🐶👹🐰

27. The best kind of love is the deliriously happy kind. Like when your favorite movie star cleans up well, but with glasses. Or the type of love that makes you try new things, like wearing leather pants or cooking Indian food for dinner.

28. A warm welcome to our new members in the neighborhood.

29. 🎩🍗🌴 A sunny day picnic: Ahhh! 🏝☀️

30. You’ll never look back, I’m telling you there is nobody better—you are the best.


Best Instagram Captions for Couples


31. Praying that Feliz Navidad means a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates 🙏🏽

32. Bring out the big guns when it comes to your date pic game.

33. TBT to this amazing sunset, where we had a photoshoot right after our anniversary dinner. Oh, how I just adore you, my love. 🥰😍 #truelove

34. Love is in the Air ❤️ #love #lovequotes #quotesaboutlove

25. It was so fun talking about your plans for the future! Wishing you many more years growing old together ✨💕 #lovebirds

36. Loving you is like breathing. How could I stop it? 💕

27. 1st time ever sharing a post like this with the world I hope you all love it as much as we do 🌞💕

38. Sharing your life with another person is like coming home into a perfectly cobbled-together house you didn’t even know you’d been needing. ❣️

39. A thoughtful couple can’t help but to notice the beauty of the little things in life.

40. Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.” -Robert Browning

41. Sending you smiles and warm hugs today as we count the days until I can hold you in my arms! 💋

42. Let us show you how beauty comes from within.

43. I love you even more💗

44. It’s a lovely couples life 💗

45. This couple is in love with the beautiful moments they share together. They will cherish these pictures forever.

46. Celebrating all those special moments couples share and all the wonderful memories that come with them. 😘

47. I decided to get married on the tenth of March Two thousand ten Three years is not a long time But there’s so much I have to say First, thank you for coming out And sharing this occasion with us Every person here means a lot

48. Candidly captured by @xxxxxxx

49. So many kisses to share with you over the weekends how was your weekend? #happyweekend

50. Perfect for any occasion, Happy Couple is an exquisite wine that pairs beautifully with food.


Couple Picture Captions for Instagram


51. Love is effortless when you do all the little things that make your partner feel appreciated. Happy #RelationshipGoals Day to all our lovely couples out there. We’ve got you covered literally… and now digitally! 💛

52. There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved 💕

53. Happy Anniversary to my darling and to all of the lovely couples on Instagram, too! Here’s to many more. 💍

54. Happy husband’s day to the one who is always by my side through good and bad.

55. This was a picture from one of our engagements with @xxxxxxxxx! We love working with couples! #TBT #AD

56. What a lovely couple. You look so happy together 💑💍

57. You are my idea of paradise, you know. We’ve worked well together for 22 years and I think this is a record: A couple of partners who like each other. You make me laugh too.” -Bill Cosby

58. If two people are happy with each other, then it’s all good.

59. There is nothing more lovely than a lovely couple, and we’re celebrating them with our #happilyeverafter sweepstakes.

60. If we had a world of nothing but perfect, so-called model couples, my belief is that we would be less happy.


funny captions for couple pictures


61. 3 important questions every couple should ask themselves:

62. Creating fulfilling relationships is a wonderful thing, especially around Valentine’s Day.

63. There is always room for one more #couplegoals #happycouple #lovelove

64. Fall into this golden season by capturing those fall candid shots with your camera 📷☕️

65. They say love is about finding the one who won’t let you be average… and my boyfriend is living

66. Proof that it’s true 💕!

67. Dear, Happy couple’s month, we are so lucky to have found you ❤️❤️ #LifeGoals

68. Not a bad view, eh? 🌞#HeidiEricksen #PeterDavis #SunsetCouples #BeachWedding

69. You look beautiful in that dress. ☀ #couplegoals

70. This past weekend we celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary and I couldn’t be more happy to call this beautiful human my husband. We’ve been through it all college, family, starting a business, and

71. Love brings the best out of every love.

72. Wanderwithus A photo from a company that organizes trips for couples.

73. I took a picture of this couple while I was taking a photo of this art piece. Isn’t it lovely?

74. May your marriage never be boring or ordinary. #couplegoals #marriedlife

75. Keeping your spouse’s needs first is a winning formula for a happy marriage and a healthy heart.

76. If you like my pics you’ll love my hubs. Check him out! 😉 📷 #love “

77. A perfect fête for a special couple

78. We were lucky enough to be able to join this lovely couple to celebrate their anniversary and what a celebration it was! 💕

79. Two. Charming. People! @xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

80. When two people celebrate life together, their dreams can grow bigger, better, and brighter.

81. Capturing the sweetest moments in life together. Whether it’s enjoying a cup of coffee, taking a stroll on the beach, or just spending time with your partner. Flowers will make every moment a celebration to cherish.

82. Don’t settle for just having Valentine’s Date Night. Between the two of us, we have six kids, four dogs, and two parakeets… so our idea of date night is finding any space to sit down. We

83. Date night to remember. 💑 #couples

84. Here’s to you and me, and here’s to love. A toast to the most beautiful love ever. #sweethearts

85. Bob and Sheila said they love each other very much.

86. So glad I got to meet you and your charming self – had a great time last night! Hugs and love from the Netherlands, Elysium. 🍁

87. Fall in love all over again with these date night ideas that will make you want to grab the car keys.

88. Wishing you all a lovely week ahead with lots of love and laughter 💅 #happycouple #weddinganniversary

89. Add my business account, so that you never miss an opportunity to get the quality product at a very reasonable price.

90. In a twist of fate, they found the 1. All have to do is learn how to be in love. #CoupleGoals

91. This couple just had a wedding? Or are they celebrating their 1 year anniversary? Either way, they’re #happy

92. So happy to have this amazing person in my life

93. S/O to these happy couples 💘👰🏼

94. You’re both my favorite people–you, for being so awesome & supportive, and him, for being a hilarious dork who makes me laugh every day ☺ #happycouple #ilovemycouple.

95. Proposing to the love of your life is a moment you get to cherish for the rest of your life. 💍✨

96. And now a very special Valentine’s Day message from John Fugelsang and his wife, Colleen.” -John Fugelsang, Funny or Die

97. Happy Sunday, and to all those who are deeply in love with their partners: May God bless your relationship. 💓 #

98. Getting ready for the best date night ever @xxxxxxx ❤️ #presidentsday #valentinesday #myglamm

99. Dope beach sunset 🌅🌞😎 *This adorable couple spent a perfect day in their favorite place together.

100. Every relationship is unique, just like every season. While winter can mean cozy days at home, spring and fall mean time spent communing with nature. This year, find a new way to celebrate your love—a hike in the woods or a day

101. It’s the little things that can make a big difference in a relationship―that silly, romantic gesture that makes your partner’s day. So go on and spoil your partner. Buy them flowers, bake them a cake, create something special for them.

102. Thanks for putting up with me and all of my flaws…I love you. 🤓☺ #couplegoals

103. Getting ready for our big night out 🎉💃!!

104. Being in love with you keeps me on my toes, keeps me laughing. I can’t imagine life without your silly laugh and contagious smile. #HappyHolidays

105. We make the best of our time together because we’re doing a great job of being us. Thanks for that, @babeshook. #happyanniversary

106. There’s a little bit of crazy in every couple. And there’s a little bit of calm, too.

107. Our favorite part of every morning is the moment right before 💕🍔108. Sometimes you find the love of your life…

108. when you aren’t even looking 👯 #couple #foreverslove109. Come cuddle with us under blankets and enjoy some 109. cocktails 🥂 CuratorReview @xxxxxxxxxxxxxx #PosingProdigym #modelcastingcall !
111. Yup, I got you. 👨‍❤️‍👨 🤳 #nofiltermoments
112. Every day I fall in love over and over again ❤️
113. Two silhouettes on a hill ♥️ – Murakami #mybae #nofilter
114. How love works in mysterious ways.

115. ☀️ Good morning. How can you be so cute and so infuriating in the same 24-hours? 😉

116. It takes a real man to wear pink 😜 @xxxxxxxxxxxx💛- #pinkypromise?

117. My boo 😘 We love exploring together and taking photos.

118. I’ll never tire of watching you play with our daughter. Thanks for being the best mother and the best partner.

119. Just wish you could’ve been with me to experience it. People make life extra special. Thank you for always being there for me… 💑

120. We may be holding hands, but our hearts are always touching.

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