80 Ways to Say Good Morning Paragraphs for Crush

80 Ways to Say Good Morning Paragraphs for Crush



80 Ways to Say Good Morning Paragraphs for Crush


If you want your girlfriend or your partner to wake up to have an excellent imagination and picture of you, send any of these good morning Text messages to her.


Good Morning Paragraphs for Crush


1. Good morning messages don’t mean to disturb you, but a sign of caring and love He/ her have for you, also to make you smile.


2. Reading something positive in the morning can make your days perfect, Eg, love messages, Inspirational Quotes, Motivational messages, Funny memes, All does verity collections can make your crush day.


3. For you to keep your relationship strong and healthy, You need to be doing three things. which are, sending of Love messages to Him/Her in the morning, Call Him/Her ten times in a day. Shere your ideas with Him/Her whenever you worried about something you don’t understand.


4. Morning is the best time of the day to make Him/Her smile, by sending something extraordinary which can last for more than 20hours in His/Her head, with this you’ve won him/her for that day.


5. To make a lady fall for you is not by magic or anything special. it’s hard for those who don’t know how it’s work, sending love messages is one of the best that you can wine a lady easily, with messages you can wine Him/Her soul body and spirit.


6. Frequently send Him/Her love messages which He/She can live with all day long, with this He/She will never let you go off Him/Her sight for a day, why because you have created love and affection in His/Her to live with.


7. it’s said when there is no time and He/She loves you it will always create a time for you, and this goes to Him/She on how they manage there time, but it takes a matured person to deal with this kind of situation.


Ten things that make Him/Her say you are not romantic


Ten things that make Him/Her say you are not romantic


1. When you don’t call Him/Her ten times a day.

2. When you don’t send Him/Her messages all the time especially in the morning.

3. When you get angry with little things every time.

4.When you don’t shear your thought with Him/Her.

5. When you don’t give Him/Her attention He/She need from you.

6. When you complaining all the time.

7. When you don’t advice Him/Her what to do to make you happy.

8. When you talk to Him/Her anyhow.

9. Appreciate Him/Her all the time and be there whenever he/She needed you most.

10. keeping of miles with Him/Her is one of those things.


Ten things that make Him/Her to love you forever without thinking twice


Ten things that make Him/Her to love you forever without thinking twice


1. Often tell Him/Her sweet things, like thank you for sharing your life with me. I feel like am the luckiest person on earth.

2. Be patent and keep calm Whenever He/She is angry.

3. Always creating an attitude of gratitude to each other.

4. Maintain a please to one another and avoid an argument with He/ She.

6. Always find a reason to put a smile on His/Her face whenever He/She is sad.

7. most importantly motivate each other to do more in whatever you do together.

8. Always agreed with each other’s opinion, and let your opinion be one.

9. Take blams when you are not even at fought it eases many problems.

10. Shear your thought with Him/Her and keep the communication close.


Best Good Morning Paragraphs for Crush Girl


Best Good Morning Paragraphs for Crush Girl


1. It doesn’t matter what life brings you today, Promise me you will never allow it to take away your beautiful and Inspiring smile.


2. My heart, my life contain the happiness, joy and love you do bring me each day. The pictures in my mind bring a smile to my face every morning. I’m thrilled to have you in my life, and I love you more than you think or can imagine. Good morning, my treasure.


3. You’ve brought me nothing less than happiness, goodness, and love. At a very moment with you, I am filled with joy and bliss. I’m thrilled to be loved by someone as caring and as beautiful as you are. You’re indeed my fullness of happiness and fun, and I love you more than love itself. Good morning to you, my dear.


4. I will love you all through the today, all through the night through tomorrow and every other day after. Every day at every moment, you inspire me to be a better man, and I’m happy to call you mine.


5. You’re the cutest and sweetest thing that ever happened to me every day of my life; I will always and forever love you. I don’t think a day that I will not love you can ever come. A week with you is just like a day because of the unforgettable we shared. I wish to meet you sooner.


6. Whenever things go wrong, I will be with you from dawn to dusk and back to start; I will never leave your side until the situation is done with. I will adore, cherish and love you as you’ve never been loved before. Do have a beautiful day ahead.


7. I hope this beautiful new dawn bring you closer to your goals and desires in life. May it be filled with positive ideas and pleasant surprises for you. And I want you to know and remember that I love you so much; more than you can imagine. Good morning, sweetheart.


8. As you prepare to see another new day, I want to let you know that I will always be here for you. If you need anything, remember I’m just a from steps away, and I will be there for you every time. I love you, dearly. Good morning to you, my love.


9. You’ve been, and you’re still and will always be everyday happiness, my love and my joy. You treat me with unconditional love, and I’m glad to be cared for and loved by you. There’s indeed no right place to keep my heart if not with you. I love you more than you know or imagine. Good morning to you, my beauty queen.


10. Not a day goes by that I’m unhappy for having someone as unique as you are in my heart, my life and my globe. I wish that all your desire will come true and physical to you. Good morning.


11. I loved you from the very moment I set my eye on you, and you came into my life was an opportunity, and I will love and love and continue loving you until the end of time. You’re my simple gladness and Motivation. And to you, I wish I can spend my whole with. Good morning to you, my princess.


12. I will never stop loving you. You’re not like every other lady. You’re peculiar, you’re very rare, and you’re one of a kind. Good morning, my princess. Do have a great day ahead.


13. Despite my rough attitude and imperfections, you love me still. And today, I want you to realize the fact that I will be happy to spend every minute of every day in every week, loving you, as you’ve never been loved before. Good morning to you, my bright sky.


15. Every month, years with you is a very like an exciting moment to have not just a fantastic moment, but also to create a moment that can never be forgotten. I love you beyond mouth can speak. Good morning, beautiful.


16. Not to think about you is impossible that can never be possible, just as much as its impossible to stop cherishing every moment we had together. Not seeing you in a day is like not seeing the rising of the moon. You’re In my mind every day of my life, and that is what keeps me going, I cherish you like they cherish honey forever. Good morning to you, my one and only.


17. Your love flows inside me, just as blood flows through veins and marrow. Your love is the air I breathe to keep me alive, And your pet is the beat my heart dance to each and moment of my life. Good morning, my princess.


Best Good Morning Paragraph to Send to Your Boyfriend


1. Saying Good morning to you is something I can never be fed of saying every day I wake up. I wish you all the best in this new dawn. Good morning, my love.


2. Every morning is desirable and beautiful every only when I wake up with pictures and memories of you. I want you to know that you are the reason why I am right and will also be the reason why I will be best. Have a nice day.


3. If you stay in my heart forever, then I will be a better person, and my life will not experience regret because you have given me the best of care that is uncommon. I wake up this morning, and all I can feel is the love I have for you going more robust and more muscular. Good morning, my prince.


4. My feelings for you keeps growing despite the thing we have passed through and experienced. I want you to know that you won’t have to face the situation alone because I will be standing next to you until the last moment.


5. I have no idea what your plans are for the day, but I know that it will turn out well for you because I know you have planned it well and right. Whenever you need me, just know that I am a few steps away from you. I’ll be loving forever.


6. For loving me and bringing the best out of me, I want you to know that you remain immovable in my heart, you are the best thing that ever happened to me on earth. You give me a sense of value, and my love for you will never depreciate. Have a beautiful morning, my dear.


7. You are the sweetest, and the cutest and most awesome man in the world you are the best thing that has ever happen to me, I can never stop loving you.


8 I feel on top of the high, knowing that you will be my side for the rest of my life. I love you so much, and I won’t stop loving you for whatsoever in the world. Good morning.


9. As I woke up this morning, I opened the window, and I saw the ray of the sun reminding me of you bright face, you have inspired me a lot than what I thought. I wonder how my life will have become if I have not met with you.


11. Whenever rainfalls and the rainbow are out, I look at it being it brings into my mind your bright and your bright face, the happiness I felt is unmeasurable. You have made my life to continue moving fast and faster every day; I will never leave you.


12. As you wake up and as you open your eyes to the beautiful ray of the morning sun, unbelieving things will happen in your life today. I feel happy to have an amazing man like you in my life. It is the best gift thing I have ever gotten from nature. I wish you the best of the day, my crown.


13. Don’t be weight down just because of some challenges; I know that no matter how tough you always pass through. Challenges are small compare to what you are capable of.


14. Wakeup don’t be afraid, face the challenges of the day. No matter what happens, make sure you don’t move away from the challenge and tell yourself that no matter what happens, you will pass through. Good morning.


15. This world is like a passage where everybody is passing through facing different challenges, but what should keep you moving is the fact that at the end there is a success waiting for you there. Can’t love you less.


16. take the lesson and let the past go because you are a survivor. I am proud of everything you are and will become in life. I can’t wait for the day I will be yours forever.


17. Be confident and know as you face the task of the day because nothing great comes easy. I will be there for you when you need me because there is a lot to accomplish to get together. Your love is my biggest inspiration, and I hope mine is a sign of Motivation for you. Good morning, darling.


Best Good Morning Paragraph to Your Crush


The mornings are nice. So are crushed! Your crush is usually that person who you are very attracted to, and who is very capable of turning down your request for a relationship. Waking up in the morning with their thoughts on your mind is one of the sweetest feeling ever. When you think of how much that special he is she means to you, there is no place to hide from the glow on your face. Everything they do makes you happy and lively down to their sneezes.


1. Every morning, the thought of you never elude my heart, you are the first person that makes my mind lively, and it skips whenever I see you.


2. My heart flies into a rage of hot wishes for you every morning I wake up. It gets so bad that nothing but sweetness for you comes out from my mouth. Be happy for me, today and always.


3.  Every morning, comes from my mouth great wishes from me to you, and they are to make your day. All I wish is great and suitable for you.


4. My message for you this morning is from the deepest part of me that wants you to keep smiling throughout today. Just so you know, I love waking up thinking about you and with you on my mind.


5. My eyes opened to the reality of a new day. Another day is here; a great day to be precise and you will live in it. You are always on my mind.


6. Awake, decide on what you want this new dawn, and I know that you will succeed because you are an overcomer and not a loser.


7. Arise and shine for the day is broken and as birds fly in the sky following the direction of the breeze, so shall you follow your path of success and succeed. Good morning.


8. Wake up to my morning call. If I can fly like a bird, I would have passed into your room through your windows and given you a sweet peck. I hope today will be great for each of us.


9. I have taken it up as a duty to always wish you a great, splendour, and wonderful day ahead of you. You command the day and the day will submit itself to you.


10. I care about how your night went, but I care more on how your new day count, how much you achieve and I pray you to achieve great things.


11. All I want and desire for you is for your to worth a living, for you to be happy even when all seems as if it falling apart.


12. The shining sun has got nothing on the alluring brightness of your presence. I will be blessed to see your angelic face every morning I open my eyes from sleep. Good morning.


13. Even if I am far away out from you, I will always take note of you, I will ever desire you for the good deeds you have done, even when everyone hates you or they are envying you I will keep on loving you. Good morning.


14. Hello beauty, don’t be fearful at challenging times. AK, you have to know is that every time on earth has its own time and anything that happen happens for a reason. A lot of love good morning.


15. When I think of you, I feel exhilarated. No drug can induce the excitement I get when your name is mentioned to my hearing. I think my heart will pop open, but it’s all good. Good morning.


16. In my whole life, have not said anyone was perfect but when I met you, perfect came out of my mouth and did you know what is perfect? The brows of your eyes, the curves of your lips, the wrinkling of your nose. Nothing has seen beautiful compare to them. Have a successful morning.


17. I always make haste to wake up and get up from bed every day because it gives me an opportunity to and spends time together again and again. My imaginations run East, West, North, and South with the thoughts of meeting with you. Good morning, dear.


18. My day goes perfectly with the thought of seeing. Ever since we met each other’s path, I have never had a stressful day. You may not know, but I care a lot about you. Good morning.


Best Good Morning Paragraphs to Send to Your Girlfriend


Writing good morning paragraphs to your girlfriend is what very good in a relationship. It can make your girlfriend wake up to smile and wish to spend the whole day with you. Below are some write up that you can use.


1. Having you is like having the whole world, I blessed the day I set my eye on you. Good morning my dear.


2. You are such a great great person, so, therefore, you cannot go or settle for low things, you have to be high in your desire. Good A.M.


3. Rise and shine the day is bright, prepare your coffee and drink it right, raise your head and let it shine just because you are so bright. Good morning to my queen.


4. Not loving you is like drinking an ice-cream that has no sugar, since I met you, I have been unpredictable. People do ask me the secret of my success, and I stand aside and point at you. Good morning my beetle.


5. Wake up, sleepyhead, prepare for the challenges of the day, which I am very sure that you will overcome. Good morning Bea.


6. Challenges of the days are so different from each other, so you need to get up, focus, prepare, and face it. I am very sure that your future is so bright.


7. I can’t imagine what life will be like without you in my life. I woke up this morning, and all I could think of is you and your bright face.


8. As I get up from my bed this morning, I open the window to see the raising of the sun, and it keeps reminding me of your face.


9. I can’t wait to be with you to spend my whole life with you, and do you know why? Because you make me smile, you make me happy; sometimes, I become so excited that I didn’t know when I started laughing while walking. Good morning my love.


10. All my life, my day has been flooded with time, the moments that we have spent together and I am still hopefully hoping for more time to spend together. Good A.M.


11. I used to think that I will never fall in love, then you show me that you could be everything I want. I couldn’t believe it until you brought me together so many times when I have been broken. Good morning.


12. I can’t believe that I found the one that makes me strive whenever I set my eyes on, I will love you to say it back, then I will stay. Good morning.


13. I can be anywhere in the world as long as you are with me, I cannot wait for you to say yes. Good morning love.


Best Good Morning Paragraph to Send for Your Friend


Saying, wishing or writing to your friends a good morning write-ups are excellent because such a write up do make relationship strong and healthy. It can also make your friend wake up in the morning and have an achieving mindset.


1. Nature and heaven have stopped the noise to allow your sleep to go well. Sleep well, my friend, and wake up to success.


2. I will like my text to be the first thing you’ll read this new dawn when you wake up, and I hope that it is. Hope your night went great? Good morning.


3. You’re sleeping and the angels are around you admiring your bright face, thinking of what God felt when He made you. Always remember how great you are to me. Good morning.


4. I plan that you wake up to know that I regard you and will do a lot to make sure you are always happy and be glad after you read this text. I love you. Sleep on.


5. Sleepyhead but great are rare to find, but I am so glad to have found you and will not trade you for anything. Sleep on, my most generous friend 😍.


7. You make me happy when I am sad, love. You mean so much to me that I couldn’t imagine life without you. Sleep beautifully, my dear.


8. Rise friend and prepare to face tough challenges that I am sure you will succeed, so don’t be afraid.


9. You are the great person that has ever happened to me, blessed is the day we meet each other. You have made me achieve a lot since we met.


10. Tough times never last but tough people do. I have known you and will continue learning you to be very brave and unstoppable, mostly when you have made up your mind. Good morning friend.

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