Good Morning Prayer for My Family and Friends 2021

Family is a very important component of life. We rely on them for our emotional support, for sharing our joys and worries with them. In every situation, we look for the support of our family members and friends. Why is that so? Maybe, that is because we are aware that they will always support us as far as they can. The following good morning prayer for my family and friends is highly appropriate to read in the mornings when we get up. It will help you express your love towards your family and friends and thank God for his blessing.


As I open my eyes in the morning, I thank God for another day. The sun has come up and the birds have started singing – nature has started its day. It is a good day to be alive. I acknowledge God’s presence in my life and that of everyone around me – my family, friends, and others who are important to me. I thank Him for the gifts He has given me and for every breath I take.


1. Turn over in bed, rise and shine. Ten more minutes, and I’ll be alright. I promise to the Lord. Here is a prayer for you, my family, and my friends. Wishing you an amazing day! Have a fantastic Blessed Day ahead! Good morning to my family and friends!


2. God is the almighty Creator of the universe who has made everything out of the most beautiful materials: molecules, water, wood, rock, and gold. The sun is sparkling on the distant hills; there are colorful birds singing in natures’ garden and lovely flowers. I am so grateful for the life that I want to celebrate every day! Good morning my family and friends! God loves you! Love you all!


3. Dear God, I thank you so much for my family and friends, truly. You have put a priceless gift in my hands with each one of them. I am fond of them all for their different but special qualities. This morning I will pray for them with love in my heart as they go their separate ways. Some of them are far away physically, but you can bring us all together with your love in the same place at the same time. This day we live for you. Have a great day.


4. I love you family and friends; please remember that I love you all. Good morning, I love you!


5. Good morning God, thank you for blessing me with this day. Thank you for the kids in my life who I love so much. Protect them and keep them safe from all evil today. Bless my family and friend with smooth sailing through whatever they face today and always. Help them stay focused on You and not the worries of the world; help them stay calm and level-headed while feeling like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Also. Help them find faith in times of needing it most.


6. God bless you all; I love you with all my heart – your son, your daughter, your brother, your sister, your parents. I wish you all a blissful morning and a wonderful new day. May God our Father bless every person that is close to your heart. May he strengthen us all in his loving-kindness and make our days happy and bright. AMEN


7. Good morning, it’s 5:01 am now, and I am just waking up to pray for my family and friends. Mama, please help my sister see the church’s wonders so she can come home with me. Father, please help us get financial aid for work-study so my sister can pay for her tuition at school. Chris, Daddy, please heal Chris from his cough so that his voice can be strong again. I love all of you and thank you for everything you have done.


8. My family and friends are the reasons I wake up every morning. If not for them, I don’t know where I’d be today. I love the way your support means the world to me; it makes me want to be a better person. When people need a prayer, you’ll find me in my room with hands raised, receiving all the positive energy they’re sending my way.


9. Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy. Father in Heaven, I pray for all of my family and friends and give thanks for all You have done for me. I ask for the intercession of the Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, and various Saints in this prayer for my family and friends.


10. Shine kindly on all who surround me, in all I think, Say and do today. Grant that they feel Your love, Grant that they share it with me. Send them blessings on their way, To give me peace and happiness today. Please watch my family and friends, keep them safe as they travel each day. These are people very near to my heart; give them Love in return for my care. May You be the center of their thoughts, And fill their hearts with joy and peace.


11. God, our father, I thank you for my family and friends. I pray that they will feel your love in all that they do today. May their hearts be filled with such light and joy that they can’t stop smiling. Show me what I can do be help them to lift and be lifted. Amen.


12. Lord, please bless all my family and friends with happiness, love, success, good health, plus let them be protected from all evil forces. I pray. Amen.


13. We are so happy together; I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. MY heart skips a beat every time you enter the room, and I cherish all of our adventures, big and small. I can’t wait to send my love with this prayer to you all.




15. Lord, thank you for giving me my family and my truest friends. Let me never take them for granted.


Good Morning Prayer For Family

16. Loving family and love friends are God’s blessings for us in life, as we live on earth, and He has given those to me; I pray to him every day to give my family a safe life and smooth journey.


17. Good morning, God! I thank you for this day. Everything that happens is because you want it to happen. You are the best planner of all time. Also, thank you for every blessing that you gave me, both big and small. Thank you to my family and friends. Please bless them in any way that you see fit.


18. Heavenly Father, I thank you for the many blessings and opportunities in my life. I commit my day to You as I focus on my work and return phone calls, email, etc. Bless my family and friends as I continue to do Your work. May the Angels watch over both myself and my loved ones throughout the day.


19. I thank you, father, for the family, I was blessed with. And I thank you for the friends and family that are in and out of my life. I thank you for their presence, as they all mean so much to me. AMEN.


20. Before I begin, let me say you all mean the world to me, and I appreciate you so much. You have been there for me in my good times and bad; you had never failed to listen when I needed someone to talk to. Thank you so much for your friendship; without it, I would be lonely.


21. On this special morning, let your family and friends enjoy your love and care nature.

22. Good morning. You are in my heart, In my thoughts this day. Good Morning! May your day be blessed with joy and brightness; use this day to pray, For those who need their loved ones, And to comfort those, Who want and need a friend. To bring you and your family closer to God. Let the good things happen today, Make you holy, kind, and wise! Look for the good all around you; find the best in every friend. Bless them for their love.


23. Dear Lord, I ask that you pour out your love upon my family and friends. Cover them with your blood, which secured for you the right to give us eternal life. I pray that they will allow you to bring true change to their lives. I pray that you will comfort every one of them this day, while they wait for the light of a new day, which is only hours away. Jesus, as each one wakes up and begins their day, I ask that your Holy Spirit would be you through the night.


24. In the morning, Lord, I thank You for my family, Give me the joy of seeing them safe and well. Bring unexpected opportunities that will bless them through Your Holy Spirit give them strength to overcome any obstacles that may arise in their lives.


25. Good morning prayer for my family and friends: Have a good morning. God is with me; I am influencing the world around me in a positive way; I have peace of mind, faith is flowing through me. This day will be glorious. I am willing to forgive my enemies and live a happy life without any quarrels. To my best friend: You are my best friend. May you be blessed always. I can’t even describe what wonderful you are! I wish you a good morning!


26. Please accept my morning prayer for my family and friends. Please bless them with love, happiness, and good health throughout the day. And Please watch over them during their daily activities, providing them protection from harm or danger. I will make it a point to pass on this prayer for my family and friends to other people right away, such as some of my close relatives, colleagues at work, good friends, and neighbors.


27. As I look around, I am blessed to see each and every one of you. Knowing that we are family, we are friends, and nothing can come between us. I feel so blessed, so full of love and joy. Know that I am thinking of you as I pray for blessings on all those I hold dear.


28. Lord, please surround my family and friends with your love. I know that my family and friends are capable of great things. Please remind them each day that you are near and you will never leave them. Also, when they’re in need, please give them the strength to face the day with a determined heart.


29. Good morning, God. I pray today is a day of joy for all my family and friends. May you bless them as they go through their day. Thank you for protecting them as they go through the day. Thank you for this blessing. Amen


30. Dear Lord, Please help me to start my day in a blissful way. I beg you to please bless my loved ones and me with prosperity and success. Let all of the evil forces around us be neutralized by your mighty powers, and let all of our dreams come true; I pray, Amen.


A Prayer for My Family and Friends

31. Good morning my family and friends, be happy with all the beautiful blessings that God has given us, be healthy, more blessed. Have a joyful day.


32. Bless my family and friends this day, Lord. Keep them in your care and guard their hearts. Give them strength and peace as they learn to know you better, trust in you more fully, and love you more truly. Remind them that they are guided by your hand, and nothing is impossible with You. Amen


33. Good morning, God. It’s me again. I thank you so much for all these people in my life. My family and friends are such a joy every single day. I love them and thank you for always providing a perfect start to the day. I pray that we will be blessed today with your unending love, light, grace, mercy, and amazing sun.


34. God, thank you for the gift of another day. Thank you for my family and friends; let me appreciate them even more today. Shield them from harm and know as I think about them that they are in my heart and prayers. Thank God for another chance!


35. Lord, thank you for being with each one of us today. Help them understand that if always have used. Fill them with your spirit. Guide them in every decision; Chris knows my heart and loves me the way I love him. Lord help my friends know that you see their hearts and forgive their sins. To those who are in jail or prison today, free their minds to be set free from any addictions and pain and forgive them, Lord.


36. God has granted us every favor we might need. The Lord is merciful and just; He will sustain us. He will not forsake us and remain faithful to all His promises. As the day has come, I praise the Lord for all the blessings He has bestowed in my life, family, friends, and loved ones. I am thankful for everyone who is alive and healthy to see this beautiful day, and I hope you have a blissful morning.


37. Good morning prayers for my family and friends. Good morning, friends! God is so good, and He’s given me so many blessings. The sun rises today with a brand new day to spend with my people and friends. So let’s make the best of those gifts and rejoice in His presence today. I thank God for these beautiful memories I have of you all. And I thank God for those that He has yet to bring into our lives. Yes, Lord, we remember that.


38. My dearest friends and family, I hope that you will have the best of the day every day. Good morning to you all.


39. Lord, as you start the day, Bring your blessings of care, To the ones who at this hour Are pleading for prayer.


40. I pray that you will wake to a wonderful day. I pray for peace, love, and a sense of harmony for you today. Also. I thank the Lord of light from above as they bless the path before you and keep you comfortable as you travel your way through the day. As I send my good wishes this morning, know that all my heart and soul are always with you!


41. I love you and pray for you every day. I never see your flaws, only the beauty you bring to my life. You make me smile. I want to make you happy, fill your heart with joy, always have a reason to smile. The greatest gift I could give is my love for you.”


42. I love you! Whether you’re my mother, my sibling, my child, my friend, or even a stranger, I love you. I promise to support and care for you, as you have supported and cared for my loved ones and me. Each day that I live, I will be more thankful to our Creator for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us. Many of these blessings we may not even see until they are taken away, please know that I love and cherish you.


43. Sometimes you wake up in the morning, and your heart hurts because you see that you are separate from the one you love. Your hands can’t touch their body, it would be great if you could talk with them, but you just have to listen to the silence.

44. Good morning prayer for family and friends, a great prayer for my family and friends to start their day.


45. Oh, my darling family, I love you so much. I hope every morning brings joy to your heart and happiness to your soul. Goodwill and love surround you during this morning and all mornings to come. You will always be my most cherished people in the world, whether near or far from me. I wish you a blissful day!


Good Morning Quotes For Friends And Family

46. Lord, I thank you for all the blessings that you have given to me and my family. I thank you for the health of my family. Let us be safe this day and every day. Bless us with a loving heart that will benefit everyone that we meet this day and every day. Please protect our loved ones so they can not be caught in any trouble and let them live a fruitful life with happiness to spare. Let us remember that your presence will always surround us. Bless our family with love.


47. God is great. Thank you for the morning sun and blue sky. Now it’s time to wake up; hug your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend. Relax!


48. I pray that God will continue to Bless and Keep you. I pray that His Mercy and Grace will wash over you as the day begins. Also. I thank God for all of you each and every day because even on my worst day, I still have each of you in my world. This is a wonderful blessing, and I cherish it. Thank you, God, for making me part of this wonderful family.


49. Good morning prayer for my family and friends. I hope your day starts with peace, love, and harmony, just as you deserve. Good morning to my special person. I will be thinking of you throughout the day. May a rainbow of happiness surround your heart today.


50. Bless my family and friends this day and give them health, strength, and peace. Watch over them this day as they go about their business. May your love surround them, and their many needs are met. Grant as much joy to all my friends and family today as possible. Let them feel only the passion, gratitude, and love that is in my heart for all of them. Amen


51. This morning, at this moment, I wish a good morning prayer for my family and friends. I bid you all a happy and blissful morning.


52. Dear Lord, This is a special day for me and my family as we know which day it is. Please let us fill the world with smiles today. Let us make today full of happiness, love, and laughter. Please let every moment be filled with goodness and joy for my family. The journey through the day ahead of us will be held more firmly by your hands. Let us all work together to achieve our dreams. Bring us together this morning to share love and laugh at the same time.

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