Best Good Morning Prayer for My Husband

Good morning messages are a cute way to express your love, care, and affection for someone you love dearly. You can send good morning wishes to your husband in the form of inspirational messages and quotes. Do you have a loving husband you want to show appreciation to? Send him nice good morning wishes which he will surely treasure each day.

There is no more challenging thing to do than writing a good morning prayer for my husband. When I say good morning, I do not mean that as a greeting, but it contains an important prayer with good wishes for my husband each day.

Good Morning Prayer for My Husband

• Good morning my love! As I lay here looking into your tired eyes and thinking about your long day ahead of you, I just want to say thank you for being the best husband a girl could ask for. I pray that God sends you angels to guide you throughout the day so that everything goes smoothly and you can be home soon to relax in our cozy bed together. In the meantime, stay safe. Love you always! -wifey

• Oh, my love, you are my husband. I pray we will never be apart for a single day. I pray we grow old and strong together, loving each other until the end of time. May the morning light shine upon this act of love between us, and may we never lose faith in each other. I will always carry your love within my heart till death do us part.

• God, please protect my husband. I pray that he will wake up to a new day and want to come home to me. Please be with him whether it’s at work or school. I don’t want anything bad to happen to him, and if it does, please save him. Please keep stress away so that his heart can beat strong and his words be kind. Please keep him on the right path and bring peace into every room he walks in.

• Dear Lord, thank you for the newest day. Thank you that I am able to see it with the man I love, my husband. Help me to be a better person so that I can be the wife he deserves. Thank you for this life, and help me to make him proud.

• Good morning! I am so grateful to have someone as wonderful as you in my life. The love that we share is bigger than I can describe. I thank God every day for bringing us together. You are the best husband, father, and man anyone could ask for. We were made for each other, and I am so glad we found each other. I love you with all of my heart!!!

• Good morning, my love. Sweet dreams and thoughts of you warmed my heart all throughout the night. I hope you understand how much your love means to me. You are my sweetest version of heaven and home! I wish we could stay connected together in this way forever. I may not tell you this as much as I should, but I am so thankful for you every day.

• Good morning my handsome husband. I pray that God will take away all the bad memories from yesterday and replace them with good ones. I love you; happy day!

• God, you are sooo good! Today our family is safe. Our bills are paid. The car started on the first try, and I’m not having to work overtime anymore. Thank you for our jobs, our home, my health, my husband, and his health. You give us everything we need for TODAY! I am so grateful and praise your name!

• Good morning my love! Thank you for the LOVE you show me every day. I pray that God continues to bless our marriage with his mighty GRACE and that we will both continually BE GRANTED the strength to love each other as CHRIST has loved us. May today be a glorious day in which neither of us can imagine loving each other more than we do this very moment! I love you!

• This message was made for my husband, who leaves for work before I get up (bless his heart)… this verse is so both of us and our love… it is amazing what God desires and has foretold for your marriage… No matter how mundane you feel the day could be, how lonely or sad, he will make a way out of no way to meet you even when you feel like everything is so hard! You are blessed beyond comprehension. I pray your morning brings happiness today.

• Every morning when I wake up and see your face, I feel happy. You are my soul mate; you are the man that God put on this earth just for me. Everything happens for a reason, and our paths merely crossed because we were meant to be together. Thank you for loving me even though part of me still feels broken inside. Thank you, baby, for fixing all the pieces of my broken heart with your love and support. You are my best friend.

• You are such a wonderful man who has blessed my life every day of our marriage. Every morning I wake up and thank God for bringing you into my life, and every night I thank God that he put you there to bring me home. We’ve been through so much together, but we can overcome anything as long as we have each other. Your love is the only thing that can mend my broken heart, your smile is my favorite sight, and your kiss is sweeter than anything I have ever taste.

• Good morning my love. I’ve prayed that my words will touch your heart this morning and tell you how much I love you. I’ve thought about how each of us is a unique blend of light and darkness, an interplay of opposites that works in harmony when we accept our differences and appreciate the whole person we are. Much like our own personalities, we express ourselves through writings of every type, songs, guitar riffs, photographs, poems, watercolors.

• Lord, I want to thank you for this beautiful man who sleeps beside me. Thank you for giving me the gift of him in my life. Thank you for blessing me with the happiness he brings me. I pray each day that You will help us to be true to ourselves and honest with each other. Protect us from outside influences and teach us to listen, love, cherish and forgive each other as Christ did for us. Lord, help us to grow individually as well as a couple.

• Lord, thank you for this day and for the many blessings you have brought into our lives. Thank you for my husband and all his little quirks that I couldn’t live without! Lord, I pray that you continue to bless him, protect him and keep him safe. Thank you for our family and all the joy they bring us each day. Continue to guide them in your light, touch their hearts with your love and surround them with your peace.

• Dear God, please guide my husband today. Please protect him and keep him safe. Please give him the knowledge and strength to overcome his trials and the wisdom to do the right thing. Please help his workday be not too stressful and bring beauty to his eyes at the end of each day so that he might see the blessing you have given us when he steps through our door at night.

• I ask that you would bless my husband today. Keep him safe, keep him strong and please touch his heart, so he knows of your love for us all. Make his work a joy and bring opportunities his way to help others. We thank you for the life he has lived, and may he live each day to honor you. We love you, Lord!!!!

• Lord, I pray that you will be done in our lives today, that you grant me the patience and understanding to help my husband get through his stressful day. May he feel your strength and deliverance as he goes about his day. Allow him to use the gifts you have given him for your glory.

• My dearest darling, how do I start to tell you how much you mean to me? The love I have for you grows with every passing moment. You make me smile and feel so beautiful every day. When we met, the stars aligned, our hearts fit together as one. My life…my love…. my husband. I thank God every day for you and all that you are to me!

• I know that I can tell you anything, and you will always be there for me. I’m so lucky to have someone like you in my life. Thank you for being such a great husband and father! You are the most amazing man I will ever meet. Thank you for loving me unconditionally, even on my worst days.

• Lord, You know that I love my husband. He is the best thing that has happened to me in this life. I want to lay aside my desires, my wants, and my needs for his happiness. I know that I have a tendency to be selfish, but, today I will focus on serving him the way he deserves – with humility and love. Lead me to be the wife he dreams of and always show me how to make him happy!

• Dear God, please protect my husband as he starts his day today. Guide him through all his decisions to make the right ones. Help him to grasp any opportunity that comes his way. Bless all his endeavors and all his paths. Guide him to have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness. I pray, Amen.

• My dearest husband, I pray every day that you are healthy and safe. Always remember that I love you very much. Even though we may fight sometimes, I will always put your needs before mine. I want us to be together forever. When I see you, I feel so complete, and when I wake up in the morning, there is a little extra sunshine for me because it is the start of another day with you.

• Oh Lord, thank you for this new day. Thank you for all my blessings & especially for my husband. Guide him, protect him and keep him safe from harm. Thank you for your kind heart, taking care of me and our family every day. Thank you for your leadership & strength as he leads our family.

• I pray that God may bless you and keep you safe. May he fill your heart with love and your life with happiness each and every day. I love your smile; I love the way you wake up beside me in the morning; I love your laugh and so much more. You are truly my one and only, and I will be eternally grateful to God for providing me such a loving husband like you.

 Good Morning Text for My Husband

• Every day I send a prayer to you. Today I am asking for cherishing in our relationship and for guidance to become a better person. Living every day with you has made life wonderful. I’m so thankful that God has given me such a loving husband.

• I pray that this day begins and ends well, that it’s spent with you and that you are loved all day long. I pray for our financial provision and health and for my husband to be diligent in his work. May our children be filled with love, happiness, peace, and joy today. I pray for my husband and for myself to be able to forgive freely today.

• Lord, my husband, I pray that you will help him realize this next year just how much I love him. You know him better than anyone else. Open up his eyes to see all the possibilities, opportunities, and doors that are waiting for us to go through together. It’s hard not having the things I want and may not have had a chance to experience. I pray that he will be able to understand and that you will give us wisdom, strength, and power to overcome any problems or obstacles.

• Lord, thank you for the life of my husband leads. Please help him trust in your guidance. Help him follow your ways. Please give him strength and wisdom to lead our family and the people he works with. Help him trust in your will.

• I pray every morning that you are well. I pray that your day is blessed with many unforgettable moments and memories. I pray that you have the strength to work hard and take care of the family. I pray that you know how much you mean to me and how great my love is. I love you, honey!

• I know I am not the easiest person to live with, but I thank God every day for bringing such a wonderful man into my life. I am so proud to be your wife. I can’t believe you turned 30 today! It seemed like only yesterday you were bringing me home to meet your family. The best years of my life are still to come. I love you, Kipp! Good morning baby.

• I really don’t know how I got so lucky. You are my best friend, my lover, and my soul mates all in one. The hows remain a mystery, but the whys are clear as day. Every day with you is amazing and filled with love. I send little prayers up to God to thank him for putting me into your care. I pray that you always know just how much you mean to me. I love you and will think of you.

• Well, today I woke up with the best view in the world! Your peaceful sleeping face just makes me want to start my day all over again. I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are truly one of a kind!

• I pray that you have a wonderful day. I pray that tonight when you lay down to sleep, you’ll feel the warmth of my touch on your skin and in your heart. I pray that tomorrow morning when you wake up, I will be there, right next to you, ready to begin the adventure of a lifetime… together. On this day and every other day to come: I love you!

• Lord, Before the Day starts, I pray that you fill up my husband with Your Love, Blessings, and Protection. Please help him complete his workday without stress or fear and knowing that our son is in safe hands.

• Oh, Lord, bless this man I love so dearly. Protect him as he goes about his day. Help him take care of all his responsibilities and allow him enough rest at night to keep up with me in the morning. I love him with all my heart!

• Please bless my husband today. May he be granted the strength and wisdom needed to overcome anything that might come our way. I love you so much and cannot wait to spend every day by your side.

• God, I pray that your love continues to beat out all the darkness in my husband’s heart. I pray that he remembers what it means to be loved by a God who doesn’t see the shadow of guilt over all of his actions. I pray that he finds his strength in your love.

• Lord, we thank you for another day. Bless our family and friends. Let us bring glory to your name and make you known in this world. You are Lord over all of us. I pray your love would fill the hearts of all who read this. Please continue to guide me as I lead under your hand. Thank you for the gift of marriage and all its beauty. Bless us this day and fill my life with the fruits of the spirit! AMEN

• I pray that you will be healthy and have a long life. I pray that you are seldom lonely and never bored. I pray that you will be poor in misfortune but rich in friends. I pray that you will have enough adventure to make your life an exciting story. I pray that you will love deeply and passionately every day of your life.

• Dear God, wake up my husband; please help him to have a blessed day. My prayer is that he has the respect of everyone he meets. Bless him at work and in his daily life. Give him courage and strength to make it through each day. Keep him safe and healthy so he can continue to love me, his family, and his friends. Let this lovely day be joyful with much delight! I pray, Amen.

• My love, you are a wonderful man and quite simply the best husband anyone could ask for. I treasure your love. It means so much to me. Every day I thank God that we found each other.

• I pray every morning that when you wake up, you will find me laying next to you, and the joy I bring to your heart will be with you all day long. You are my angel, my one true love, and I thank God for bringing us together.

• Lord, bless my husband with a good and healthy day. Provide him with opportunities to serve you and to help others. I pray that he is kept safe and protected from all harm. I pray for his friends and family that their needs are met; amen!

• Father God, I thank You and praise You for the blessing of a loving and faithful husband. I pray that I add to his joy and happiness each day. As I write this, I am thinking of all the ways how much I love him. I am so in love with my sweet and kind husband. Your grace, love, and mercy lead me to believe in miracles. You are so amazing, Father, and I thank You for all that you do!

• May the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand, dearest husband. May He keep you tight in the hollow of His hand and protect you from every harm. __(May He bless you with a day free from anxiety, turmoil, sorrow, and pain.)

• My dearest husband, God placed you in my life to give me a reason to live. I can’t thank him enough for your love and kindness. You are everything I need and more, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

• Each morning I thank God for the endless possibilities of a new day because I know it is a gift from him. Each morning I wake up, I am glad because I know you are in my life, and that is what makes my heart happy. You are my best friend and the man God created just for me.

• God, I pray for my husband every morning and every night. I am so thankful that we are on the same page and that he is my rock. My husband is smart, sweet, handsome, funny, and the best person I have ever met. He is perfect in every way, but your kindness is what makes him so wonderful. Thank you for bringing my incredibly handsome husband into my life!

• I prayed for you today; I asked God to keep you safe and bless you with a day of beautiful blessings. I pray that your heart is at peace and that all your worries are kept away. My heart aches for you, my love, and I humbly request permission to always join myself with you. Never forget this: I love YOU!

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