Best 70 Goodbye Letter To Him

Let’s face it, life after a breakup is much better when you have closure. You owe it to both of you to write down your feelings in a letter, exactly how you feel about him, good or bad. If you are the one who broke up with him, make sure you write your letter in a classy manner. There is nothing wrong with being sad or feeling emotional about the end of your relationship. That is perfectly okay. You also do not have to apologize for finding another girl/guy in your life who might be better suited for you in terms of personality and temperament. Needless to say, do not write anything that will lead to him coming back to you just because he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about you.

Goodbye Letter to Him

1. I will always love you. You were so caring and loving and it’s so hard for me right now to not have you here. I have amazing memories of all the crazy things we did together, but I mostly remember how much you loved me, every day you showed me that I was the most important person in your life.

2. I really hope you know what you mean to me. I am so lucky that we found each other and that we spend every day together. You complete me and I just want you to know that I love you more than anything and will always be behind you no matter what.

3. With every passing day, I fall more in love with you. Your quirks, your little habits, everything. You are perfect to me. Thank you for always making me feel like I am the only person in the world that matters to you. Please don’t ever forget that I feel the same way towards you.

4. You have been my best friend for years, but when I look at you I see beyond that. I see a man that loves me. A man that would do anything to make me smile. When I am with you the only thing on my mind is YOU! YOU mean the world to me and making your smile makes me smile. You are my everything and I ask of you only one thing, please never leave me.

5. I’m so lucky to have someone as wonderful as you are in my life. There are no words to describe how much I love you. You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t imagine ever being without you! I hope that your heart knows just how much I love you because my words will never be enough!

6. As we’ve said goodbye today, I will say it again. I love you so very much! I will always cherish the moments we shared and vow to take care of my boys as they grow up and follow my example and treat others right! Think of me sometimes and know that I will be here for you if you need me. You gave me a taste of love that I never knew existed and now that my eyes have been opened, there is no looking back.

7. I have spent so much time trying to figure out how I could stay away from you. All you have ever done is hurt me and I gave up. I don’t want to remember the bad times, even though it hurts to think about all the wasted moments. My whole body hurts, my heart aches and my eyes tear up when I think of you, but it’s over.

8. If loving you is wrong, then the world has no right. I know we’ve had our moments, but all of them have been worth it because they led to this point. I promise you forever. I love you so very much and will always do so. You are everything to me and I thank God every day for giving me such a man as yourself.

9. I love you Jeffrey, but I have to break up. This isn’t you, but I can’t be with someone who doesn’t respect or love me. Please don’t be angry; I still love you very much. But can’t be with someone who doesn’t want to be with me.

10. I love you from the tips of your hairy toes to the top of your beautiful head. There is no one else in this world I’d rather share life with than you, and I will forever. My heart was a lonely aching thing before you came along and transformed it into a sanctuary for love.

11. I don’t want to write this letter, I don’t feel like there is anything left to say. I just want to scream out in pain and agony because my mind can’t process what my heart already knows. But I know I have to be strong for you so here goes…

12. I love you with all my heart & soul. Even though we are no longer a couple, I want you to know that part of me will always belong to you. When I see you again someday, I will let you know how much I longed for you during my absence. In the meantime, stay positive and enjoy life. Take the chances that your heart yearns for because it’s never too late to live life fully. Till then, I will say good morning every day.

13. My dearest Steve, As time passes it is hard for me to believe that you are really leaving. I know you will be happy where you are going but for me, I am already lonely. You gave me many years of happiness. You filled my life with love and companionship. Our children will never know how much fun we had…in the Philippines. I’ll miss your kindness and your humor…your tenderness and your strength.

14. I will never stop loving you. I will never forget the amazing moments we have shared together. You have been a light in my life when I needed it the most. Thank you for being a kind and helpful person. Thank you for making me happy and giving me a reason to love life even more!

15. My love, The days and years just keep passing by and I just can’t believe that we have been together for so long. I love you with all my heart and soul and just feel so lucky to be able to spend each day with you. You are the best thing in my life and every time we fight I just want to hold you in my arms and never let you go.

16. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are with. I miss you terribly! I love your family too! Your kids are really growing up before my eyes. I just can’t believe how big they already are. The ear infection was pretty bad, thanks for taking care of him though.

17. I would have never thought that I would feel this way again. It is amazing to know that someone can hurt you so much, but want you exactly the same. I love you with all my heart, but sometimes it just hurts too much to be around you. It is better that we part ways before it is too late. If I am meant to feel this way about anyone it will be someone more deserving of my attention and love.

18. Every morning, I wake up next to you and fall in love all over again. Your face makes me melt. The way your blue eyes sparkle… I can never resist them. Every kiss is more passionate than the last, every embrace even more meaningful.

19. I know that I ask too much out of you because you are always there for me. I don’t know how to repay you for all the love you give to me when I need it the most. You are always there for me even when I don’t know what to do or say or expect. And when I can’t take any more stress or problems, I turn to you and every time you are there to hold me.

20. When I close my eyes, I see my beautiful face. When I open them, you’re there to greet me. I see how the light shines behind your smile. No one makes me feel loved more than you.

Goodbye Love Letter to Him

21. I hope you realize just how much I love you. I hope you realize that no matter what happens, someone loves you. I am the luckiest girl of all to have found you, to call you mine; and no matter how weary your heart is of always fighting, if you knew what’s in my heart, it would make you want to fight harder.

22. I love you. You have been a great person to me, a great boyfriend, and a great friend. I’ve been here for two years without meeting your father. I miss you so much every day. After every class I have with you, many tears flow from my heart. In fact, before you left today, I cried so hard because I miss you so much.

23. I saw the last text you sent me yesterday. I wish you would have read it before you left. I would tell you to turn around and come back, but both of our stubborn ways wouldn’t let us. I love you and wish we could smile and laugh together one more time. I will always be your girl!

24. You always said you would love me forever. Now I am saying goodbye to you.

25. I miss you so much. I keep looking out the window because I thought you were coming home… We all want you back safe. You are my whole life, I love you so much. I pray every day that you will return home to us. It hurts so bad to know how far away from me you are. Every night I cry myself to sleep wishing for your return. I love you with all my heart and miss you more than words could ever say.

26. There are no words that can express the true feelings I have for you. When I first saw you sitting across from me, I knew that your eyes were far more beautiful than any other set I had ever seen.

27. There was a warmth and kindness in those blue eyes as if they were telling me a story. I felt as if those eyes could see inside my soul and read every dark thought I had. If this is to be our final time together, please know that my love for you is real.

28. I want you to always remember how much I love and adore you. You mean the world to me and I never want to be without you. You are my world, my heart, my soul. I love you more than life itself.

29. You are the love of my life. When I think about where I’m going I always wonder if you are there waiting for me. Your laugh, touch, everything about you is beautiful. I will always love you because you are the one thing that could never change. You are my only true love. And nothing will ever tear us apart.

30. I love you with all my heart. I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember, and I will love you until the end of my days. You are like no other man I know; your every thought is filled with love and care for me, your every moment is filled with endless joy, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world to be loved by you.

31. I miss everything about you. From the way you speak to the way, you love me. I know that we can’t go back, but I wish we could. I miss the man that you used to be and I regret everything that I said and didn’t do. Maybe if only time could go back and stop us from drifting apart. If it meant I could have you as my man forever, as my lover, and as my friend.

32. When I look into your beautiful butterscotch eyes I am lost in them, when you whisper in my ear I feel like I’ve fallen into my favorite book. You are mine and only mine, and the thought has me breathless. I think you are wonderful in every way. You complete me!

33. I’m committing to loving you, even though you are not here. Loving you forever, even though you are no longer by my side. Loving you despite the pain, accepting that you are no longer mine. Loving you without getting hurt again, knowing full well it will happen again. But I love you until I see your face again until I can touch your skin again, until “I love you” will be said out loud.

34. As you read this, I will be gone. I am so overwhelmed with emotion and need some time to leave and reflect. I feel I’ve tried so hard and made so many sacrifices and it simply doesn’t matter anymore. Nothing has gotten any better and I just don’t know what else to do. This is not how I wanted it to go down, but things never seem to come out the way that we want them to.

35. Don’t ever doubt the fact that you mean the world to me. There is no one else in this world I could possibly imagine spending my life with. I love you deeply and hope that every day of our lives together will be better than the last. You are always on my mind and I am thinking about you even now as I write this letter. I just wanted to let you know that this will always hold true.

36. Even though it feels like I have said goodbye to you so many times, today, it’s for real. I miss you already. Sometimes I think about how all I have are memories of you, but even those are better than the pictures in my mind of you leaving me behind.

37. You’ve gone. I cry tears of sadness as I write this, my head still spinning from the day’s events. I hope you remember me as I’ll never forget you. Goodbye, my love, I hold all the good memories in my heart alongside the ones that now make me ache with pain.

38. I love you so much. I will never forget the moment we met. I will carry those memories with me forever. You have always been my other half and I am so grateful for the saved place in your heart for me. I love you so much!

39. I love you so much. I am the luckiest woman alive to have you by my side. I hope to find you one day afterlife because right now this love is so strong. I really do believe that what we have is special and no one will ever truly understand us or our hearts. You are my soul mate and I will always hold onto this love.

40. I gave you the best years of my life. I gave you my love, my trust, my happiness. I tried to love you the best way I knew how, but you didn’t want that. You made excuses and turned me away. You blamed me for things that weren’t my fault. I have loved you for so long it hurts to let you go. It hurts so much to let go of us but it’s the only way.

A Goodbye Letter to Him

41. You’ve taught me how to love and be loved. You are my heart, you are my best friend, you are the one who holds my soul in his hands. I will always love you with every breath in my body. Even when I’m no longer here, laying next to you in bed at night, just keep whispering in my ear that you love me…. it’ll be enough to get me through until we meet again.

42. I will always love you, no matter what happens.

43. I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell you, but I don’t think I could ever find the words. I really hate lying to you and keeping a secret from you, but it seems that is all we do. I am going to miss you more than you know. You were my life, my everything, but when I realized the kind of man you really are it was too late for me. I wish things were different.

44. No matter what, don’t stop fighting for us. You are my heart and I will always love you.

45. You were the only man who made me love like this. Nobody came close to your level of commitment, devotion, and passion. You took my breath away with every single kiss, every single caress. You made me feel like a queen. You were my fairytale come true.

46. My heart aches with the knowledge that we must part ways. I have so many wishes for you. May your future take you to many amazing places, may love be always present in your life, may you always have a song to sing, and above all may happiness be your closest friend. You will always be my one true love.

47. I love the way you look at me, I love the way you touch me, I am so grateful for each of the

48. kisses you plant on me. We have so many good memories together but there are so many of them that are my favorite. I guess what I am trying to say is thank you for every moment we spent together. Goodbye.

49. How can I say goodbye to someone who’s most important to me? With every passing day, I fall deeper in love with you. When I tell my friends about the amazing man you are my heart smiles. I just want things between us to last forever.

50. I cannot tell you in words how much I love you. You mean everything to me and I will never forget all the good times we’ve shared. I have given up a lot of things for this relationship, including other guys. But trust me, it was all worth it because you were there at the end of the day to comfort me. You made a difference in my life and I will never forget those moments.

51. My dearest love, my forever and always. I feel like I am at a crossroads in my life and I know the one person that holds the answers is inside of me. It has been hard to move on without you holding me, feeling your heartbeat in my ear, and comforting your lullaby when we fall asleep together. But the fear of losing you stole me away from my heart and kept you in a place I could never reach.

52. Life has a way of working out in the wackiest ways. The day I met you I knew our paths would cross in one way or another. You have been there for me through thick and thin, good and bad. The world is a better place with you in it, I hope you know that. I will truly miss you when it’s over.

53. Our time together was the best time of my life. I hope that you find happiness one day :).

54. The day that I met you changed my life forever. You have been there through everything and have supported me when I didn’t even know you existed. I can still think back to before we were together and how much better you make my life. Before I discovered you I felt empty, but since finding someone who “gets me” I feel whole.

55. I know you love me. I can see it in your eyes when you’re not looking at me. I can feel the slight edge of hesitation when you hold my hand. Our love is so unspoken, yet I am so loved by you.

56. I wish I could say our time was spent concentrating on the positives, but I can’t. I wish you didn’t make me feel like I was less than all the other girls. I wish you were able to see past your past and your stupid mistakes. I wish you were able to trust me.

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