Happy New Month Prayers to My Love 2021

2021 Happy New Month Prayers to My Love

Happy New Month Prayers to My Love 2021


Dear reader, thank you for landing on our website. Here you will find a wonderful and Happy new month prayer. I pray that this prayer becomes an inspiration to all those who read it. This is a prayer of my own. Please feel free to pray along with me and share it with your friends and family.
People from all over the world come together and embrace the beginning of the new month with heartfelt wishes. A new month provides a renewed opportunity to experience things on a different level.
As you set your sights on new goals for the new month, don’t forget to pray for your partner. There’s no better way to get the month off to a loving start than to ask God to bless your relationship and help you spend the coming month building on the love you already share.

Happy New Month Prayers to My Love


1. Happy new month my darling. I hope this month will bring lots of happiness to our relationship. Each day with you is a dream that I live over and over again. I love you so much and am grateful for your love towards me.


2. Happy new month my love I wish you and your family a happy, healthy and blessed start to the month. May God bless you my darling and grant you his bountiful mercies so that you would succeed in everything that concerns your life sweetheart.


3. Happy new month to the love of my life! I pray that this month brings you joy and happiness. I pray that the month ahead will be filled with many wonderful memories by your side. I pray we get closer together and become one again. I pray that our hearts will always be in sync, so that we may never fall apart. I love you my darling!


4. Happy new month to my love. I have spent a very stressful year. I feel so relaxed with you, so warm and comfortable. There is no stress, no anxiety; it feels like home. You have made me so happy that I am floating on air. And yet within all this happiness, my heart is filled with sadness that in some months we will be apart and spend this special time without each other.


5. Happy New Month, my love! It is so wonderful to see you again after an entire month. This is the time of year when I think about how happy I am to have you in my life. I’ve never been happier than I am right now!


6. You are my love of life, my life, and I hope you are happy month of this new year. Happiness is not possible without your presence in my life. You bring me happiness every day, making me feel good inside, and it’s all because of you. I want you to know that I love you more than the sky and the stars …………………………………………


7. I love you so much. You are my whole world, my everything. I pray that you have a wonderful month and that our love continues to grow tenfold! I can’t wait to see you again. I hope this month makes you happy, if not at least happier than before. Please stay safe and keep smiling.


8. Happy new month prayers to my love. I believe your love will not let us down because it is strong and sincere. It is pure and lasting. I keep you in my prayers each night as the moon rises high. You and our love are the dreams of my life and I wish for nothing more, dear god.


9. Happy new month prayers to my love… Here comes the dawn of a brand new day, With new hopes and dreams for you today.


10. Happy New Month Love!


11. Happy New Month my love, I pray for your health and success. I pray that you have peace this month. I pray that the news is full of love and joy, not war and sadness. I pray that this new month we will come closer together and like the days that we have shared. I love you!


12. Happy New month My love, May this new month bring us closer and much more love as we embrace our hearts together. May we still push the envelope forward in love as I cherish and adore you with my heart and soul and even more to take your pain away as you are always kind to my heart and soul from day one. Thanks for lightening my path in this life. I LOVE YOU AND NEVER WANT TO LET YOU GO!!!


13. You are so beautiful. Thank you for loving me. I will never stop loving you. I love your smile, your touch, your voice and the way that you breathe! without warning all at once I have filled with joy to the point that my stomach gurgles, it is the ultimate feeling of love and fun! I pray that you feel the same way and always have a new day of happiness ahead of you. Happy New Month my love -your name-


14. Happy New Month My Love. Let us all do well and achieve our set goals this year. Live each day like it’s your last and strive forward my darling. May God bring upon you blessings, health, prosperity, love, joy, smiles, happiness, success and numerous other blessings that I might not know of at the moment. Amen!


15. I will pray for you to keep your head on straight. I pray for good health and harmony, peace and prosperity to find you this new month. I love you, sweetheart!


Happy New Month Prayer for a Wife


1.Love is a gift from heaven. Prayer is a gift from God, the giver of life. Without them both, what would life be? So dear wife, I give you my love and my prayer as we enter this new month. My love is untouchable, an ocean of infinite depth, so measureless in its immensity. My love for you is real; the prayer of my heart to God for our home will surely be answered. I want to see you smile every day.


2. Happy New month My love. I will always be by your side to love you, protect you and care for you. Happy new month.


3. O happy breathing of a blissful new month! May the joy of heaven be upon thee, O thou glorious breath! May the hearts be gladdened by thee, O thou gentle breathing! May thy comer, O thou sweet peruser, appease every heart discontented with its lot, soothe the hearts stricken with sadness and help men whose souls anguish them!


4. I hope this month brings all the happiness in the world to you and your loved ones. We’ve both been put through tests these past few months but please know that I’ll always be by your side no matter what happens. May God guide you always and give you the strength to endure all challenges.


5. Hello, I am here with a prayer for my wife.


6. God the father of mercies, through Christ, the Lord; may you grant me your friendship, and this my beloved wife (husband), in peace.


7. Love, Here Are New month, Prayer For You! You make my world so special with your presence and I wish this month, the same way you are sweetheart.

8. Nd I love you very much, I will do anything even death to prove my love for you, that is why I want you and no one else because I love you so much New month prayer for wife and your husband.


9. I pray that God blesses you in all the new month. I pray that he gives you good health, love and wealth. I pray he will give us togetherness, family unity and peace. I pray all this for myself and my family, our friends and their families.


10. Happy new month to you and your family on this first day of the month of mercy. I pray that God will shower his mercy upon you this month, and fill your heart with love, peace, joy and happiness. I love you always, with all my heart!


11. I pray thee, oh Lord, to give my wife the joy of a new month. Let all her affairs prosper. Defend her against sickness. Fulfilling her wish will be rewarding unto thee.


12. I hope you have a happy month this march, filled with laughter and friendship. Many blessings to you on this day! I pray for your safety, happiness, and wellness during the coming month.


13. God bless you this march. I not only appreciate the way you take care of your family. The way you keep me on my feet at all times. The way you stay cool when I get mad. I love you.


14. I want to wish you a Happy New Month. May God add more love and fulfilment to your life moment by moment, day by day. I love you super much and always have a great new month ahead.


15. Happy new month, darling. Let’s begin the new month with a positive attitude and fresh perspectives. You deserve love, peace, and joy. Always remember how much I cherish you in my heart.


Happy New Month Greetings and Prayers for Your Husband


1. May the New Month be full of surprises for you, and it will lead you to your true love. Once these day’s passed, each day that I spend with you I just want to be with you more and more. A new month is here to start, another beginning, another journey and more future. As long as you are here, my love will never disappear. Because when we are together, the future is always bright.


2. New month has come with new hopes and happiness, new plans and dreams. We have been waiting for this day since we saw the previous month-end. Now the wait is finally over and we are here to welcome a new month and wish you a very Happy New Month.


3. We are in an era of new messages for lovers right now. This month I’ve been writing verses to wish blessings on my lover. Not only is it fun for me to do this, but it is an easy way for me to share the light within the darkness of the future.


4. Good morning my love. I am so happy that the new month has arrived. I wish that today brings you happiness, good health, and joy to your life. You will never find anyone better than me. I love you.


5. Dear Lord, This is a brand new month to begin. Wash me clean of all my sorrows and weaknesses using the water of forgiveness and mercy. A powerful prayer for Love and I will give you praise for I will persist in giving you glory. Thank you oh Lord for this new month, and for our love that has no boundaries. Amen______”


6. Oh, God! Bless this month for my love and me. We thank you for a month, full of happiness and great events. We love each other, and we really care about each other’s happiness. Bring us closer together, we cannot live without each other. God will always listen to our prayers. Every day I tell him that I love him, and I would not like to tell anyone else that I love them except him. And the only way that he understands this is when he says.


7. I pray that this New Month brings you unimaginable new adventures. I wish for you to feel closer to your loved ones, and to experience the joys that life has to offer. I hope that all your dreams come true this month. I am as excited for the new month as a child opening the first present on Christmas Day.


8. We are entering a New Month today. I hope it will be as pleasant and as fruitful as the one that has just passed. May you have many reasons to celebrate, may you have lots of love in your life. I want you to know that you will always be the first one in my life. You occupy my thoughts continuously and you are always in my mind. I wish all of this was tangible because every moment in your arms is a blessing for me.


9. The beginning of a new month brings the hope of our love lasting forever. Every month that passes gets me closer to you. I want to be with you more than words can express, so please know that my thoughts are always filled with you.


10. I pray this month brings us closer and that we continue to grow in love. That our love never fades or ends. You are my best friend and I am yours. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I hope you feel the same.


11. The month is new. I hope you fill it with excitement, adventure and intrigue. May you discover something new each day and see it with limitless eyes. As the dawn of a new month arrives, may you be surrounded by people you love and who love you back? Let love fill your heart with positivity and gratitude while the rest of the world fades away into nothingness.’


12. O Lord open my mouth and my heart to say thanks for my husband/wife. O Lord make him/her feel that my love is true and more precious than any treasure on earth or heaven, for all men know what true love is, but only a man who loves a woman can understand what unconditional love is.


13. Happy New Month My Love, I’m so happy that this day is here. It’s been a while now since you became part of my life. Marriage is not an easy thing to do but I must thank God for making me a better person through you. It might sound too cheesy but you really made me a better woman (wife). Have a great month ahead my love”


14. I’m sending you some positivity and prayer so that as we head into the new month you know I am keeping you in my thoughts, my heart and my soul. That no matter how far we are apart we will forever be connected in love.


15. I don’t know what the new month has in store for us but I pray we will be together. You are my soul-sister, my lover, my best friend, my soul mate. I pray that heaven’s continue to lead us along our journey and keep us strong.


Happy New Month Prayer for Him


1.May the birth of this new Month brings new-found Blessings in your life and be a source of endless Happiness and Joy for you.


2. HAPPY NEW MONTH. I pray that the new month brings you joys, happiness and all that you desire. As you step into this month, my prayer for you is that your partner is true to you just like I am, remember always that the love I have for you is sincere and don’t break your promise.


3. Happy new month dear.


4. May you find peace in our relationship. We have overcome challenges this month, but we will continue to grow stronger because of them. I prayed for our relationship for the new month, may it only get better. May we continue to shower love and affection on each other.


5. I loved you, I love you, I will always love you. I would die for your love and live for it as well. You are my husband, my friend, my lover and my everything. Your love brings me joys like never before and blessings that money cannot buy. On this new month, I pray that God continues to bless our marriage with his presence and his love.”


6. I pray for you today that you will have a blessed and prosperous new month. I hope this month will be as wonderful as you are. I pray that you continue to be your wonderful self, a man of God, full of joy. I pray that the things you thought of doing last month, come to fruition. Also, I pray that great things are in store for you this year.


7. I pray every day that God will bless you with a successful month and that He will guide your steps, protect your heart, and fill it with much love. May every day of this month be a new beginning for us both. May we succeed in all our endeavours; may we win every challenge together! May our love blossom and grow through the power of prayer!


8. I love this month. Oh really? Not because of the sound “New” but because it is the month of love and thanksgiving.


9. Dear God who created love, make my heart and the heart of my loved one filled with your love. Make our bond stronger and never break us apart. Guide me through my life as I will guide him through his. He is the only one who completes me, more than I complete myself.


10. My love, In this new month, I pray that the days will come slowly but surely; and I pray that they will be filled with happiness for me and you. Each heart-wrenching moment you spent in pain, I wish it was me instead. I want only good things to come your way this month. I hope you have nothing but wonderful surprises waiting for you.


11. Happy New Month. I pray that this month finds you well. I would love to hear from you often than before. God bless you, my dear.


12. My prince, I love you so much….May God bless us in this month with his wisdom, his strength and his love. May our dreams and desires be fulfilled and may our life be made meaningful for all that we do. Bless us to see the good in every situation that we find ourselves in, and let the joy be seen on our faces really always. One Love…


13. May this month be filled with blessings and good fortune. Let not one moment pass by without remembering how loved you are. A prayer for a new beginning, to push away any negativity or bad energy that may have piled up, and to welcome in a joyous future ahead.


14. Love is the foundation of a relationship that needs profuse and steady prayers to flourish, blossom and bear fruits of happiness.


15. Oh Lord, please open the doors of my heart and let me love with all my abilities. Please keep love within my reach-help me to always reach for more. Give me the strength and confidence to trust someone new each day. With your constant guidance, I will learn to trust again and I will learn how to love unconditionally! I love you, God.


Happy New Month Sms Prayer for Her


1. Happy New Month, a prayer that brings eternal joy and happiness to your heart. May the Lord always protect you from all evil and harm. And may you obtain all that is good and desirable in life. I will pray new month fervent prayer for you today. May the Lord bless you with a wonderful day as He has blessed me in giving me someone like you. I love and appreciate you so much!


2. Love has no boundaries, it is the best feeling in the world! I hope that this month will bring about your desires and it will always be a great month for you. May your prayers are answered and may nothing but love fill your heart.


3. I always tell you that being with you makes me a better person, but it’s more than that, you make me happy… You are the greatest joy in my life! Thanks for bringing so much joy to my life. Happy new month to the best ever woman and wife.


4. I love you. New month, good things are in store. I am always there!


5. Good morning my dear. I wish you a wonderful day where all goes well for you and your family. May this month bring you closer to God and draw you closer to us.


6. Mommy is so happy each new month because she is with you. Mommy loves the way you are and the way you love me. I will never let you go because you are my world.


7. Wishing the best for you this month ahead, and may God continue to bless you with His greater good.


8. Love this month is even better than the last month of the previous year, I’m writing a love letter to my soul mate happy new month. I pray that every morning of this months starts with you by my side and whenever we’re apart you are in my heart and mind. Whenever I tell myself Happy New Month, I would remember saying it to you because without you every day is just another ordinary one.


9. I love you. I pray that God will protect and guide you and your family. This new month, we pray that all of your intentions would be granted and that you’ll have more reasons to keep the love burning, this year after year, for so many more.


10. My love for you is vast and unending. Our journey together will never end. You are my best friend, lover, and confidant. Our new month will be filled with joy and contentment. May we be surrounded by love from friends and family as we bask in your love.


11. I am so glad to get a new month with you. Every time I get to spend time with you, it feels like I’m living in heaven. I thank the Lord every day for bringing you into my life.


12. New month is coming, it’s a brand-new day, a brand-new life and just as we expect the new month to bring various changes, so are we. Are you disappointed when it comes to relationships? Or are you expecting a change in circumstances?


13. I believe that it is only the beginning of our life. Love like pure gold formed by time and will not tarnish. I love you more than all my heart! It is very early to read a month, but your name begins with the letter “M” which means “morning, moon, memory, smile and many other beautiful things…


14. O God, you are great and your ways are past finding out. Your works are wonderful – I know this full well. I’m awed by what you reveal – it’s more than I could ever think of. You see the end from the start – your thoughts are profound; my soul, they’re beyond understanding. You checked my heart when designing my life journey. Now every blessing I’m thrilled to receive is a gift from above. As it is written in your word.


15. A new month brings new opportunities and fresh beginnings. This month, I pray for you that God will continue to bless you and encourage you as you walk in His ways. I pray that each day begins with peace. I pray that there is much joy in your heart and light in your spirit. I pray your days are marked by love, hope, joy, and peace. And I pray that the Lord continually builds His home within your heart and blesses you with all of His grace.

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