How To Know That Someone Is Emotionally Attracted To You

Sometimes it can be felt like an impossible task to figure out whether someone else likes you as more than a friend—but, as you get older, you’ll probably have an easier time figuring it out. As a teen or pre-teen, you may feel like you have to play games to get someone’s attention or that you have to be a certain way to get noticed. This isn’t necessarily true. If you know the signs of emotional attraction, you can feel more confident and at ease knowing whether the person you like is into you, too.

If you’re in a budding relationship that you feel might be headed towards something more serious, there’s a surefire way to find out if your partner is interested in taking things to the next level: just ask. Of course, you can’t just blurt it out. You have to do it in such a way that your partner doesn’t feel pressured to give you a definitive answer right away. So, as always, context is key.

Hello Readers, in our previous article, we discussed how someone can stay committed in a relationship or marriage and how they can make their spouse committed. In this article, we will focus on how to know that someone is emotionally attracted to you. Emotional attachment is a deep feeling that a person has for another person of the opposite gender. If you can’t stop thinking about a particular guy or lady you met at the workplace, church, or business meeting a few weeks ago, then it could mean that you have started being emotionally attached or attracted to him or her. On the other hand, a person is emotionally attracted to you if you observe that he or she likes being close to you, staying around you, thinking about you, among other things.

20 Signs That Show That He Is Emotionally Attracted To You

• Knowing what emotional attraction means, it is pertinent for us to identify some of the signs and body languages that tell if a guy is emotionally attached to you.

• He puts you on top of his priorities: This is undoubtedly one of the signs that indicate if a guy is emotionally attracted to you. He will always try to do those things that will make you happy, no matter how little they may be.

• He Communicates with you more frequently: A guy that is emotionally attracted to you will always want to hear your voice at every slightest opportunity he has. Does he call you in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Does he text you to know how your day is going? If yes, then those are clear body languages that reveal how emotionally attracted he is towards you.

• He does not hesitates to introduce you to his friends and family: Another great sign that shows if a man is emotionally attracted to you is how he likes introducing you to his friends. It is not all the girls that he does that to. He introduces you to his family because he sees you as someone who he can’t live without. He is emotionally attached to you, and he doesn’t care about what other people will say.

• He always spends some good times with you: This further affirms the saying that nobody is always too busy for anybody. It is a matter of who is at the top of their priority list. A guy who is emotionally attracted to you will always like staying around you; he won’t complain that you disturb him or distract him. In fact, even though he was busy, he will always skip some chores to give you that attention because he truly likes you. This is not so with someone who is not emotionally attached to you; a person that is not attracted to you will hardly have your time; he will always claim to be busy even though he is not doing anything.

• He Likes surprising you with nice gifts: A man who is emotionally attracted to you will always surprise you with gifts. Surprise here implies that you are not aware of the whole plan. He will ask to know some of the most important dates in your life, such as your birthday, your anniversary, among others. He may silently organize a surprise birthday party for you or take you out for dinner. These are signs that actually tell the guy is emotionally attracted to you.

• He feels free to share his past with you: Sharing a past with someone could be very difficult, most especially with someone you do not even know. It only takes trust and sincerity before a man can actually share his past with a woman. Most of the time, guys prefer to share their past with ladies that they are emotionally attracted to because this gives them some comfort. Has he ever told you about his past? No matter how ugly it might be, he must be emotionally attracted to you before he can do that.

• He Shows lots of commitments towards you: In our previous article, we elaborately deliberated on how to know if a man or woman is committed to you. However, for the sake of those readers who did not see the article, we would like to reintroduce it here quickly. Commitment is one of the signs that reveal how emotionally attracted a person is towards you. If a guy has feelings for you, he will always do those that will make you smile. He will buy you gifts, be committed to you, and always call or message you at any slightest opportunity he has.

• He seeks advice from you: Before someone seeks advice from the other person, it means that he truly believes in that person and fully trust his responses. If he likes asking for advice from you or always listen to the piece of advice you give, that guy is emotionally attracted to you but does not want to open up yet. He might be waiting for the right time to do so.

• He supports you both publicly and privately: A man or guy that is emotionally attracted to you will defend you anywhere, anytime. And he will not stand and watch other people humiliate you or say things that are not true against you. He can even go the extra mile of fighting for you. This is not strange; it has happened before in many places. A guy that is emotionally attracted to you will always protect you both publicly and privately. But a man who is not emotionally attached to you can not protect you in public; he cannot support you and will always kick against your opinions.

• He will be by your side in both good and bad times: A man that is emotionally attracted to you will always be by your side. At all times. He will not abandon you when things are bad, unlike a man who is not emotionally attached to you that can leave you at any time without considering your feelings.

• He likes spending time with you: a guy that loves you will always give you his time and attention. He will not claim over busy all the time. In fact, even though he may be busy, actually, he can always skip some of the chores to be with you. But a guy that is not emotionally attracted to you can never do that.

• He calls or texts you often: he does this because he is in love with you. He can’t stop thinking about you or hearing your voice. Also. He sometimes comes to your house to check on you if perhaps your lines are not going through. He may even go the extra mile by buying your call card so that you will not complain of insufficient airtime.

• He sometimes feels jealous if he sees you with another guy: this is a normal thing. Someone who truly loves you will always feel jealous of you, especially if you stay with another guy more romantically. At times he may even be jealous about how you flirt with other guys, although he will not say it out.

• He always does things that make you happy: He will jokingly ask you questions that will reveal your likes and dislikes. He can do it in the form of a couple of questions game, but you may not know that he is actually trying to gather vital information and facts about you. When he gets enough facts about those things that make you happy, he will always surprise you with those things. It might be a gift item, a calling card, clothes, shoes, and many other items.

• He asks and respects your own contributions in a conversation

• He always tries to hold your hands while walking with you on the streets.

• He becomes candid and sincere with you

• He always tries to do things that make you smile, it could be funny talks, actions, among others.

• He likes telling his friends about you

• He never hesitates to call, send text messages or check up on you.

20 Body Languages That Tell If He Is Emotionally Attracted To You

• A guy who is emotionally attracted to you would not be able to hide his feelings forever. No matter how hard he would try to hide his feelings towards you, his body Languages will inevitably betray him and reveals what is in his mind towards you. Do you have someone in your life that is currently doing what we are about to tell you? If yes, then compare these signs below to his body language, and you will find out if he is emotionally attracted to you.

• He likes buying you new gifts even though you turned down his precious gift.

• Your hobbies become his hobbies, and your dislikes become his dislikes

• He likes all your friends and family members

• He listens to you and always takes your advice

• He sometimes feels shy when talking to you: This is another sign that someone is emotionally attracted. He will feel shy about your presence. In fact, to even look at you in the eyeballs will be a difficult thing. However, this doesn’t work for all guys, as many don’t give a damn. They still look at your eyeballs to eyeballs when they are emotionally attracted to you.

• He hardly stay a day without calling you or send a message

• He always smiles each time he is with you: a guy who always smiles when he sees you are emotionally addicted to you. Just press one button, and he will open up everything to you.

• He tells you all his secrets

• He shares in your difficult moments and your happy moments as well

• He is not afraid to show his love for you in public.

• He is very proud of walking with you in public: Generally, guys don’t like walking with ladies that do not match with their ego in public. They prefer walking with girls that their friends will cheer them, and these are girls that they are emotionally attracted to. So if he always likes walking with you in public, know that he is emotionally attracted or attached to you.

• Your happiness matters a lot to him, and he always tried to do things that make you happy all the time.

• He prioritizes you above every other thing

• He gives you his money and attention

• He always likes using the word “we” instead of “I.”

• He takes you to his family and shows you to his parents

• He always shares his secrets with you

• He never hesitates to share his past with you

• He feels more comfortable when staying around you

• He always smiles when he sees you

• He always looks at you and tries to maintain eye contact

 20 Signs To Know That She Is Emotionally Attracted To You

• Is there a girl you’re crushing on but don’t know if she is emotionally attached to you? Ladies do have an emotional attachment towards a guy they love, and no matter how hard they might try to hide their feelings, these 20 Signs will always reveal the way they feel towards you.

• She always smiles when she sees you.

• She likes giving you attention.

• She shows you lots of care and always says nice things about you.

• She likes spending time with you.

• She feels free to express her opinion with you.

• She always compliments how handsome you are: ladies do not compliment guys they don’t get attracted to; they only praise those they have feelings for. Even if your dressing is not that cool, she will always say nice things to you to make you blush.

• She sometimes acts in a naughty way towards you: Naughty here means acting like a child. She may pinch you and run away, And she may touch your sensitive parts and runs away. These are signs that she is emotionally addicted to you. She may even say some naughty things to you that she can never say to someone else.

• She always comes up with a game for both of you to play.

• She feels lonely if you are not around.

• She doesn’t want you to go away or stay too long outside without her.

• She starts sending you some romantic messages to ask about your day and how you feel.

• She hardly stops knocking on your door to check up on you.

• She likes introducing you to her friends.

• She always feels so excited whenever she is with you.

• She always listens to you and takes your advice.

• She sometimes surprises you with gifts.

• She becomes jealous if she sees you with another girl: A lady that is emotionally attached to you will always become a bit jealous if she finds you with another girl, although she may not be able to say it out. She may stop talking to you for that moment or change her facial expressions. If you observe that she does these things, then know that she is jealous because of the girl she saw you with, and this is an excellent indicator that she is emotionally attracted or attached to you.

• She likes complimenting your dressings

• She always wants to see you every day of her life

• She feels sad if anything bad happens to you

 20 Body Languages To Know That A Girl Is Emotionally Attracted To You

• There is no way you will not know someone who is emotionally attracted to you. She will always display some acrobatics each time she sees you. It is important to observe this body language so that you know if she will accept your proposal. If she gives you these body signs, it means that you have a better chance of being accepted by her.

• She always say nice things to you

• She always checks up on you through voice calls, text messages, or even a physical visit to your house.

• She always chat you up first: This is a great sign that a lady is emotionally attached to you. If you observe that she’s the one that ended the chat the previous day, and again she is the one that initiates the new chat the next, know that the girl is attached to you.

• She always smiles when talking to you

• She sometimes acts shy when you are together

• She likes doing things that make you happy

• She sometimes spends even her last card on you: Yes, this is true. Although many people believe that girls do not always call guys, that is not true; they do! It just a matter of who is more important to them. If a lady always calls you or sends you some cool text messages, it is enough green light that she is emotionally attracted to you.

• She doesn’t demand much money from you.

• She always thinks about you every day of her life

• She starts dressing in a way that will attract your attention: Once a girl sees someone she likes, she will start acting differently to get the

• guy’s attention. She may start to be nice, dresses seductively, or always keeps a smiling face. They only do this to guys that they are emotionally attracted to.

• She cries if you want to go away

• She started telling you how much she missed you when you were not around

• She wants to be your first partner and shares all her inner thoughts with you

• She introduces you to her friends and also introduces her friends to you

• A lady that is emotionally attracted to you will sometimes feel jealous if she sees you with another girl in a more romantic settings

• She obliged to take you out, although this is rare in this part of the world. In other places like America, England, Spain, ladies do take their men out on a romantic dinner date.

• She likes taking pictures with you in a romantic pose: One secret you should know is that girls, in particular, do not like taking pictures with guys that they do not like physically. So if she always wants to take a shot at every slightest opportunity she has, it is a green light that she is emotionally attached to you.

• She always listens to you and never joke with your advice

• She respects your opinion and values your ideas.

• She always asks you if you have any girlfriend: A lady that likes you emotionally always asks you about your girlfriend, either on chat or through normal conversation. Also, She may jokingly ask if you are dating to gather enough information about you. She will then smiles and calls you “big head.”


In summary, being emotionally attracted to someone is a normal phenomenon as far as human beings are concerned. We could be attracted to someone because of tiny things like; the way they dress, their personality, their career, and how they behave. As a rule, though many always tried to kill or hide their feelings for someone, it is not always easy to do that, and that is when the signs and body languages begin to showcase. Like a great lover, it is very pertinent always to observe and watch out for these signs from them so that you won’t be disappointed when you shoot your shot. However, if someone gives you some of these signs as the ones above, it, therefore, means that there is a better chance of her accepting your proposal.

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