How To Make a Girls Heart Melt Over Text 2021

How To Make a Girls Heart Melt Over Text 2021



How To Make a Girls Heart Melt Over Text 2021



If you want to know how to make your girlfriend smile, the initial thing to have in mind is that it’s not as hard as you may think. Unfailingly, many men find it hard to garner ideas on making their partner smile for them, be comfortable around them, or even make them addicted to them. For this, we’ve outlined many ways to easily plaster a smile on the cute face of their girl.


How To Make a Girls Heart Melt


1. Call or send her a goodnight SMS.: text her a heart whelming goodnight-message or give her a concise call before she goes to bed. She will love knowing her thoughts are all over your mind. By doing this, she will go to bed with a smile on her face, knowing fully that her heartthrob is thinking about her.


2. Call or send her a good morning SMS.: in the same vein with good night text, also make sure you tease her morning with another wonderful good morning SMS to brighten her day up. In this case, the text is recommended. You will have to send it before she wakes up and ensures she reads it before seeing anything on her phone.


3. Tell her she is cute: call her cute instead of pretty or beautiful. These words may be synonymous with one another, but the bridge between them is extensive. Hearing you calling her cute makes her ascertain she’s is the exact spec you desired.


4. Buy her something or gifts when she less expects it.: everyone loves and appreciates getting gifts from their loved ones, but appreciate an expected gift most. It’s not necessary the gift must be expensive, but rather, it should show how special she is to you. By doing this, you’ve won her over, and throughout that day, her smile is all you are going to see.


5. Assure her all the time of your stay until eternity: make her know how scared you are to lose her and how committed and ready you will spend the rest of your life with her. Tell her how you can go to any extent (within your capacity) to see that you keep her with you. Giving her this reason will automatically make her blush and follow suit is a wide smile. She will really appreciate her lord for giving her someone who does not want her to live with him.


6. Treat her the same way you always do when you guys are alone and when your guys are around: don’t make the mistake of trying to act gently when with friends. Treat her the same way you always did when it’s just you two (her privacy.


7. Should be respected 100% before your friends). If you usually smack her backside when she is with you alone, do it when your friends are around. This will make her believe that you are really into her, thereby making her put a vast smile on her cute face.


8. Be there when she needs a confidant. This is vital if a relationship should last longer with much love and affection. It’s essential to be there for your partner both in their good and trying times especially, in her trying time. This is the time you have to cheer her up when she’s supposed to look sad or confused. Give her back and say to her beautiful things to cheer her mood like complimenting her looks, saying positive things about her mood, and assuring her of a breakthrough.


9. Send her numerous text to say you are wallowing in her thoughts: yes! The more you text her about missing her, the closer she will be connected to you. This will make her smile sheepishly.


10. Make her priority not an option: let her know clearly how she is vital to you. Either through call, SMS, or physically, always try to get her along with you in everything you do and always find time to acknowledge her presence no matter how occupied you are. This will grant you your desire asap.


11. Be a romantic gentleman: help her with her shirt. Help her with her shoe, help her zip up her dress, help her with her sun shades, etc.; show her you are considerate and well mannered. This will make her feel joyous to be loved by someone who is matured and respect her choices.


12. Let her sometimes win: make her feel right even if she’s maybe wrong. Let her win the argument even if you are right. This will show her how emotionally mature you are. You don’t need to win all the time. She deserves to breathe deep, the breath of victory.


13. Dance with her (gently) even if there’s no music: honestly, being romantic does not surpass this. Nothing makes a girl happy than a boyfriend who is sweet and romantic.


14. Show her affection: steal a kiss her from un-expectedly, and sneak up behind her and give her a behind hugs whilst wrapping your hands around her waist. All this works fast in connecting you guys.


15. Surprise her with a nice dinner when she comes home: prepare her favourite meal and not let her know about your cooking intention before she comes. Let her meet the food as a surprise, and if you eventually don’t know how to cook, you can order her favourite dish from a restaurant.


16. Go out for a walk with her.: move around the vicinity with her and entangle your hands with hers during the walk. Let the people around you know she is for you. As you guys walk around, always make sure you tease her.


17. Take her on a planned date: Have you planned to take her on a date and do not forget her looks on the date day. Shower her compliments on how she looks extra beautiful on that day. Make sure her cheeks turn to red before pausing for a while. Her smile will last forever throughout that night.


18. Buy her jewellery: buy her girly things like neck chain, earrings, or even a ring. She will surely think about you and smile whenever she used them.


19. Play with her hair.


20. Could you give her a bear hug?


21. Take her best friend out for a coffee/dinner: she will appreciate your gesture of getting along nicely with her friend. Also, her friends will compliment her for being so lucky to have you, which will, in return, make her smile provocatively.


How To Make a Girl Smile Over Text


How To Make a Girl Smile Over Text


1. On windy days, she put back some strands of her hair that has fallen to her eyes and mouth.


2. When you sight her coming down on the street, across the room, or up the stair to meet you, walk towards her as soon as you notice her.


3. Tell her to dance.


4. Kiss her around her neck. Somewhere between her shoulder blades whenever she backs you to go to sleep.


5. Hang your arm around her shoulder when you are introducing her to your cliques.


6. Hold her hand tight and focus on her only when you are with her, where there are many other beautiful girls.


7. In your bad moments, let her be the one you are confiding in.


8. Do something she did not request: this doesn’t mean buying her presents. This means helping her in something she usually does all the time, which you normally overlook. Something like; helping her with the dishes, cooking, or making her a cup of tea. If you do it without her asking, she will appreciate it.


9. Tell her she is beautiful: even if she thinks you are just blabbing, it’s very nice for her to hear it from you. Don’t tell her when she is well dressed only but when she is in a t-shirt with her hair braided before bed. Tell her when she’s raw and not done up. When she knows you appreciate her looks at her worst, she knows you think that she is the most beautiful of all time.


10. Wash her whole body while in the bathroom.


11. When she sounds dull, awful, or probably crying on the phone, pay her a visit Immediately.


12. Stand her naked in the bed and clean her between with your tongues until she has a blasting orgasm.


13. Tell her the reason you love her.: what is it about her that makes you smile every time she thought pop into your head? Her laugh, her humility, her humbleness, her physique, her laugh, etc., whatever it is, let her know and when you let her know, tell her it is what makes her who she is, and that is why you choose to love her.


14. Buy her chocolates or coffee after confirming which of them she preferred.


15. When she feels insecure, look straight in her eyes and let her know no one in the whole world could be as right for you as she is.


16. Whenever she’s feeling down, try with all your myth to make her laugh. Make sure her mood is changed from boring to lively by you.


17. Watch your favourite sport with her and pay her more attention than to the game.


18. In the middle of a conversation or argument, tell her you to love her suddenly. This will make her calm down.


19. Let her know you are paying attention to her: she does not want another thing to occupy your mind when talking to you. No matter how distracted you are or how little you care about what she is saying, she tells you for a reason, and it’s because she wants you to care.


20. Tell her when you are thinking about her: by doing this will not only appreciate it, but she will also be flattered, and then after your thoughts will be on her mind.



How To Make a Girl Feel Comfortable Around You


1. Be there for her when she needs you the most:


2. When things go all wrong for her, you don’t have to know exactly what to say; make sure your presence is available for her. Your voice, your image, and your thoughts alone serve as support. Let her understand that you are not just her shoulder to cry on, but you are ready to pick her up when she falls, someone she can depend on, and someone who will run away even if the world turns back at her.


3. Acknowledge the little things she did and show her your appreciation:


4. There is no form of gratitude that is too little. A simple thank you will make her know that you acknowledge any little thing she did for you and, in return, make her hungry to do more. The more thankful you are, the more likely she becomes comfortable around you.


5. Write something romantic on her Facebook wall. Seeing her friends envy will secretly make her happy by paving the way for being confident in you.


6. Don’t get jealous of her male friends:


7. Every female friend has one or a couple of male friends. Don’t impose a rulebook of dos on her. Let her be free to relate with whoever she chooses to relate with as far as that fellow is not a threat to you guys relationship.


8. This will let her know how you’ve trusted her wholeheartedly.


9. Spend enough time with her at night


10. When the sun goes down, try your best to stick around her till maybe she falls asleep. Tell her things about how your day went and what you have planned. Subsequently, you can take her out for a movie and cuddle instead of going out with the guys.


11. Support her ambition:


12. This is very vital if you really want her to be comfortable with you. Whichever dream she has chosen to achieve in her life, try your best to support her in all the possible ways you could. When she’s on the verge of giving up her dream, give her reasons to continue. Do not discourage them but rather be her source of encouragement and energy to strive for what she desires.


13. Always plainly show to her you are someone she can trust.


14. Give her any reason to doubtful of you. Let her know most things about you. Reveal your dark side to her and let her be someone with who you share all your thoughts. Be faithful to your word and purge any potential thought by her that you may potentially betray her.


15. Give her your jacket when they’re cold. Could you not take it back?


16. She will appreciate your humbleness at that moment. By doing that will reaffirm her feelings for you. Whenever she sees the jacket, she will give a loud sigh and thank her lord for letting her meet you.


17. Write her a sweet handwritten love note.


18. The most appreciated love letters by a girl are the ones that came straight from your heart. Let her know a handwritten letter to express your feelings to her. Flatter her in your letter and make her blush when she gets to read it. This will strengthen your bonds to make her free whenever she is with you.


19. Fight for her when she is at the peak of giving up.


20. Hold her tight when she is at her weakest and re-assure her of victory after the hard moment.


21. Defend her when someone speaks ills about her:


22. Don’t let others change your thoughts about her. Do not let them influence you negatively on what you feel for her. When a friend you trust speaks negatively about her, don’t take it as an excuse to walk away. Talk to her about it instead of confronting her.


23. Hold her hand when many see and always show that you are proud of her publicly and privately.


24. Always be willing to take the first step:


25. Please don’t wait for her to start everything. If both of you needed something, be the first to bring a suggestion and do not underestimate her suggestion too.


26. Do not answer her text with words like “ok, yes, no,” which makes it look you are not interested or annoyed. This is especially important when you are communicating over social media, where messages can easily be misinterpreted.


27. Use her photo as your phone wallpaper or phone background. This will give her the impression that you are fully in love with her and believes that whoever sees your phone will surely know who she is to you.


28. Please share your personal stories with different emotional experiences: tell her things that will make her see the sincerity in your eyes. Let her know where you start, how you start, and how you planned to end everything you are doing. Let her know basic things about it—Vice versa.


29. Playfully tell her why you could never date her: I don’t say you should regret dating her but rather tell her in a way that will amaze. Probably you may tell her that she is too cute that you never thought she would love you back. This will make her have in-depth freedom with you.


30. Tell her what makes her unique, special, and stand out from other ladies: make her believe she is special in her own way in which no other girl can match.


31. Don’t back down if she challenges you on something: she challenging you to mean that she entrusts you to help her pass any test she may potentially face. When she occupies you with any exercise, try your best to triumph over the challenges and prove to her you are always there to overcome more.


32. Discuss each other’s fear: this, too, will boost her comfort while with you. Everyone has one or more things they are scared of but could not find the right partner to discuss her huddles with. Be that person to her visa-vis. Discuss your fear with and let her share hers with you and give each other tangible advice to help you guys overcome those fear.


How To Make a Girl Addicted To You


1. Show her how high your level of confidence is: to make a girl addicted to you, you have to show her how confident you are. A girl can easily sense when a guy is nervous, which does not attract them.


2. Be independent: in this modern-day, no girl would wish to date a dependent guy for everything. Independence is like having the freedom yourself to do whatever you feel doing. Independence sometimes gives confidence and makes the girl know she has a worthy boyfriend who can cater to her and be there for her when she needs him.


3. Look, you’re very best: this is not about your looks. This is about how you present yourself before her. Have a nice sense of dress collection and


4. Always try to smell nice when you with her. By doing this, she will be really into you.


5. Create some abnormal scene: don’t always be over serious when you are with her. Be adventurous when with her.


6. Be a gentleman: in the same vein, it’s nice to be a jerk; it is essential to be a gentleman who can control himself around his girlfriend. Know when to take care of her and how to do it. This can only be known when one is a gentleman.


7. Flirt with her: there is no fun in living without flirting. If you are not a flirt, you will definitely not fun to have a girl around. Flirt with the girl you have chosen for yourself, her friend, etc.


8. Be spontaneous: relationship ends too quickly without any spontaneity. Doing something at your own will is what makes any relationship fun. It doesn’t have to be some big things. But something, even if it is little but do make your life fun and addictive.


9. Be jovial whilst loving her: most girls nowadays automatically fall in love with that guy that is always funny. Try to be a guy whom your girl would love to be with. Spice your relationship with a plentiful funny moment. This will give her enough fun to think about and wish to dream about u when she falls asleep. This is vital if you really wish to make your girl addicted to you.


10. Personal space: no girl like a guy who is always on her neck for a hangout. Give her some space to hang out with her friends and be a gentleman to accept her request whenever she wished to go out with friends. It would help if you spent apart to create an avenue for her to miss you.


11. Be adventurous: everyone likes an adventure, both indoor or outdoor. To clear your curiosity, adventure here means getting intimacy with her. This could also be informed of sharing dirty stories. If you are always not afraid to try new things with her, she will forever be missing and get addicted to you.


12. Pay her attention: to get a girl addicted to you, u need to be a good listener. We all know that girls like to make a lot of noise, but there is


13. Nothing more to make them succumb to the reality of a guy than when the guy is always ready to listen to her gibberish. This is what gives you an edge, which can make her addicted to your world.


14. Respect her boundaries: acknowledge her limits and gives cognizance to them. Don’t push her hard to cross her boundaries because that will make her not confident whilst with you, which will surely be a setback for her getting addicted to you.


15. Take your time: this is very in making her addicted. Always review your time and know when to tell her you to love her. Do not blab all the time on your feelings. She may probably be things it’s fake. Let her know how you feel about most when she is in an emotional moment championed by you.


16. Surprise her with something unexpected.


17. Be willing to let go of something to see she is happy.


18. Show her utmost care and affection.


19. Hug her from behind and lace your hand with hers when you two are in the public.


20. Please give her a hand in the kitchen, partner with her in arranging the house, and be there with her in the bathroom.


21. Pray with her let her know you always include her in your prayer.

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