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The Jacob Hamblin Park in Derek Jensen’s hometown of St. George, Utah is a great space for families. Whether you come to the park with your family, or you come here to practice with your family, you will love it. While the centerpiece of the park is the local reservoir, there are incredible walking trails throughout giving you an excellent place to go for a walk or run. The facilities are also very nice and well kept up. Even if you don’t come to swim or play tennis, everyone should take the time to check out the Jacob Hamblin Park in their community.

The Jacob Hamblin Park is a well kept gem located in the town of Mesquite, Nevada. The park provides a range of facilities for avid as well as novice climbers as well as those who simply want to watch some rock climbing action.

Instagram Caption for Jacob Hamblin Park

Strolling through the park this weekend? Instagram it! Tag it with #JacobHamblinPark and we might feature your photo in our Snapchat story. Enjoy the beauty of nature at @xxx and be sure to check out the

They say there are two seasons in St. George, summer and construction. Well, now the best part of the summer is year-round thanks to Jacob Hamblin Park!

Turn the #FOMO on its head, and be in awe in northern Arizona this fall! Come discover Jacob Hamblin Park, part of the Grand Circle, in the heart of stunning northern Arizona.

Come visit Jacob Hamblin Park and soak in the beauty of this glorious dessert where you’ll find vibrant red rock canyons, towering natural bridges, and breathtaking views that inspire the soul!

Make plans to continue your weekend outdoors by visiting one of Southern Utah’s iconic natural landmarks, Jacob Hamblin Park, twelve miles south of St. George on SR-9!

That #summervibe doesn’t last forever. Got a little while longer? Spend it at Jacob Hamblin Park!

If it’s been a while since you’ve been out to Jacob Hamblin Park, make plans to visit the park soon. There’s a lot to see and do!

Come play in the dirt! Jacob Hamblin Park is one of the best places to be when it’s summertime in Southern Utahβ€”the flower fields are in full bloom and the views are gorgeous. If you’re part of a large group.

Uncover the beauty and adventure of Kane County during your next visit to Jacob Hamblin Park.

A perfect way to spend the month of October is at Jacob Hamblin Park 🍁

Setting down roots in Southern Utah, one of the most scenic places on earth. Explore our national parks at

Best views in the state, breathtaking sunsets, and perfect place to hike and explore. You’ll love this place so much you’ll happily give up national parks and monuments for it.

Joshua Tree is the closest you can get to being in a real-life Instagram picture. #travelwithadventure

Behold Mojave National Preserve for all it offers: pristine vistas, scenic plant life, and protected marine life. Only four miles from the heart of St. George and nestled between two mountain ranges.

See how Nature’s beauty lights up the night in the new @xxxxx photo gallery.

This is the happiest place on earth! We love Jacob Hamblin park for so many reasons, but especially because it reminds us of our happy memories here with you! Thanks for everything DixieπŸƒ

Good news for top-notch Instagrammers: the #JacobHamblinPark now has a new and improved Wi-Fi network! Keep an eye out for our IG geotag and check it out (maybe take some IG-worthy photos

Take a hike through a seasonal wonderland at Jacob Hamblin Park in Southern Utah.

Hard to pick a favorite canyon in the Zion backcountry, but this sure is a beaut.🌡#JacobHamblinPark

Looking to escape the heat? Head for Jacob Hamblin Park and play amongst the oaks and pines 🌳🌲 We also like to stop by Jordan Manti.

Thriller in the park. #jacobhamblinparkgetsliller2016

There are thousands of amazing state parks in Utah, but none are quite like Jacob Hamblin–in the scenery, in blessings, or in the joy you’ll feel when you spend a night under the stars here.

Wildflowers, wild animals, and a lovely flowing riverβ€”what more do you need from a park?

Let your daydreaming begin, with open space for imagination & adventure.

The best pick-me-up is the outdoors. Nothing beats waking up to this view.

Grab your friends and take a hike.

Enjoy a weekend outdoors with some sweet spots nearby. πŸ™‚πŸŒ²πŸƒ

Selfies. βœ‹πŸΌ

My last minute summer vacation plan: 1) pack 2) get in car 3) go Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

Where memories and adventures are born. πŸ”

Turner Falls Utah’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls! #JacobHamblinPark

The Jacob Hamblin Park is a unique place where two states meet, with unique natural resources found nowhere else in the country.

June 10: Morning at Jacob Hamblin Park as seen from the Sky Trail.

Warm summer nights are made for smores, music, and dancing (especially in Jacob Hamblin Park.) #utahopenstheparks

Stargazing. Sunsets. Waterfalls. #inspiretheimpossible at Jacob Hamblin Park in southern Utah. #shareyourstate #utahgram

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @xxxxx for park updates and event info.

This is one of three parks that make up the Salt Lake Valley’s Rotary Park system. These publicly-owned, open spaces deliver amazing recreational opportunities, host community events, and create a sense of neighborhood pride.

Utah’s outdoor is wonderland

Explore more of Southeast Utah here–fun trails, cool geology & some of the more unusual landforms in the state: funky sandstone mushrooms and fairy chimneys.

Trekking the trails along the wild and scenic Colorado River with a jeep, a guide, flora & fauna of the Grand Canyon πŸ€—

No matter where you are in the world, it is impossible to be any more perfectly centered. JHP

An intriguing place to explore, part of the red rock masterpiece we call home.

Trees, trees, trees…the world is a better place with trees.

I’m like the sunβ€”I come up in the morning and go down at night.

It doesn’t get much better than this! Join us today for a fun-filled evening of games, contests, activities, and more.

No excuses. No limits. Discover something new every day at Jacob Hamblin Park.

Breathtaking landscape and memories of my family’s favorite summer getaway. Come visit Jacob Hamblin Park! #utah

Spring has sprung in Jacob Hamblin Park πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Each year, Jacob Hamblin Recreation Area draws thousands of people to its canyons, plateaus, slick rock trails, and cliffs that soar into the sky. The most common question they ask is: “How did this place get its name?”

A cascade of water in the desert, it’s refreshing and awe-inspiring. Take a hike on our trails or lounge on our sandy beach and see for yourself! #Utah #GetOutside #parks

From the end of one adventure to the start of the next 🐰 #SRPnature ##hikeutah

Sitting on a rock outcropping overlooking a stunning red rock vista in Southern Utah πŸŒ²πŸŒƒ

The best kind of patio: a natural rock one.

Sunset, Trail Run, Reveille Peak

Picnicking at the base of the San Francisco Peaks, just outside Flagstaff, Arizona.

When you’re here, you’re at the center of it all.

Family, friends, sun, water, BBQ, live music. And that’s just the beginning. What could be better to start your summer vacation?

Golden Hour βœ”οΈ Smoky Skies βœ”οΈ Desert Nights 🌞️

Let’s do this! 🌡

Jacob Hamblin Park is now open at St. George’s Southside, Taos Ski Valley.

Celebrate the incredible landscape and majestic beauty of Utah at Jacob Hamblin Park.

The scenery is amazing here at Jacob Hamblin Park…

Three words: lakeside oasis. Thanks to the Friends of Jacob Hamblin Park and the city of St George for helping this vision become a reality. #utahparks 🎣😍

#Repost @xxxxx with Fall is coming…the sunsets are much more crisp and the air is starting to cool down. I love watching the seasons change in St.

Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10-11. Come experience the grand desert landscape and magnificent sunrises and sunsets of this National Park named after Jacob Hamblin.

Keep it wild in #HamblinPark. We can’t wait to explore all this park has to offer! 🦌🏊🐯

The sun is setting, the park is alive with sounds of children laughing, and cooling evening breezes. Life doesn’t get much better than this. @xxxx

Stay cool, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Take refuge in the shade, surrounded by the relaxing sounds of trickling streams and birds chirping. #Utah

“An escape in the middle of nowhere.” Thank you, @xxxx! Be sure to check out this gem in Southern Utah’s #Dixie with @xxxx. Use #Beutah

Paradise in Southern Utah! What a beautiful State we have. We will be making a post about this soon!

Go for a hike and leave the world behind.

The only place you want to be when #FraserFire is raging and some people leave their homes and pets behind 🐎

You don’t have to run around the world to experience the world. Sometimes all you need to do is take a walk in your own backyard. 🌎

Live in the Lane. Live it up at Jacob Hamblin Park! This summer, come enjoy the fun that Jacob Hamblin has to offer.

Nature’s playground at Jacob Hamblin Park #utahdanceon

Ballet dancers πŸ’ƒ, board gamers 🎲, and bikers πŸ‘Ύ meet alongside palms. Now that’s what we call community! #JacobHamblinPark

Celebrating Southern Utah’s most beloved local park since 1983. Jacob Hamblin Arch is a spectacular place to explore. Trek through the desert or trek on a trail, wildlife abounds and the rock formations are breathtaking.

A peaceful place to refresh your mind. – Orrin Scott Jacob Hamblin Park brings you closer to nature

Named for Jacob Hamblin, known as the “Shepherd of the Indians”, this was the site of 14 historic peace treaties between the Paiute people and white settlers.

Take a stroll through the historic ruins of Jacob Hamlin Park tucked into the sand dunes along with Lake Powell􏰀

There is a fascination among those who climb the rock towers that overlook our valley. I know this as I have been fascinated as well. There seems to be an invisible lure that draws us upward as we gaze across the tops of trees and look down.

A sun-kissed day at the park is a chance to get away from it all. It’s time for some fresh air, some exercise, and some timeless family fun. We are counting down the days till fallβ€”the best #

Capturing the feeling of adventure and adventure.

A place to get away from it all, breathe, and relax πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Ž

We put the fresh in the frontier.

Going under the radar this weekend and staying close to home. 🌴

… the sky was a deep steely blue.”

The second sunrise is always the best sunrise (;

Whatever the weather, you’ll find something to do at Jacob Hamblin Park! Visit for a list of activities, open & closed days, and more.

Little-known regional gems like #JacobHamblinPark offer an amazing day of hiking and exploring. The nearly two dozen mapped trails will make even the most avid hikers want to come back for more.

Enchanting sunsets and enchanting desert nights. #jacobhamblinpark

Deep in the canyon, cool waters rush through Jacob Hamblin Arch.

There’s so much love in Southern Utah. #canyoufeelit

This is a great place for a picnic, a day hike, or a weekend get-away. It’s also a historical site where the settlers and Native Americans met in 1851 to form an alliance after the Walker War ended.

A getaway to a place where you can breathe in the ethereal beauty of the desert ─ and hike,

picnic, camp, fish, ride bikes, watch wildlife ─ in a setting unlike any other in Southern Utah.

There’s an adventurous spirit inside us all. And Utah’s incredible outdoors is the perfect place to explore it.

A gorgeous place where history, nature, and adventure meet.

The best picnic basket for your next adventure.

Commemorate this special day in the heart of your home community.

It’s always a good day when you get to play in the outdoors! #gofirst

Far from the maddening crowd, nature, nature’s beauty ✌︎

Our 5th Annual Trails & Ales run is next month. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late! You can register anytime on our website. Come join us for a fun night of trail running and good food.

When a picture’s worth a thousand words, a hike is worth a thousand memories.

We #hearhearyou, and hope you’ll join us to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Jacob Hamblin Park! Support us today by making a donation. 100% of your donation stays in Zions to help us continue

Life is better here at Jacob Hamblin Park, where you can leave behind the everyday rush.

Endless horizons and perfect weather await at Jacob Hamblin Park.

Don’t just visit Jacob Hamblin Park, get lost in it. 😎

Sometimes there’s a line between the badlands and a place that feels like a galaxy far, far away. And that place is Jacob Hamblin Park #npsutah

One of my favorite places on Earth. The human body is beautiful, what lies beneath even more so. Jacob Hamblin Park’s hidden gem.

Enjoy the great outdoors with this weekend’s weather. Go hiking, biking, fishing, or picnicking at Jacob Hamblin Park! πŸŒ²πŸš΅β€β™€οΈ

Who knew that finding a desert paradise only takes a few steps and a little adventure. 🌡 #DixieZoo #JacobHamblinPark

Sunset-seeking swingers have many gorgeous locales to choose from. But the view at the top of the Jacob Hamblin arch is unmatched. πŸ™

Come visit this beautiful, fun, and unique piece of land in Southern Utah.

Thanks to the amazing city workers that cleared the snow off the trails so I could enjoy another sunrise at Hamblin today!!

This morning, the #sunrise was beautiful. We’re ready to get out and take advantage of this beautiful weather tomorrow! πŸŒ…πŸ‘”πŸ˜Ž

Nothing’s more relaxing than a scenic drive. See why in our latest blog post.

Warm days, cool nights, and a million stars overhead. This one is a perfect 10 any time of the year πŸŒƒ

Frozen in the twilight.‍♂️

From its majestic location atop a desert mountain and surrounding red rock cliffs to the vast natural beauty and exquisite views, Jacob Hamblin Park is a place unlike any other.

A summer evening at Jacob Hamblin Park is just one of those things that feel right.

Inspired by the first legislative session in Utah’s history to convene outside the Salt Lake Valley. Yesterday Jacob Hamblin Park became the first official state park in Southern Utah.

Let there be light! Come out and play at Jacob Hamblin Park, voted Utah’s best city park! πŸŒ„πŸ‘ Enjoy this free space as part of Salt Lake City’s Open Spaces initiative. Follow us for updates.

Don’t fall asleep on your relaxing day. Get out and get your park on at Jacob Hamblin Park πŸžβ˜€β˜”πŸŒ‰

Watch the brilliantly colored sunset, stroll along city streets lined with Victorian homes, walk on trails meandering through colorful canyonsβ€”all within one park. Jacob Hamblin Park is an oasis in this bustling desert city.

At 2,000 feet above sea level nestled among the red rocks of Southern Utah, the park welcomes visitors to camp under the stars, hike down slot canyons, fish for trout at LaVerkin Creek, and enjoy scenic overlooks.

The oldest continually operating Mormon missionary settlement in the world is in my backyard, and it’s pretty cool.

Escape the summer heat in our stunning Southwest desert jewel. 🌡🌡🚘

The perfect place to run, hike, explore, and put your toes in the sand.

Who says camping has to be about having zero amenities and zero comforts? πŸŒ³πŸƒ

Walking into history…

Nothing more refreshing than a cold splash in the water to start your day!

Going back to nature by hiking or camping is a lot of fun. You should try it too!

Playing in Jacob Hamblin Park in Page, AZ with all the kids in town. Such a good time.

Going wild this weekend? Don’t forget to get your tickets for the Jacob Hamblin Park Wild West BBQ πŸ—πŸŒ½ 😎 #jhpbbq

We had some great sessions with the high school volleyball team, @lions_volleyball, this afternoon at Jacob Hamblin Park. It was fun using the epic backdrop of Zion Canyon. . . Although, that sunset lighting on the mountain

Welcome to Jacob Hamblin Park, where you can empty your bucket list in just one day. 😎

Amazing night indefinitely promising for the weekend! @jacobhamblinpark thanks for having us.

If the walls could talk. Jacob Hamblin taught peace to local tribes, missionaries, and more than 5

0,000 pioneers on the trail west.

Fun in AZ with @xxxx. 🌞

Hard to beat this view from the best beach in Southern Utah.

Explore your own backyard or road trip to this amazing southeastern Utah park. Either way, you’ll become a better explorer 🌲😎

Part of the reason the @xxx scenery never gets old is that it’s constantly changing 😎🌲

Follow the trail that takes you deep into Arizona’s colorful past. #FollowTheTrail

Outdoor exercise is a great way to boost mood, energy, and brainpower. Plus, these beautiful trails are free. How lucky are we?!

It’s a grand ol’ summer in the perfect setting.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a hot air balloon 🎈 🌈

A perfect day, enjoying life while surrounded by family and friends. 😊

Fifty years ago, a group of local citizens formed a non-profit organization to purchase the City of St. George’s maintenance building and some surrounding property for a park. Today, Jacob Hamblin Park is a jewel in our city’

Extend your summer season with a visit to Jacob Hamblin Park in Kanab! This is Southern Utah’s only desert oasis! Find fun in the sun for the whole family.

Trace the red rocks desert horizon at Jacob Hamblin Park, where Moab’s tallest cliffs meet its widest valley.

Jacob Hamblin Park, not just for hiking around. It was also an area of huge significance to Native Americans who settled in this area.

To the people who shaped this wild and beautiful place, we salute you. #hamblinpark

Come unwind from a long week at Hamblin Park.

Wondering what adventure you’ll go on next? Follow us and be inspired by @xxxx and @xxxx 🌲🏞

#utah #canyoncountry #visitutah #nationalpark @xxxx ##nationalparkbadges

Utah’s magical island in the sun where family & friends have been bonding over golf & nature for 84 years.

When Mother Nature puts on her best, you take in all she’s got to offer with breathtaking views of Monument Valley. #parkcitypics

The outdoors is our office & we bring you along for the ride. πŸ“· by _elizabamonte

Yes, we’ve got it all: An oasis close to home. my kinda treehouse.

Winter ❄ οΈπŸ•

The day is done. Night has come. It is the time of night when dark things move and strange creatures awaken.

Jacob Hamblin Park. A Navajo Nation treasure in the heart of Page, Arizona. 🏜#navajonationparks

Warm hues of red, gold, and grey will help you create the perfect western family memories at Jacob Hamblin Park #utahstagram #lifeofadventure

The setting sun is the perfect end to a day at Jacob Hamblin Park.

This picture was taken at Jacob Hamblin Park, the only park named after a Native American in Southern Utah. The park is located about an hour and a half east of Washington City and is loved for its scenic views and blue water tourist attraction.

Keep your hair looking good all summer by visiting Jacob Hamblin Park to swim and see your hair underwater. H2O = More Fun.πŸ’¦

The Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument is full of wonder. We can’t wait to show you @xxxx 🎨: mike_and_heidi_b

The sun’s out, the temperatures are up, and you’re finishing some great summertime reads. It’s time for a trip to Jacob Hamblin Park!

There’s SO MUCH to love about this stunning state park. From the red rocks to the national monument, we’re just getting started at Jacob Hamblin SP.

Park your car and hike across the desert that once served as a rest area for pioneers headed to California. Just up the hill from the Natural Bridges National Monument headquarters, this Petrified Forest offers visitors unique views of the San Juan River and Navajo Mountain.

Sip on a smooth hot coffee β˜•, then hike through the Park… #utah

National parks are for everyone. Come camping and hiking with us this weekend and get the perfect selfie. πŸŒ²πŸ•

Stretching out and soaking up some mellow desert vibes at this hidden gem right in the heart of St. George. 🌡

One of the best places I’ve ever seen 🌲

We’re all just here for a little while, so we might as well treat our time on Earth with kindness and love.

It’s like Disney for dirtbags.

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