Instagram Caption for Phone Addiction Quotes
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Instagram Caption for Phone Addiction Quotes

Phones have become an essential part of our lives. We’ve turned into a phone society, as they keep us connected and engaged with the world around us 24/7. Because we can now connect to anyone and anything with a simple tap, we tend to forget the people our right in front of us – like family and friends. Here at Your Quote, we’ve put together a list of 300 quotes and sayings about social media addiction and cell phone usage.

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Instagram Caption for Phone Addiction Quotes

The problem with being addicted to your phone isn’t the time you spend on it—it’s that the time spent on it doesn’t feel like actual, productive work.

Forty-three percent of people check their phones eight or more times a day. Stay focused for the weekend and keep your phone in your pocket.📳

We’re all addicted to something—whether it’s our phones or the way we do things. Keep

pushing towards your goals, think beyond convention. Always Keep on Growing.

We’ve seen a lot of ‘First World Problems.’ You know, people not having enough food to eat, education going down the tubes. I have a first world problem: I have too many apps on my phone.

Today we’re talking about mobile phones and young people. Enjoy the show!

Don’t get lost playing on your phone this summer. Explore your world instead. #NeverStopTrekking

This place makes the best coffee in NYC. I need weekly caffeine hit to keep me going when I’m in the city! [link to competitor’s website]

It’s important to unplug and enjoy the real world.

I’m bored! How ’bout you?! Send me something sweet 🎁 to make my day feel better 😏 .

It’s impossible to scroll the past. Enjoy the present. 🙂

Rise and Shine! Can’t wait to see what the day brings 😆

You can’t underestimate the power of a few hundred, let alone a thousand characters.

Why keep worrying about the things you can’t change, when you can focus on all that you can? 😎

They say that one way you can tell whether a person loves you or not is if they’re willing to overlook your annoying little habits, so long as you’re always there for them.

The only way to stay ahead of the Jones is to keep moving. – Louis Bannister

Phones are bad. Really really bad. Hand-crafted beer, on the other hand, is delicious. When fall comes to that coffee shop, can you drink one more latte?

Life is too short to spend on your phone. Slowing down and enjoying the little things takes work though.

I think a lot of people have a better time and a more interesting time when they take their phones back from Silicon Valley.

No phone, no games, no TV… just connecting.

No matter how strong the cell signal is, you can’t truly live your life if you allow social media to consume it.

Every screen you stare at is also a mirror. It’s an image of your own face and emotions, and if you’re not careful, that can become regular messaging for your mind.

We get it. This Instagram account is really addicting.

Thank you, humanity, for creating the selfie stick.

You’re not lost to me. You’re still here, but you’re someone else’s now. And may let you go because that’s what you want. It hurts, but I need you to be OK even

The best part of being human is being able to create things that nobody else can.

You can never get enough of what you don’t need to make you happy.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Boredom is a good sign. It means you’re picky and ambitious at the same time. You will get what you want if you give people something to talk about! – Veronica Webb

Shake yourself from a state of constant distraction and be present.

It’s time to go outside and capture the beautiful scenery of the changing leaves 🍂

People don’t get better at things by talking about them; they get better at things by doing them’ – Robert Greene

Are you addicted to your phone? Or are smartphones are just designed that you can’t put them down?!

Today, give yourself the gift of stepping away from your phone. You deserve it!

Put your phone away, I bet it won’t bite.

When you cannot put your cell phone down, this is a big problem. You need to recognize it and try to change it.

It’s not a phone. It’s a portal to a whole other universe. 🖥

These 80’s vibin’ phone cases are making us want to take it back to the old school.

☕ Who needs this? Our products are so good it’s hard to find time for anything else.😁

Take a mental health break and find your way to wellness with these five tips: 🌿🍃☘️🥟♻️

I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you. 💕 #fallinginlove

The weekend is just a day away. What are you going to do with it?

The more I have, the less happy I am.

The new year is about self-improvement. Focus on being productive instead of being busy. Don’t forget to have fun along the way!

When there is a pause in life, it’s a good time to enjoy the little things, like a well-brewed cup of coffee.

A breath of fresh air as the leaves start to turn 🍂

An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.

Phone addicted… this is my reality now. Every second I’m not with you, I’m thinking about you and without you, life has no meaning for me.

Are you looking for the ultimate way to keep your phone addiction in check? Take notes—the wisdom in these quotes is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Our phones. They claim our attention and occupy our minds, making true focus and genuine connection all the more precious. And that’s the truth.

If you have a phone, chances are you can’t stop checking it. But how does it feel when everyone is looking at their own devices?

Our phones are quick to fill our minutes, empty our moments, and disrupt our relationships. How can we disconnect when life is so connected?

Sometimes I look at my phone and wonder what life was like before this generation of smartphones.

I’d rather spend my money on a place to store my memories than on a place to store my phone.

Phone or Person? You have to choose because you can’t have both.

Phone less in July? That’s no problem when you have your pick of the crop to #chooseyourscreen.

It’s time to let go of the negative energy and reconnect with real life – we’re running our first phone-free week on #mindfulmonday 😴

To all the ✨beautiful ones✨. This is for you.

There is an app for that—and I’m on it.

Anywhere you can take me, I’ll go. Anywhere I can be, that’s where I want to be. 💘

The beauty of simplicity. #wednesday

Whatever your dreams, go after them and never give up! #GoGetIt

Phones are a form of entertainment, but it’s also a kind of addiction.

We love our smartphones, but sometimes we wish we could put them down and live in the moment.

Just do me a favor and get your phone out of your hand and into your pocket for like, 5 minutes.

We all love our phones. But do check in with the people around you on a regular basis. It will make your relationships stronger, not weaker.

An eye-opening read for the overworked, sleep-deprived, smart phone-obsessed modern family 🍃

#addiction #sundayfunday

And no matter how many times you swipe right, I’ll only have eyes for you. 🕵️‍♂️

I’m more interested in connecting with people than I am in connecting with some digital device.

Technology can be both your worst enemy and your best friend.

Here’s to the nights we stay up—with our eyes wide open. 🍫☕️

There’s no time for work on Mondays. It’s the beginning of the rest of my weekend. 😜

You can’t break a habit you don’t have.

Be here now. Be free now.

Some days all you need is a warm pair of hands.

Every evening that sends one more bright star up in Heaven is another reason to rejoice.” -Pamela Brown

Quotes About Cell Phones Addiction

I don’t care what anyone says about cell phones—I love mine! 📲❤️

It’s hard to overstate the impact that cell phones are having on our lives.

In a time of online dating, Tinderitis has been caused by the overuse of the app.

There’s no place like home, but where I’m going, I won’t need directions. #mobilelife

What would you have said if, when you were a kid, someone asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? You probably would’ve said something like, “I want to be able to talk on the phone with my friends

We get it. You can’t get enough of us.

📲📲📲”It’s hard to feel connected when you go days at a time without ever speaking to anyone.” – Matty Clark

All this technology makes our lives easier. But does it make us happier?

You know you’ve officially reached the stage of life when you’re sneakily snapping pics of your haircut with your phone. 😉👻

This is your morning coffee, but it could be your evening wine, or your 5-hour energy shot, or maybe even a friendly reminder that you have no friends.

I’m in my feelings about the weekend because I have to say goodbye to you.

We are now one step closer to knowing what we need to do with our lives, but now we’re sitting at the end of Christmas day and not enjoying those moments as much as we could.

Be here now. It’s the only moment worth living for.

If everyone cared and nobody cried, we’d be living in a Christopher Robin wonderland. If you lose hope, still keep hope alive.

As an individual, it is practically impossible to get rid of cell phone addiction. But if we work together, it will give us a large effect. |

This #CellPhonesAreUs episode of The Simpsons about cell phones is still relevant today. I mean, look at you reading this on your phone 😏 Oh wait . . . you’re not a Simpsons fan?

Cell phones are for people who can’t handle real life.

Your phone is not your friend. It’s time to break up with your phone and find a new best friend – one that won’t hold you back but will encourage you to pursue the life that you want.

If you don’t check your phone, you can actually spend an entire day with friends. And you’ll realize they’re the reason you even need a phone to connect with. 🤓

Every day is an adventure in the great wide somewhere when you have an unlimited data plan.

I’m not your mode of transportation, I’m not here to take you anywhere. I’m here to chill, with friends.#‎PhoneGoals.

To my fellow Breaking Bad fans—please stop talking about spoilers. See you Sunday night at @10pm on AMC.

Pumpkin spice latte, Leggings, and a charger cord Go together like turkey, stuffing, and a television for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at T-Mobile!

It’s a new week, a new season, a new year—a whole slew of opportunities to express gratitude all over again. Here’s to gratitude for those moments when our smartphones help us connect with those we love.

Enjoy the time with your kids today. ✔️

How can you not love a holiday that gives you an excuse to cozy up with your furriest friends, cozy up with a pile of blankets, and cozy up to this season 🐾🌧 #NationalGingerbreadHouseDay

These days, all work and no play make you grow old before your time. (c) King Friday

This is how I roll…I am a cell phone addict. I feel it’s an addiction where if you are not connected, you are depressed. People are immediately connected with the world once they turn on their cell phones. You are connected

Cell phones are the leading cause of death among teenagers. #SignsOfTheTimes ##CellPhonesAreBad

I’m not addicted to my phone 📱

When did the bae factor of your cell phone become so high? 😝

There is no such thing as “texting shy.” It’s just excessive, unbalanced use of cell phones.

Admit it, you’d rather stare at your phone than have real human contact. #criminalminds #gottadialtonext

Hate when my phone is so low on power that I feel almost naked…

Please tell me I’m not the only one who stares at her phone before bed 📱😢

Break out of your routine. Break out of the box. Your phone will still be here when you get back.

A phone can’t make you feel affection, but it can give you the illusion of having something bigger & more important to do than be kind.

Don’t get lost in your phone, get lost in the world. #BeThere

Hey, I think you’re really neat. Want to get to know each other?

On my phone, I’m running my own business, not making customers wait.’ -Kanye West

I’m always amazed by the moments where I’m looking out at the world and thinking about *other things*. #neverstopexploring

It’s a great day for exploring, I’ll see you down the road. ⛽️🌞

Your phone is a portal to the coolest stuff on the internet – music, videos, recipes – and it’s always in your pocket.”

Loving this new @xxxxxx phone. If only I could figure out how to stop using it! 📱

Being constantly distracted by our phones doesn’t allow us to let our minds wander and be creative.

Phones can stay. I’m going to be active and live my life the way I used to before phones existed as if there wasn’t a camera on every single phone.

Just because you don’t text me all day doesn’t mean I feel any less connected to you. My love for you grows stronger each passing day.

That awkward moment when you realize you’re so addicted to social media that you forget to breathe 📱

Putting down the phone and nurturing yourself in real life.

If it ain’t got that Levi’s then it’s just a waste of pocket.

College is like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re gonna get.

We’re all in this together, friends.

Be more than just another distraction.

What is your obsession? #infinite

No matter where you go, there you are. – Buckaroo Banzai

Your camera is only a mirror. It will reflect back to you exactly who you are inside.

The world isn’t changing to fit your pace…adjust your pace to fit the world.

Quotes About Being Addicted To Your Phone

When you get “That” text. The one that makes you happier than anything else in the world. That’s when you know, you’re addicted to your phone.

I am so addicted to my phone, I check my PMS before I brush my teeth.

As the creator of the selfie, I would like to apologize for not warning you about Instagram addiction…If you are on your device more than you are with your loved ones, you might need an intervention.” -Will Smith

Despite what the haters say, I’m still obsessed with your photos.

Most people experience feelings of sadness, anger, or anxiety when they’re separated from their smartphones. It’s okay to feel this way. Countless studies have found that social media can be addictive—and it’s the very definition of

In the digital age when the world is in your pocket, you have to cut down on distractions. You

have to keep scrolling. How much time do you spend a day in a not so good place?

Your phone is destroying your life, and it’s time to be free and fully present with the world and people around you.

When life gets stressful, sometimes it’s difficult to look away from your phone. But you don’t have to let technology interfere with your life—especially not at mealtimes. Let’s all take a step back from

Can’t. Stop. Scrolling 🤣😅📱️😜

I’m just scrolling on my phone to pay attention.

“When I wake up in the morning, before opening my eyes, I reach for my phone. It’s a substitute for a pair of glasses or contact lenses for me.” – New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

Check your battery—we just rolled out 3 new flavors. #berry, #banana, #pear🍉

Hello…? Anyone there? It’s me, 👋.

The Internet is becoming the world’s largest mental asylum.

Our Monday mornings are very serious business.

Being on your phone all the time isn’t good for your health. #breakfree

Checking your phone too much? Try these tips to take control.

Escape your phone without actually leaving it behind. Find out more at

We’ve been staring at our phones for too long. Let me be your reminder to go outside and enjoy this nice day for a change.

We all need a good break from our phones. Up to 20 minutes outside with no phone in your pocket is the rule of thumb for feeling more focused and happier… But how do you find the motivation?

Whatever you do, don’t get distracted by your screen this summer 😉

Staring at your screen and realizing you’ve forgotten to actually do things.

These days, everyone is glued to their screens – but it’s @xxxxx that brings people together 🛫👨‍👩‍👧

Addiction is not what it used to be. It has taken on the form of an object, a device, an apparatus. It’s something that is always with you, in your pocket or purse.

Social media is a huge distraction from what’s important in life.

If your phone didn’t come with an off button, why not make one?

Lighting candles and booking a spa day for the coming weekend 💆🏼‍♀️ deep down we all know we’re not that into candles.

There’s an app for that.

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” – Dorothy Parker

Nothing wrong with being addicted to your phone, if that addiction means getting out every single day. 📱

I’m not addicted to my phone. I’m addicted to the amazing things that happen when I use it.

There is no such thing as a phone addict, we’re all just hiding from our problems. ​

If you spend more time looking at your phone than you do in real life, check out the new iPhone!

Let’s be real—you aren’t going to want to stop staring at your phone, especially as it continues to come to life as a virtual touchscreen 😎

My phone is my BFF (best friend forever) but I swear it’s making me anti-social. 😠

I think my phone has a crush on me.

If you find that your phone is keeping you from enjoying real moments with friends and family, then it’s time to turn off notifications.

It did not happen all at once. And it did not begin with a cellphone.

When my mom retired she said, “I’m not looking forward to sleeping in.” I said, “Why?!” She said, “I miss my alarm clock!”

The days get shorter, the nights get longer, the leaves get browner and my battery keeps dying.

Being smart is cool, but being cool is even cooler. Stay ahead of the curve with our latest handsets 😎

Go on without me, I’ll just catch up. 📱☝🏻 👊

There is no app for happiness, so download one. 😎

Updates on my whereabouts can be followed on my Instagram account, (username)_josephine.

I’ve gotten so addicted to my phone, I woke up with it and put it to bed.’ ― @xxxxx

I’m not addicted to my phone. I’m attached to it. You’re on your phone too. We all are. Smartphones are the center of our lives. We’re on them more than we’re with actual

Like most addictions, I was hooked on distraction. I used to look at my phone for just about everything, and in the process, I was missing out on a lot of good things happening in real life.

Millennials, hook yourselves up with some vitamins or something since you’re spending so much time on your phones.

We can’t put down our phones, but at least we can reach them with ease from #Mophie cases.

As a smartphone addict, I’ve come to expect my device is with me everywhere I go—and now, even when I’m brushing my teeth.

When he texts you back, ask yourself: did I text him, or did he text me? Then, ask yourself: which one do I want to be?

Your phone is like a lightsaber. May the Force be with you…always 🖥 #WeWantTheForce

It all started as a way to connect: phones, computers, and cars. But just look at us now.

Unplug. ✌🏼

Just like social media, I can’t put this book down!

At least I have my priorities straight. 😉

You had me at scroll.

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Addiction To Phone Quotes

We live in an age where people are addicted to their phones. It’s okay though, not problematic that’s how technology works #PhoneAddiction

I’m addicted to my phone, I check it every hour. I hate that it’s become a part of my life. #addiction

Like the awesomeness of this app gathering so much popularity can be described in one word: “addiction”.

Hey, it’s me, your phone. I’m watching you scroll through Instagram and I’m feeling uncomfortable. You’ll never see another crop top or bikini or spray tan or Purusha summer selfie of me again.

Are we taking this phone thing too far?… Maybe… 📱

My phone died and it was the best thing that ever happened.

Swiping through social media makes me feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

My best friend tries to make me put my phone down every time I get text notifications on it. We don’t care what people think about us on Instagram 😎

Just when I think you’re perfect, you go and do something utterly adorable and crush my heart all over again.

I’m staring down at my phone and wondering what we’d be doing today if I hadn’t invented it. #thankstech

Sometimes you just miss your friends and wish they were sitting next to you. 💌

It’s like I’m depersonalizing. It feels like deja vu all over again.

The biggest milestone in your life is other people.

That moment when it’s 4:20 somewhere.

I don’t want to brag, but I was at the top of my class.

Being addicted to your phone isn’t the worst addiction. It’s what you do with that addiction that matters.

I love gadgets, but I don’t trust them. They’re too much like a person. ♥️ #iphonequote #nofilter this phone is my best friend.

Maybe if you’re good, I’ll give you my phone number.

If my camera was a phone. . .the only shots I’d take would be selfies.

Phone. 📱

I’m too busy looking at Instagram to focus on my life.

Introducing new ways to make your day more convenient like ordering food through your app 🍔💸❤️

Social media only makes it worse.

You need me because you make me better.

How many hours of Netflix do you think I’ll watch this weekend?? 😬

Feels like I’ve forgotten something…and I need it now.

If you spend the first 10 years of your career working at big companies, you might as well retire. (This is my favorite one) ##

Ok, I have to…

Doesn’t matter if you’re a star. Cause in this world, there are a million things that you don’t know. Oh! The famous phone quotes.

my phone is my favorite accessory.

Check these inspirational mobile phone quotes for more motivation.

This phone case is so cute and I’m so obsessed with it! It’s so unique and different from any other cases I’ve seen! I love the color too, so gorgeous.

“Social media can be like methadone for dissatisfaction.” ― Douglas Rushkoff, Present Shock

We are all guilty of it, too. When the day is done, our phones are with us. We can’t help but check them for notifications, for likes, for comments, for anything.

I’m so addicted to Instagram, I scroll through my home feed and cry when I get to my own posts. #HypocriticalTL; DR

I’ll put my phone down if you put yours down.

There’s a reason we all need to spend more time outside and less on our phones…

I’ll text you later, do not disturb…

Being busy is good. Feeling important is better††… But being indispensable is best. 📱😎

The distant relative of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, the Nutella Mocha is a real thing of beauty. It has that deep chocolate note that makes you just want to keep sucking on it all day long.

“Let go of my hand.” ⌛️


Apps for everything. Even addiction. 📱‍♀️

I can’t help myself, I’m a self 🤪 Addicted to the constant notifications and pings from my device that keep me up to date with what’s going on in the world. I’d rather not miss a thing.

success is my new addiction

The fact that you’re on your phone right now is just some major 🔥

Our phones control so much of our lives… But we can still choose how we react.

Most people text out of habit. So . . . sort of a habit? 📲

The best apps are the ones that disappear—into the background, out of sight. – Jenna Wortham – via @xxxx

All hail the caffeinated gods. ☕️

I want to take a selfie, but that would ruin the fun. @xxxxx

You can never be overdressed or overeducated.

Marr updates.

You May Like #instagram #hummingbirds #birds #birdsofinstagram #gardening @xxxxx

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be healthy and feel good

The only thing you need to know is, that if you see me on my phone then I’m either busy or bored.

I open my phone and close the curtains of the world. I am never alone when I have a phone in my hands.

All I want to do is scroll through my phone and watch Netflix all day. 📺📱

Phone, please. My brain is full.

What if I were a kid again—only this time, with an iPhone 😎😎

Instagram has made us all more knowledgeable‽/\_(ツ)_/¯

My take on technology: Do not worship it. Fear it. Never let it distract you from the people you love.

Stop scrolling. Start living.

What’s this? A text from my crush? Omigosh, let me just check what time it is. Wait. Is that the doorbell? AND now an email just came in. Oh no! I hope I didn’t

I think we should start off by making it clear that you are not crazy.

“The only thing that’s worse than falling in love is falling out of it.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. -Maya Angelou

You can do anything you want in life, but not everything.

Yes, please.

The early bird may get the worm, but it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese.

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