Love Letters Straight From Your Heart for Him 2021

Love Letters Straight From Your Heart for Him 2021


Love Letters for Him to fall in love with is the easiest way to make a man feel that he’s special. Here you will find love letters from your heart for him to help you express your feelings and emotions with your boyfriend or husband. It can be a very romantic letter if you open up your heart by sharing your most intimate thoughts. We have made it easier for you by giving some ideas and tips on how to write cute, sweet, and romantic love letters for him.


It can be difficult to know what to write in a love letter. So many people send handwritten letters to all sorts of people—from loved ones to crushes to coworkers—that a little fear of not knowing what to say can be par for the course. The good news is that in this case, your goal isn’t to come up with something new and creative; it’s simply to say what you actually feel. As a result, there’s no need to fret about what to say in your love letter. Instead, focus on putting down on paper what you really think and feel. And if it’s not quite what you want to say? That’s OK! Just write it out anyway, and then go back and rewrite it


1. You are my world. I would walk a thousand miles just to be with you. You capture my heart with your smile, you charm me with your laugh, and you kiss me with your sweet love. You are my soul mate, the love of my life, and I will be yours forever.


2. You are my true love, the man who completes me and makes me a better person. You are the person I tell all my fears and secrets to, and you never pass judgment. Our love is something that takes my breath away every single day. You’re my favorite person in the world. Will you marry me?


3. Your love has lasted through my darkest days, kept me straight through the twist and turns of life, and brought me to the greatest feeling of happiness. Thank you, baby, for loving me, for staying with me, and for being you. I love you!


4. I love you for so many reasons. You’re my best lover, my soul mate, and the love of my life. You are the only one who knows me inside out and accepts me for who I am. I am so lucky that you’re mine and that I will always have you by my side.


5. I love you with all of my heart. I miss you more than the stars miss the sky. I can’t stop thinking that our love is a dream come true and how lucky I am. If there was a way to make your entire day better, it would be to have you by my side.


6. I will never be able to express just how much you mean to me. You are the best boyfriend in the world, and I am so lucky that you chose me to spend your life with. You are my one true love and my soul mate. I can’t think of a world without you in it. I love you more than life itself.


7. I’ve never felt this way before. I am in love with you, and it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. You make me feel so special! I can be myself around you, and that is something I haven’t ever had before.


8. Love is both a correct sentence and an error. I love you; that error still is the greatest sentence I’ve ever pronounced. Love letters for him are too difficult to write. He is always ahead of me.


9. You have the sweetest disposition out of anyone I have ever met. You always know how to lift my spirits when I’m feeling down. You’re so considerate and thoughtful, so protective and attentive. Your smile is contagious; you make me laugh till it hurts; you cheer me up when I’m upset. The memories we have created together will last a lifetime, you’re the man of my dreams, and I love you forever and ever!


10. I love you. The words I have for you are not enough to show you how much I love you. You are my world, my life, my everything. Without you, I don’t want to live another day. You are my dream come true, the man I have always dreamed of, and now that I have found you, I cannot imagine living without you.


11. When I look into your deep green eyes, all I see is your soul – the brilliant, warm, and intense being that you are. It is you that makes me feel alive, and with each passing day, you fill my heart with so much love that I have no choice but to let its overflow flow out to the world. I want you to know that not only have I fallen in love with you, but also with all the wonderful things about yourself that make you one of a kind.


12. I love you so much. I wish I could kiss you right now and feel your heart beating in time with mine. You are my rock through tough times, my joy in times of happiness, and my soul mate for all eternity.


13. I can’t describe how I feel. You are the reason I am alive today; you are my world, my everything. You make me feel like a real princess. I love you and so happy we found each other in this big world.


14. I realize it’s been almost a year since you told me you loved me. I don’t care; I still feel the same way. I love you so much, and more than anything I have ever felt before, almost like a passion is burning inside of me. I will never stop loving you, and I feel like I get to know you more and more every day. You are my everything.


15. I love you so much, babe. I don’t even know where to begin. You mean the world to me, and I just want to spend forever with you. I cannot wait for forever with you, where I won’t have a worry in the world BUT loving and adoring you. We have been together for almost five years now. I cannot believe how fast it has gone by! Our life is amazing because we have each other to share it with. Having you in my life is an achivment.


16. I hope all is well and you’re having a great day. I really can’t stop thinking about you. I just wanted to take a moment and say I love you. Thank you for always being there for me. Even when we are not together, I still feel connected to you. You have given so much of yourself to me that it blows me away. I have never been loved by anyone like me before. I am getting goosebumps even writing this because my heart is filled with so much.


17. I love you so much – you make me happier with every day I spend with you. The best part of my day is dreaming about the next time I get to see you. I love to remember how we met and hear your voice telling me how you’ve always loved me.


18. It is hard to express how I feel about you. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I love you more than words could express. My love for you grows every minute we spend together, and every moment we are apart; I can’t wait to be in your arms again.


19. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You bring so much joy into my life, and I love being around you. I am so lucky to have you! You make me feel safe, happy, and at home. Thank you for being a wonderful boyfriend. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us! I love you so much, baby!


20. You will always be the love of my life. I never thought not having you would be so painful, but I feel so blessed to have you that I would do it all over again, a million times over, through all the pain and sadness.


21. I would do anything for you. You are my soul mate, my best friend, and the other half of everything that is me. I love you, baby.

22. Thank you for loving me. Sometimes I think about how amazingly lucky I am that someone like you chose to love me. You are such an amazing person, and I’m lucky to spend a lifetime with you. I’m always here for you, no matter what.


23. You are my world. I never knew true happiness until you came into my life. It may not be perfect, but it’s all we need. I love you and would love nothing more than to spend the rest of mine with you.


24. Thank you for everything. Thank you for loving me the way you do and for showing me how happy love can be. You are kind and gentle, yet strong and secure, and those are just a few of the reasons I love you so much. I cannot wait to see what the future brings us. I love you!


25. Hey baby! I love you. My life was so empty until you came around. You are my world, my light, everything I could ever need or want. I never knew how to love until these past few years with you, and I am so happy to have found it. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you by my side.


26. There are a million different ways to describe you, but every single word would not do you justice. I love the way your eyes light up when you smile, the way you hold me tight and never want to let go, and the way you laugh at my awful jokes. Above all, I love how you make me feel like the most beautiful woman on earth. Thank you for loving me with your whole heart.


27. I love you. These three words fill my life with more happiness than I thought was possible. I love you to the moon and back; my heart stops when we’re apart. You are my future husband, my everything. I can’t wait to spend forever with you!


Love Letters Straight From My Heart


28. You are the single most amazing person I know. You’re the love of my life and the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for being there at every moment of my life and for loving me unconditionally. I love you, now and forever.


30. I love when you come around. You completely put a smile on my face and the love of my life. I am happy knowing that I have someone like you who can bring me so much happiness. I love when you hold me close and kiss me goodnight. You are my dream come true, and I adore every part of you.


31. I love you so much. I can’t get over how much you mean to me. You are the one for me! My heart literally skips a beat every time I hear your voice. I don’t want this feeling to ever end.


32. You have given me the most amazing gift—the gift of true love. We’ve been through so much together, and we continue to grow stronger every day. Sometimes I can’t believe we really found each other. You have the kindest heart, and you always put others before yourself. I love you!


33. Every time I see you, I fall for you just a little bit more. You are the love of my life, and I can’t imagine living without you. Even when you trip over thin air or forget something, I still fall for you even more. You make my heart dance with joy!


34. I am nothing without you. You are my rock and my best friend. I will be here by your side forever, and I will always love you. You are the light that shines through me every day, keeps me safe and warm at night and fills me with a love I can’t understand.


35. I know all about your past, and I completely understand. Everyone has skeletons in the closet; our mistakes define who we are today. You have changed so much for me you no longer even see the negativity in yourself. Every day you make me happier than I’ve ever been before. It’s no wonder why I love you so much.


36. It’s such a pleasant surprise to find a letter from you in my mailbox. The day is always better just knowing I will find love waiting at home. You are the best part of every day; I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you for being you, thank you for loving me, and thank you for joining our lives together.


37. You’ve captured my heart completely over the years and have filled it with love that will last forever. You are my soul mate, my best friend, my partner in crime, and my “other half.” I can honestly say my life is better and more complete since the day we met. Know that no matter what comes our way, I will always be by your side. Forevermore. I will love you!


38. My love for you will never end. It will only continue to grow. I pride myself on loving you more than the day before and doing so with every passing year. I am so blessed to have found you and can’t wait until we walk down that aisle together.


39. I never thought that I could be this happy. Last year, I didn’t even know what true happiness was until I found you. You have shown me, love, as I have never known it before. I will always love you for giving me a second chance.


40. I know I don’t say it enough, but I will never stop showing you how much I love you. You are my favorite person in the world. Every time I wake up next to your warm body, my heart skips a beat. You are the perfect man for me, and I love you more than anything else in the world.


Love Letters Straight From Your Heart for Him 2021


41. Dearest my love, I cherish all our moments together – from laughter to sincerity. Your love is a promise, and my life with you promises to be divine. You alone give me the reason to go on when I feel like giving up. You are my best friend and my soul mate. I am so glad we met and fell in love!


42. My love, there is nobody around in this world who could ever take your place. You are everything I’ve ever wanted in a man, and then some you make me feel so happy, safe, and protected. I can’t wait to share my life with you. I will hold you tight, my dear, because you are the reason my heart beats the way it does. You are my one true love, and I’m so lucky to have found you! I want to spend the rest.


43. The first day I met you, my heart skipped a beat. You are my match made in heaven. When I look at you, the feelings feel new and oh so exciting. I love you for who you are, and I am proud to call you my boyfriend.


44. No matter how far you go, no matter what happens in this crazy world, nothing will ever change the way I feel about you. You are my dream come true, and without you in my life, I would be lost and empty. From the moment I met you, I have been filled with love.


45. I love you so much! I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world for having you. You are my other half, and one-half of us just never seems to be enough. Every day that goes by, I fall more and more in love with you. There’s nothing I would rather do than spend every living second with you!


46. I want to say thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you for the wonderful life we have together, for being my rock when I feel like nothing is going right.

47. Every day I learn more and more about what love really means; with every minute that passes, my love grows stronger and stronger. Our time together has been the best in my life, and I am so glad you shared it with me.


48. It gives me great pleasure to be your girl. You make my life complete. When I am in your arms, I feel that nothing else matters and no other place can I be. Thank you for loving me with all of your heart and making me a better person in the process. I love you more than ever.


49. I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH! Sometimes I feel like you know everything about my life, yet you still love me as if you have no idea. You are the best boyfriend ever. Our love is always growing, and it never stops. I love you more than ever.


50. I will always love you, now and forever. You are the best man I know. You bring light to my life that no one else could replace. You are tender, loving, and thoughtful. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to be in my life. I am so lucky to have someone like you in my life, don’t ever let me go!


51. You make me happy every day. You support me in my career goals, you ask me how I’m doing before you ask about yourself, and you have never shown any signs of jealousy. I love the way your eyes shine when we watch movies together, the way you hold my hand when the world seems to be getting us down. I like to be with you every second of every day. I love you, sweetie!


52. I just wanted to let you know how special you are to me and how much I love you. I always felt as though I knew you my whole life like we were destined to meet each other.


53. I love the sound of your voice, your smile, the way you smell, the touch of your skin. I’d do anything to see you at the end of mine. Not a day goes by. I don’t think about you. I miss you so much. And it’s not just because we live far away from one another. It’s because we were made for each other. You are the most important person in my life. Thank you for always being there for me.


54. Loving you is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Every morning I wake up to the most amazing feeling in the world, knowing I get to see your face. You bring out happiness in me like no one else ever has, and my life just isn’t the same without you in it. You are my crutch, my shoulder to cry on, and my best friend. I love every single thing about you and would never want to change a single detail. 


55. I know this will sound sappy, but you are my heart. You are the smile on my face, the sun in my day, and the twinkle in my eye. I need you, and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you. I feel like I’m finally complete because I found you! There is no one else that can make me feel so special, so loved, and so safe as you do. You are the greatest gift ever.


56. You are my absolute everything. I love you more than words can ever express. You were the one to wake me up from my midnight slumber and made me realize what it is like to feel alive. I couldn’t picture my life without you because your mere presence makes me so happy, you have been there through the good and bad, and I can’t thank you enough.

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