Love Poems From the Heart for Her

The best way to show the woman in your life that you love her isn’t always through flowers, chocolates, and cards. Sometimes, a simple love poem can say everything you want it to without being too cliché. It takes time and effort to turn a phrase elegantly and beautifully to make someone feel special. So why don’t you spare a few minutes to look at those lovely collections?

Love Poems From the Heart for Her

• Every day I wake up next to you I thank god for bringing us together. I love you so much and just can’t wait for new adventures with you.

• Your hair, your smile, your beautiful eyes, and that wonderful laugh of yours. It was just too much for me to take! I love being in your company because you are fun to be around and I never have a dull moment when I’m with you.

• I love you for who you are, inside and out. You are my world, the reason for my smile and the light in my world. You make me laugh uncontrollably so much that I have snorts when I laugh too hard! Thank you!

• Your green eyes speak loudly to my heart and your long brown hair sings of your beauty. You are the most beautiful woman in the world to me!

• I love you more than ever, I love everything you do. You are my dream come true and I love having you here with me. I look forward to many years of happiness with you.

• You are the heavens to my earth. Your love lights up my soul and brings me such happiness. I am so blessed to have found you and it is such an honor to call you mine.

• I love your smile, I love your laugh, I love everything about you. You give meaning to my life and I can’t imagine how any place could feel like home without you in it.

• I liked you from the first time we met, I can’t explain it but there was just something about you.

• I hold you close to my heart and never want to let go. I want to kiss every inch of your exposed skin, every single freckle.

• A woman has many faces and a man only one. It’s a sad thing that women use their faces to hide their truth, but I see it all in you. The soft cheeks that always blush is your true face, the one I know is real.

• You and me, we are one and the same. You cherish my soul, you nourish me and you heal me. I love you like a lioness loves her mate.

• Someday I will find the words to tell you how amazing you are and how much I love you. For now, though, I will just say “I Love You” and show you through my actions. You mean so much to me!

• Sometimes I look at you and it takes my breath away. It’s the feeling that I’ve never felt before, it just overwhelms me! I’m not sure why this feeling comes over me, but I love it.

• Hush, there’s nothing to say. She knows this is just wishful thinking, anyway. Do they know it’s Valentine’s Day? Does she have any idea how much I care? No. But she will when I give her this card… and some more chocolates just in case!

 Love Poems for Her From the Heart

• You are wondrously beautiful, inside and out and I hope one day soon you realize just how perfect we are together.

• You are an even greater blessing to me than I could have ever hoped for. You brighten my days with just your smile and fill my nights with sweet dreams of us and our future together. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!

• Every day is a new adventure with you by my side. I can only hope that one day soon we will be married so that I can call you my wife.

• The other is you, you taught me what it means to love without limits. You have given me strength and taught me patience. Your happiness is all that matters to me. Without you, by my side, my world would be dark and lonesome.

• I am so lucky to have you as my love! You are the most beautiful and caring person in the world. You light up my life in every way. I will love you forever until I take my last breath.

• My feelings for you are deeper than the ocean. My heart beats with every word you say and every smile you share. I want to bring you happiness, so much joy and love that your cheeks ache from the constant smiles.

• It’s hard to believe that it has been one year since I met the most amazing girl in the world. With each passing day, I love you more and more. Thank you for being by my side through everything.

• I love you My Beautiful! I am so in awe at how wonderful our life has become. It’s hard to believe that we used to just be friends, barely able to stand each other. Now when we are together all my worries fly away, and I feel safe and secure in your arms.

• My Love, My sweetheart, my princess you are the one that makes my heart sing. With you, by my side, my life seems perfect. Together we can do anything I love you more than words can say.

• You are my everything. I love you more than I have ever loved anything in this world. You are a warrior and I will always be by your side to protect you. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you and there is nothing that could break our love…

• Your love is like a glowing light inside, warming me and guiding me. You bring the brightness of the sun into my world, chasing the dark away. You are my light, my guiding light when I’m lost. I will always be grateful for your love, there is no love stronger than ours.

• I’ve been with you since day one, I’m never going to leave, I don’t want to be another guy. Our love is so real and it keeps growing. You are everything to me and more!

• In my life, there are two people, one of which I cherish the most. The other I waited a lifetime to meet. The one I cherish is my mother, she taught me kindness and how to love.

• As I start to write this letter all I can think about is you. You’re my world, the reason that I wake up in the morning. You are everything I’ve ever dreamed of and much more.

• There is something about you, I can’t even find the words. You are the perfect blend of beauty, brains, and charm. You are more than I could imagine, bringing so much joy to my life.

 I Love You Poems for Her From the Heart

• I love you so deeply, please don’t know how much, if it was time to say goodbye I wouldn’t know what to do, because now I realize how wrong it would be to live a life without someone like you.

• I am so lucky to have you in my life because I don’t know what I would do without you. I look forward to our future together and can’t wait for the day when we are happily married!

• There is a spark between us that ignites that fills every aspect of our lives. The photo on top is only to help you remember how much I actually adore you.

• You make my heart happy, you make me feel special. You always know how to cheer me up. I thank God every single day for bringing the two of us together.

• I love the way you laugh, I love the way you cry. I just can’t get enough of you, I want to spend my life with you. You are the person I have been waiting for, I pray we never part.

• My love for you is so deep and true. How can I possibly explain it? You are my world, the very center of my universe. You bring me more happiness than I have ever known before. To have you in my life is all I have ever dreamed of. Love you!

• Darling, my love, my heart and soul, you are the most wonderful girl on earth. You are my peace, light in darkness, bliss unspeakable. Life is sweeter when you are next to me; the song of life is happier in the company of yours! I love you…

• My girlfriend Stephanie, you are so perfect to me. You complete me and you make my heart complete. I miss you every day but I look forward to the moments we share together. I love you so much and can’t wait until the next time I get to see your lovely face.

• I may not be the smartest guy in the world but I know for sure that you are the smartest woman. I love how strong, caring, and daring you are. You make my life better every single day.

• I love you. That’s all there is to it. It’s crazy to think that I met you almost three years ago and the feelings are stronger than ever.

• I wrote this poem for the one I love. It captures my feelings so well and there is enough room for you to add your own personalized touches.

• I love the way we get each other. You know exactly what I mean when I say something, and I can tell by your expression. We have a connection that goes beyond words.

• I love you so much and I know I’ve said it many times over, but still, it’s true just as much today as the first day I told you.

• I love you, not just today and tomorrow, but every day of my life. That’s the way I feel. And if you feel the same way I do, say so!

 Love Saying for Her From the Heart

• There aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am that you are mine forever; I cherish every single second with you. I will never stop loving and cherishing your beautiful soul.

• You make my heart skip a beat every time I see your beautiful face and it fills me with joy. I am glad to call you mine, and I don’t plan on letting go anytime soon!

• You are an amazing woman, and I wish you the best of luck with your life. May God bless you always! I would be hearing from you so please feel to reach me any time.

• No matter where life takes us or what happens, my love for you will never change. You mean the world to me and I could never ask for anything more than what we have right now.

• I’ve loved you since the day I laid eyes on you. You’re my dream girl and I hope I can make all of your dreams come true. You are my rock, always there for me no matter what. I love you and can’t wait to be with you forever!

• A lover’s touch can never be replaced. The stars in the sky can never compare to your eyes, your lips are like cherries and my heart is completely yours. You are my only true love and I pray that we will always share the same fate.

• You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I thought I never have a girlfriend, but you came along and made all my dreams come true. You complete me in every way and I am so glad we found each other. I love you more than words can say.

• I love you and all your idiosyncrasies. You have made me a better person and I am so thankful to have you by my side. I cherish our time together and will do anything to always make you happy.

• My heart stops for a moment every time I look at you. You are so beautiful, you take my breath away. I love you more than life itself and every day it gets stronger.

• I love you more than words could say. Your smile is what sets my heart to racing, your laugh sets my soul at ease, and being in your arms puts an ache in my chest. I don’t know what I did to deserve you but I will never let you go.

• To the most amazing girl in the world. I don’t deserve you, but I am so glad you belong to me and no one else.

• I hope these words reach you in time. I know how much it hurts during breakup, but know that you are not alone.

• You’re my best friend. I appreciate everything that you do for me, and the only thing I want in return is to keep being there for you and loving you unconditionally.

• I want you, need you, to know that you are my best friend, the one I love and adore with my heart and soul. You mean everything to me. I love you always!

 Romantic Love Poems for Her From the Heart

• I adore you; your smile, your laugh, your eyes, your hair, your lips, and everything else that is you. Pressing my lips on yours is the happiest moment of my life and I can’t wait to kiss you again when we are together.

• You’ve captured my heart in every way and it is a privilege to be with you. You are the most important thing in my life and without you, I would be lost.

• You have a body that drives me crazy, and a face that would stop a clock. The more time I spend on you the more I notice how truly wonderful you are.

• Love is the greatest passion, which engulfs the man soul and mind. And the most precious feeling that a woman can give to a man. I appreciate your love and I’ll do everything in my power to be with you, my second half.

• I am sending you the most precious gift. My heart. It’s yours and I wish it to stay that way forever. Baby, don’t ever doubt my feelings for you.

• My dearest dear! No words can tell you how much I love you. Every day and night, my love for you is growing and growing. You are all that I need. When I close my eyes, I see only you…

• I will love you forever. You are the only one I have eyes for. I don’t care if the whole world that stands between us, my love for you will not cease.

• I have searched far and wide, but I always find you by my side. I love you more with every second, more than the moon and stars, more than anything in the world. I will never let you go and be forever yours, till death do us part.

• I wanted to tell you how much I love you. I am always thinking about you and wondering what amazing things you’re doing at the moment. To me, you are the epitome of perfection.

• My dearest girlfriend, I’m not sure where you are at this moment, but my heart feels happy just knowing that you are in the world. When we first met I noticed those beautiful honey eyes and your luscious hair.

• I have no words strong enough to express how much I love you. You are my life, my love, and my best friend. I can’t imagine spending a day without talking to you or seeing your beautiful smile. I’m so grateful that you choose to share your life with me.

• You’re beautiful inside and out. I know we don’t talk as much as we used to, but that only means there are more things to look forward to in our relationship. You’re my best friend and the one person I feel happiest around. I want to be by your side always.

• I never thought I would meet a girl like you. When I saw you the first time I thought, man she’s beautiful! And on top of that, you are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the privilege to know. You bring light into my life and make everything better just by your presence.

• I will always be by your side. I will be your rock and support you in every way. Know that through the thick and through the thin I’m always here. Because my love for you is unconditional. With you, my soul can rest. My love for you is so great, I would give my life for thine.

 I Love You From the Bottom of My Heart Quotes

• I love the little things about you that make you uniquely you! It’s hard to remember anything before you came along. Everything has been better since the day we met. You are my best friend and it just keeps getting better every day.

• As much as I try to explain it, or portray it in my actions, I don’t think I will ever be able to fully express how you make me feel. You are so special to me and your presence in my life means everything to me.

• I have loved you since the day I met you – like I have never loved anyone before. My feelings have grown stronger with each passing day and start to live without you seems unimaginable. You are my life, my heart, and my soul. L♥VE YOU!!!

• When you are next to me, I feel like I’m in a dream. When I’m not, I’m still wishing it was true. I love you with everything I am and more.

• I love your laugh, I love how you talk to me, I love how you make me feel, I love how when we kiss everything else just falls away, I love how on the inside you are always laughing at my silly jokes.

• I love you. as simple as that. as complex as I am, how could I not? you’re more than my friend, my lover, and my soul mate… you’re my anchor in all this crazy life. thanks for being in mine!

• I just want you to know that I love you so much, baby! You mean the world to me, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. I’m so glad we found each other. I love you, my sweetheart.

• I have no idea how to express just how much I love you. Words can’t even begin to describe it; they are just too small. To show you, I guess I will have to dedicate my life to providing you with happiness and love every day. If that’s not love, then what is?

• I miss you, like crazy. I know what the next 6 months will be like and they seem so far away. I don’t have to tell you how much I love you because you already know. You are the other half of my heart, my soul mate, and my best friend. Thank you for being you and thank you for choosing me.

• I love you. These three little words have evolved into the most powerful words ever spoken, at least to me.

• I love you, Andrea. You’re my soul mate and the closest thing I have to a best friend in this world. You are so crazy wonderful and sweet, I haven’t met anyone else like you in this world. I couldn’t be without you. I don’t think I could ever run out of ways to say I love you!

• I want you to know that even though we aren’t together anymore I will always be your friend. I hope you can forgive me for all the drama. I still think about you from time to time and hope that you are happy and doing well in life.

• I’ve looked into your eyes and I see the brightest light shining back at me. You are such an amazing woman, full of love and beauty. If anyone were to ask me to describe what my soulmate is like…. well… you fit the description perfectly. You’re smart, witty, caring, beautiful, and crazy as hell sometimes! I love every crazy second with you:)

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