Portable Female Urinal Funnel Caption for Instagram

After years of research and development, we present a Portable female urinal funnel. It has been one of the most popular types of product as you can use it as a female urinal as well as a fun drinking cup! It is made with top grade food grade plastic that keeps your beverage cold and prevents spilling. When using a Portable female urinal funnel as a fun drinking cup, we recommend cold drinks. Have a cold drink anywhere, on the beach, on the boat, and at home or office after traveling or playing sports.

If you are a female, disabled, or traveling and need to relieve yourself in public places it can prove frustrating. Public restrooms lack privacy and not all locations have a nearby option. In these cases, the portable female urinal funnel is a handy device to have as an option.

Portable Female Urinal Funnel Caption for Instagram

Need to toss a deuce and you’re too far away from a porcelain throne? It’s girls like you who make the portable female urinal funnels we sell so handy. Just think: spending your day, hiking.

Make sure you don’t turn into a pumpkin after Halloween, with our female urinal funnel! ##portableurinalfunnel

You pee, we make it easy. The Joy F funnel provides women with a discreet solution for on-the-go restroom visits.

♿️ Looking forward to this weekend (and hopefully that cool evening breeze again!) #portableurinal #urinaryincontinence #femaleurinal #funneltotravel

A woman should never be caught short without a way to urinate. That’s why we made FLO—the portable female urination device. FLO is not only discreet, easy to use, and ergonomically designed but it can fit into any

Easily ditch the fear of using a public restroom by carrying your own. 😇

Wanna go on a road trip with your friends this summer? Let them know that pee stops and bathroom lines don’t have to be a dull moment 😜

Want to get rid of your shy bladder once and for all? Wishpoosh gives women freedom to go where ever they want when they want…without making total #potty mouth. *shy face*.

When nature calls and there’s no bathroom around, you’ll be grateful to have the anti-embarrassment device. ❤️

Break the toilet taboo and never be caught short on your period again

Let’s get rid of false excuses and find the confidence to live out loud #GoPurple #alwayscomfortawoman

Wine can sometimes cause women to wake up in strange places… 😱

The perfect accessory for long road trips, tailgating, music festivals, camping 🚛☝

Be prepared . . . and not caught short.

💆🏽‍♀️Update your festival game 🎉

Quick and convenient female urinary situation. Well-designed. Easy to clean.

Go Anywhere! The Woman’s Urinal!

The GoGirl® is the only product on the market engineered to help women find relief and independence during a urinary emergency.

So. Easy. Pee. With It. No awkward hovering or aim required! Whether you’re at a festival, stadium, concert, sporting event, traveling away from home, camping, outdoor adventure, or a night on the town.

Curious about how a female urinal works? You’ll know a lot more about it after watching this video.

Perfect for camping trips, theme parks, music festivals. Give yourself the freedom to let go where others fear to pee!

GoGirl lets you use the restroom wherever you are, without running for a public bathroom.

Stay Fresh; Always Carry a Spare.

Guys. Girls. This device is for us all.

Keeping it GoGirl with @xxxxxx💦

We’re all about freedom, and those who enjoy freedom from worry now have a product to make life a little easier.

Our Little Cowboys and Cowgirls can introduce a new sport this rodeo season: Bucking the Horse-Doughnut! 😛 ―Cave Girl

Hope you had a great weekend, and that this week finds you feeling 💩🚽🙅‍♀️-freeness.

Since 1991. The FIRST and STILL the best–Portable Female Urinal Funnel. FREE Shipping in USA.

Quench your thirst with a Portable Female Urinal Funnel!

Stay #Pumped and #Glowing with our portable female urinal funnel – 7″ (#FUFARO). [1]. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Staying at home shouldn’t prevent you from traveling. Talk to your doctor if you feel you need one of these portable female urinal funnels before flying.

Urinating while traveling is never fun. Our portable female urinals make it easy and discreet to it into your travel bag or purse.

What to do when you’re on the go? Use a Freshette! Freshette is the world’s first female urinal.

Built-in lid, funnel deliver an open channel for urine to go where you’re going.

When she absolutely, positively has to pee and can’t make it to a regular (sit down) toilet: The Freedom Fanny Pack URINAL.

It’s our time to pee. Point, aim, go.

Expand your boundaries, live life on the go instead of in a regular bathroom.

As always, please drink responsibly! Have the best night ever 🍻 #girlsnight

Glad to help you find relief wherever you go!

Let us perform a festival miracle for you. The discreetly-packaged Lady Hoodie can go from backpack to wearable in seconds 😀

Get the perfect hands-free squat every time

The portable female urinal funnel is perfect for that emergency or unique occasion when you just can’t get to the restroom in time.

When a dude’s gotta go girls gotta too. This portable female urinal funnel gives women everywhere more freedom to get where they’re going while keeping their thirst for adventure alive and well.

You’re a woman on the go, and sometimes you gotta go. That’s why we created a portable female urinal funnel that lets you pee anywhere, anytime. An all-in-one kit lets you “go girls.

If you’ve ever had an issue with the restroom at a festival you know how important this portable female urinal funnel can be. It’s even better when worn as a necklace or keychain that is ready for you to use.

The Mrs. does it all. Now she can relax despite her vaginal infection with Mrs. does em all, the portable female urinal funnel available online here at www.bestportableurinalfunnel.com

Women’s urinator, portable female urinal funnel. It’s one of our best products to restore women’s bladder power.

Don’t get stuck in an awkward situation.🚽 Carry a female urinal with you wherever you go.

Don’t let a little thing like having to go detract from your fun and adventure. Urine on the go with GoGirl.

Let’s make sure you can always pee with the guys.

Feeling like you need a bathroom might not always be convenient—like when you’re waiting in line for the 3rd bathroom ever #toohardtopee

There are times when you just have to go. Practice proper hydration by always being prepared #adventurebyurinals

For that time of the month when every drop is precious. 😬

Get your hands on one of these best-sellers while they’re still in stock

Whether you’re at a concert, festival, or in a crowd, being ready to go is the key when nature calls.

Just as pretty as a flower and just as useful.

Pee like a Girl – the portable female urinal funnel – it helps women out in places where there aren’t any toilets. PFF helps you pee standing up and does not require squeezing, pinching, or straining.

No more struggles and spills with the Cate Carter female urinal funnel! Cate Carter comes in a variety of vibrant colors and is perfect for fun, travel, and life on the go!

You can take it wherever you want and is ultra-convenient for those on the go. This portable female urinal is equipped with a soft bag, so it can be easily carried without any discomfort during the trip.

Help me help you. The perfect female urination device for travel, festivals, fitness, or anywhere where you can’t use public restrooms.

Be that lady on the go who never has to pause her life while she waits for that public restroom.

When you gotta go, you gotta go. 👒

Urinate where you please. You go, girl. 👩🏿‍💻

Feeling cooped up in the bathroom? 🚽

Feeling uncomfortably full? Patented funnel design guides you to freedom no matter where your adventure takes you.

When nature calls…even when you’re out hiking, camping, working, or on the road…Naturelle gives you the freedom to go anywhere 🚽

Go glam and get on to the next stop with style and grace.

Pushing through 💦😈

Play it safe 🚽

Unleashing the power of the flow. 👸🏻

Great for women on the go. Female urinal funnel is an easy way to pee standing up during times of emergency.

Stay #FreshAtAllTimes! The female urinal funnel makes relief easy-peezy no matter the situation.

You never know when nature calls, so it’s always good to be prepared. Stock up on these portable female urinals to lighten your load.

Keeping your options open in public restrooms is important when you gotta go #LadyBathroomAccessories☝🏻

Leave your inhibitions at home and never be caught off guard, with the Urinary Device from the Traveling Toilet Company. #takemeanywhere

Hiking is a highlight of any great summer camping trip—but what happens when nature calls and there’s no bathroom around? Here’s something to take on your next adventure!

Sneak a pee without missing a beat 💃 #LuckyUDF

Feeling nervous? We got urination covered.️👙

It’s not too late to plan your next great trip. Let Travefy help you book a trip, create a playlist, and order a box set for a long flight.

Letting girls chase their dreams 💗 by easing the stress of long lines ✄️🙌

Amazon launched a camera that can be controlled by Alexa and it’s not the only one. With these new cool gadgets, you can finally say “no” to your hunger, worry, and discomforts.

Chill out, relax. Get loose.

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We’re excited for this portable female urinal funnel. This is ideal especially for travel, hiking, camping, and so on. For more information, you can reach us at sdsurplus.com or buy porta potties today!

You never know when you’ll need a pee funnel. You know, just in case. #sogladimprepared #boom #portablefemaleurinalfunnel

Go, Girl, ⛲ #1 rated female urinal funnel, the portable washable female urination device that allows me to pee standing up. Helping women worldwide overcome shyness, public nuisance laws, and bathroom inconvenience, Go, Girl, ⛲ is

If you find yourself in a restroom emergency, that’s when you’ll need the Go Girl ⚡️⚡️⚡️

If you’ve ever laughed, danced, hiked, or ran too much during your period, you know it’s not always about the bleeding. It’s about the bladder.

Don’t be caught short at work or on holiday – take our # bladderbuddy with you to the bathroom! 💦 #bathroomutility #portableurinal

Because every girl’s gotta go! – Darby

Always be prepared to #GoWhenYouGottaGo. Visit us at GoGirl.com to watch our videos and find out more!

Be confident in your bathroom routine and let go to #GO!💦

Do you think it’s too early for #pranks? Enjoying this warm weather? THE JOKE IS ON YOU.

Ready for a meet and greet.

There’s nothing like that confidence-boosting feeling of knowing you’ve got this.

“Sometimes we…misseverythingtoomuch. (And sometimes we miss everything to… not enough.)”

Feeling #notlazy today.

It’s a monthly adventure.

Make any trip an adventure—even the ones that take you to the bathroom. #GoFresh #WhereverYouGo #PortableUrineFunnel

You can pee like a grownup anywhere, anytime with the Lisa Frank Portable Female Urinal Cup. Peeing is fun 💦

We’re all in the go, and when nature calls, it’s time to go! The Go Girl is the Original Portable Female Urinal that lets women find relief anytime, anywhere.

Eating on the go? Find @xxxxxxxxx urinal insert tube the complete solution to the issue of not having enough facilities while you are out #portableurinalinserttubes #fl-114 http://platypusp

I gave her the tool to pee in the woods (or anywhere she likes). When she’s not hiking, it lives in my purse. Wish I would’ve had this when I was in college camping.

We saved the best for last, ladies. The only funnel you’ll want to carry when using public washrooms. *Shootin’ stream* 😂 #TheChillow 🍂 #AlwaysBeChillin

If the ladies’ room line is too long and you gotta go, you gotta go where no one can see. #TheNewFashion

Don’t be embarrassed to take a leak on the road, #leakfreefunnel has got you covered.

Imagine free and unlimited access to the closest bathroom—no more missed opportunities.

Girls’ night out, girls’ weekend away, female festival buddy: whatever destination or desire that brings you to rocking a Diva Cup, we salute you.

Excuse me, I need to find a ladies room ♩

Wish you the best on your next adventure … 🙌

“Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn” – Anonymous #SparkleOn

No more peeing in a bottle! The first ever portable female urinal funnel lets you pee standing up anytime.

Don’t hold it! The Little Red Cup is a compact female urinal that allows you to pee standing up.

It’s never too early to start planning for that next party! 🍑🍻 #portableurinal

When you gotta go, you gotta go. #Shewee #GirlsCanToo

It’s easy to pee in the woods when you’re armed with a GoGirl. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2Tu0qx9

Your time is precious and you shouldn’t constantly be running to the nearest bathroom in a public place #girlslikeus

Girls Night Out is Coming…& every girl should be prepared. So go ahead let your friends take a sip❤️ www.getpinkquip.com #quipquipquip www.getquip.com #fl

No one likes to go the bathroom—but you’re going to be a lot more comfortable doing it with a Squatty Potty.

When nature calls . . . be prepared.

Whoopsie, we peed. What a relief it is…

Don’t let dehydration keep you from doing what you love or where you want to be. Slope helps you stay hydrated while skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cycling, running, and any other water-dependent activity.

Sometimes finding your flow is out of the ordinary. Fear not—we’re here to help you through it with Gravity Bags! Say hello 👋 .

A shot of confidence, where and when you need it. Take control 😉

Need to #peehandsfree? Our portable female urinal funnel is the solution for on-the-go women looking to relieve stress.

No one should ever be forced to wait, especially when nature calls. The leading portable female urinal funnel comes in handy whenever you are out and about. 🚽

Incredible for traveling or vacations. This lightweight product can fit in a purse, backpack, or fanny pack. Avoid embarrassing restroom situations now.

Designed so that women can go anywhere. No sitz, no squat, no privy potty required. Pass through airport security without being questioned. Be free to pee whenever you have to.

No matter her reasons, a woman shouldn’t be afraid to pee in public! Meet the potty-partner–your new best friend when it comes to outdoor adventures.

The female urinal allows all women, young and old, the independence to be able to pee whenever they need to. ❤🚿👍

Never miss a moment with the gocup, the female urination device. Never find yourself in a situation where you can’t find a toilet; always keep one in your bag.

When nature calls, don’t be caught without a Girl Strap. Girl Strap bags are innovative, sleek, stylish, and functional…

If you gotta go, go in style.

For the women who travel, hike, and still want to live a fun life.–Because sitting isn’t an option!

Take your potty breaks with style, comfort, and confidence.

The best way to handle your business, on the go.

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