Best Prayer for a Favor From God 2021

Have you ever felt so hopeless and unimportant in this world? Have you ever wished for something but thought it wouldn’t come through because of what other people might think? It’s a beautiful feeling when someone with a lot of power can grant a small or big favor, especially if it comes from God.


Prayer for a Favor From God

1. Oh Lord, I humbly ask that you give me the courage and motivation to follow through with this idea I have for making my wife’s dreams come true and taking her on a trip to Alaska. We’ve been saving for years, but I want this so much. Please give me the strength to make this happen for her. Blessings.


2. I know that you will do what is best for my son. You would guide him in the right direction because you love him more than I could ever love him if it were possible. Please give him a better life than me and help him improve his self-esteem to be comfortable with himself. Help my son to live a happy and healthy life. I pray that he has succeeded in all his endeavors. God, I need your help. Please provide us with the assistance we need to get.


3. Dear God, I know I’ve never been the best. I’ve done terrible things since the moment I was born. But today, I ask for your guidance and protection. Please, God, be with me and guide me as I am falling in love with someone special. Please show me the right way to go and make my path clear. As you have shown me many times before, bless this woman, fill her heart with love and send angels to guide her wherever she goes.


4. I will wait for you here among the falling leaves in lonely parks, my hair unbrushed, my heart aching with loneliness. I will not sway when the wind tries to blow me away. And, I will grow roots like an old oak tree that has stood at this spot for hundreds of years. Also, I will put my faith in God’s power to hold me still and keep you safe as I pray to him.


5. Dear God, I am but a lowly servant of yours. I have been devoted to you for most of my life, yet you have not given me what I have asked for most of all, love. Where most people find love and cherish it forever, this is what I ask for more than anything else in the world. When will you see fit to bestow upon me such a blessing? When will my prayers be answered and allow myself, a good man, to find a good woman to love.


6. Dear God, I am writing this letter to you because I am feeling very heavy-hearted today. I know that you know what is in my heart. I have been on the verge of tears since this morning. My boyfriend has been avoiding me, and I don’t know why at all. Everything that happened between us last night was my doing, but I know that he intended to come back. Unfortunately, he didn’t as at the time and day when you chose for someone to use


7. I asked God to bless me with a wife who complements me well and also of my own. I met you all too soon, but then again, it was just right.


8. “God, I love him so much that my heart breaks. He is everything to me. He has become my whole world. With each passing day, I feel more and more attached to him. He loves me unconditionally and would do anything for me. He would bring me coffee every. morning with a cute smile on his face, even if he was just getting out of bed. He would kiss me and tell me he loves me every day, every day of his life.


10. I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle to me. And, I know this will happen soon. I just know it, and I can’t wait. Also, I have always dreamt of a long life with you by my side. You are the only one I could ever truly love.


11. Dear God, I ask that you give me the strength and courage to keep moving forward. Thank you for allowing me to find the one thing in life that fills my heart with so much joy. I pray that I will be able to make him as happy as he has made me since I met him. Help me, Lord, help us all. Amen.


12. “Dear God, please give me a big favor. I have a lot of wishes, but the most important is to be a good friend and husband. There are only two people who can keep a balance between my life and my parents’ lives. They are you -me- my wife. Without you both, I will be alone in an enormous cold world. Please be my wife!


13. Dear God, please let me be the one to find that special someone. Give me the strength and patience to wait for him, and I will do whatever it takes. Find a man that is completely dedicated to me! Don’t let him break my heart like the others. God, if you see this, please make sure this man knows that I am his forever. I would like to have children someday with him, so he needs to be ready for a family. I want my man to


14. Please give my mom a sign that she is still with us. It would mean so much to me if you could do this for me. I ask kindly; please grant my wish because I need my mommy more and more. I know that you are the one true God; please help us, for we need your help. Amen!


15. God, I pray that you bless my friend and me; we need this so very much. We have been through the worst of times together, but we are going through the best of times now. I pray to you to help us with our relationship and to keep it strong because it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.


16. Dear God, Thank you so much for sending my love to me. I know it sounds crazy, but this man is everything I could ever ask for in a relationship and more. I don’t want to lose him. And, I hope you are listening and will help me get through the scary time we are going through right now. It has brought us closer together, and I love him with all my heart. HELP US, GOD!!!


17. Dear God, I know that you only answer prayers in which people are desperate and need your guidance and strength. Well, I need your help now. Just a few days ago, I prayed that the man of my dreams would walk into my life and ask me to marry him. God, you see, it didn’t happen.


18. I know you said there are no guarantees in life, but can you please do me a solid? Can you just give me this one, please? I’m praying that Stephanie and I stay together forever. She is my world. I love her more than words could ever express. I don’t trust in chances, but if I had to take a gamble on anything in the world, it would be on us. Please don’t take her from me, God, I need her.


19. Dear God, it’s me again. I know you don’t mind, but I need a big favor. Please make my mom like my boyfriend. Please make my mom like my boyfriend. That’s all I ask, and please help us get back together if we broke up. Thank you, and Amen.”

20. I ask you for one favor, Lord, if you grant this wish, then I will do anything for you, Lord. Marry me with Liana, please Lord, I’m begging you!!! She is my soul mate, and I adore her beyond words. Please, god, give us a chance to be together. Amen.


21. If there is a god, then he is blessing me right now. He gave me someone to love who loves me back. Having you in my life makes it so much easier to face the days. You are always on my mind, and in my dreams, I can’t thank God enough for this blessing!


22. Dear God, I’m writing this to you tonight because I need a miracle. I have been praying for both of us for so long we would meet and be together at last. You have given me everything I asked for except this one thing. I am begging you to please help me, make it happen, and give me the man of my dreams. Amen


23. Dear God, please let my girlfriend find a job soon. She is such a good person and does not deserve to be struggling financially. I know she will be an amazing mom too. Please keep her safe and give her a baby.


24. Dear God, If I know what love is, It’s because of you. You are my everything. I’m sending you a billion kisses. Thank You for always being there for me and sending me blessings every day of my life. I pray that this “I love you” prayer brings you a beautiful smile, more than any other prayer. And even though we’re far from each other, your love is always with me. Your unconditional love for me makes me feel better when I feel bad.


25. Dear Lord, please let my friends know how much I care about them. Over the summer, we have grown apart, gotten busy doing different things, and lost touch. Please bring them closer to me. Closer than they have ever been before.


Best Prayer for a Favor From God 2021
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26. Give me your strength, your courage for him to love me as much as I love him. Help me be what he needs so that I can bring him nothing but happiness when I am with him. Thank you for all the little joys that the two of us share and all the things that we do together. Thank you for blessing me with this man who will always care and will never leave my side.


27. Every night when I go to sleep, I pray to God that you will be mine forever. I love waking up next to you. I love how you take care of me. We were meant to be, and I couldn’t agree more with God.


28. Dear God, You see my heart for my boyfriend; I have never loved anyone so much. Please send him a sign that he is the one for me, and he feels the same. I pray.


29. I pray to you, God, that I can have a chance to fall in love with him. Please let us fall in love and have a beautiful happy relationship. I know that he needs me just as much as I need him. Because I would do anything for him if he would do it for me. I want to love and be loved by this man because unconditional love is what we both deserve, but most of all, I want to be able to show my love for him.


30. Dear God, As I squeeze my love’s hand today, please help her understand how thankful I am for all she does. With every kiss, hug, and smile, she makes me feel as if we have been together forever. Help her know that you will always be with us no matter what happens in this lifetime. Please watch over us and keep us safe as we face each new day together. Thank you so much! I LOVE YOU!”


31. Dear God, please let me see her again. I don’t care how old I will get or what I have to do to make it happen. I just need to see her. The thought of not seeing her again just breaks my heart every day.


32. Dear God, I don’t always offer you my prayer requesting a favor from you, but I’m sure glad this time I did. My name is Chris, and I’m not sure what to do. I pray to you that if it is in your will to marry the man of my dreams, please let him find me soon. God, I love him so much and need him in my life. Please grant us a happy marriage and please, please help.


33. God, Please give me my wish. Please, just this one wish that I have. It is not for me. It is for a friend, a good leader in my world. Give it to me, please, and I will feel so grateful that you exist and that I can explain and keep you in my life. Thank you, God, for all that you are.


34. To God, thank you for all the wonders of life but mostly my husband, who means the world to me.


35. Lord, I need to take a big chance. I love her. And I don’t want just to make her fall in love with me, no, I want to make her so in love with me she doesn’t even realize it. Then when she does, the only thing she will see is my face and not anything else. Please help me do this. Please help me win this girl over and give us the perfect life. I pray, Amen.


36. I pray for all things in the realm of possibilities. I pray you, and I are meant to be. Also. I pray you to have more time for me to love every day and that we grow old together, in good health, surrounded by friends and family. And, I pray that no one gets hurt from us being together and can be married one day soon. One day, as soon as you see how much I adore you, how much I love you, how much I need you, I


37. I pray to you tonight, Oh God. I have been so busy lately, and I feel that my time with Chris has become neglected. Please open my eyes and give me the strength to focus on Chris in the way I know he deserves. Bless our love and give me the strength to be a great girlfriend.


38. God, please, please make my dreams come true. I’ve been praying for this day to come, and I’m so happy that it has, but now I need you to give me a sign that it is real. Please give me a sign that this is how it was meant to be. It feels like a dream, and if it turns out not to be, I will die because the thought of losing her makes me wanna throw up; god, you know this is real. It has to be.


39. Dear God, I pray for a girl who will love me back. She can be short or tall, white or black, skinny or even fat. Any hair color is fine, and so are any eye colors. Just please, dear God, make her love me back with all her heart.


39. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister to so many wonderful people, and a special person. I have faith in my God above all things, no matter what life has thrown at me. All I pray for is that God keeps my family and friends safe from harm in this world. May we never forget how lucky we are to have each other and maybe someday give back unconditional love. Love always


40. Dear God above. We are in desperate need of your help. I am a single father to an amazing little girl who means more to me than life itself, and she needs her mother. She deserves her mother. My wife cheated on me and ruined our marriage. Please give her back to me. I pray that you do. Because I know that it is for the best, she truly is a wonderful woman—a beauty from the inside out. A beautiful person both inside and out. I have only pictures.


41. Oh God, I need your help. My girlfriend is very important in my life, and she’s entered me a lot of joy and made me very happy since the day we met. She is the only girl for me, and I never want to let her go. Please, God, I’m asking for your help because there are many obstacles we’ve been facing to keep our relationship long-lasting and to make it stronger. She’s very important to me, and I love her with all my


42. Ever since my birth, I have been in your hands, and now as I stand before you, still in your hands, I ask for just one last wish- that you always be there for me. Watch over my family and friends as they continue on their paths through life in this world.


43. I am very happy about your help, and I am going to set my mind on a good job. Since I have to prepare for my exam, you can understand that I have a little problem with time, but I will come back to you as soon as possible.


44. Lord, I pray for a miracle. I pray this to you because you are the one who can make them come true. For years now, I have been searching for my wife. She’s the woman of my dreams; she’s everything I could ask for and more. I have searched high and low all across the earth trying to find her. Lord, please bring her back to me, where she belongs. And help me in my quest to find her so that we can spend our


45. God, you have blessed me in amazing ways, and I feel so blessed. You are everything good, and life is so wonderful. I pray that my boyfriend will find a new job in only a few days. I pray that he will get the position he has been interviewing for. Keep him safe and let the universe run smoothly! I thank you and praise you. AMEN!!!


46. Dear God, I am a miserable sinner, and I have often lived like it. My own downfall has led to my descent into hell. I am on my knees pleading for forgiveness for the pain I have caused my children and my wife. Since they are all you have left in the world, please send me back to them so they may know what real love is about. Thank you so much for all your wonderful blessings that you have given me. I only wish that I paid more attention to them.


47. Dear father, I pray for the one I love with all my heart and hope that he will keep in his mind that I will love him forever. In our relationship, there were hard times that we were against each other and showed to each other anger and hate, but right after those times, every time the rain came and my love was filled with sunshine. Right now, again, there is no sun in my life because it is cloudy and rainy. Father, help him to remember the loved ones that we and me.


48. Tonight, when the moon is high in the sky, I will extend a wish for you and hope that it comes true. I wish that you may always know this feeling of the love we share. I want you to always feel the beating of my heart next to yours, as it skips a beat every time I catch a glimpse of you walking through the door. And, I want you always to be surrounded by love and our home to be brimming with happiness and joy.


49. I spend my days trying to belong somewhere, to fit into someone’s life in hopes of being loved. I pray for a safe place to land, an open hand to hold, and a life filled with unconditional love.


50. Dear God, Thank you for everything you give me. I am truly blessed and thankful to have my fiance back in my life. He is the love of my life, and I thank you for bringing us back together. Thank you, Amen.

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