2021 New Month Prayer Messages for Him/Her

2021 New Month Prayer Messages for Him/Her


We’ve written the best collections of happy new month prayers wishes for your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, family, and loved ones. make sure you never missed out on this new collection, it might be what you are waiting for fore.


It’s another new month of success, time to send your loved ones a new month’s prayer wishes, be a reason to start your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, and family, by sending them those fantastic wishes to start there a new month. stay tuned and make sure you never miss out.


Sending off new month prayer wishes to your loved ones is one of the best things. you might be happy  but others are not, so for this reason we’ve written the best collections for you to send to them,


Also, feel free to send any of those fantastic collections to a family…


1. Dear Lord, I pray that this New Month brings hope, love, joy, and peace into the lives of my dear ones. Grant them strength during difficult times and help them to always put others before themselves. Help them to follow your will and to cherish their friendship with you.


2. Happy New Month my love! I pray that the months ahead are full of new happiness, deep love and so much more. Every day you fill my heart with joy I don’t know how to describe. You are one of a kind and I love you!


3. On the first day of this new month, I ask God to fill your life with love. Fill you with his love and give you the strength to hold onto it for dear life. Let him be the breath in your lungs as you need it. He is always there waiting for you with open arms ready to welcome you into a new home.


4. praying for you. May this new month bring love, friendship & comfort to you. I wish that your days be filled with warmth & joy and everything that makes you smile. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support. I love you and miss you already. So here’s to next month becoming our best yet!


5. I wanted to tell you that it’s a new month but I have a feeling you already know. And, I hope it goes by as fast as it can. I hope in every moment of your day, you are able to see how special you are, and how much I love and appreciate you. You are my peace even when the world turns upside down. Your strength even when mine is lost. And your soul is what helps me breathe.


6. To my love, on a new month of adventure together. May we reach new peaks in our personal goals and aspirations. I pray for our hearts to always stay true to each other and for us to be unbreakable diamonds that stand the test of time.


7. Oh my darling, the beginning of a new month means a new chance for happiness. May you be blessed with happiness that lasts for years to come.


8. Matching relationship is art. I admired your beauty, talent, generosity, but mostly your love and care for me. I always remember you first on my mind and wish to be with you every day. On this beautiful day, I’m saying a prayer for your happiness in the coming month!


9. I pray for courage to face the coming challenges of our life. I pray for love to be in my heart for you every day. And, I pray for you and me to fall more in love every day.



10. I beseech the Lord to distant you and evil, like how heaven and earth are seeing each other but cannot come close to each other. Happy new month.


11. You are more than a friend to me, for that, I wish you a happy new month and do have a great day ahead.


12. I beseech the Lord to guide you and see you through, during a hard time. Happy new month.


13. As you make it up to this new month, I pray to the Lord to make it easier for you and channel you in the right way.


14. You are the best friend I’ve ever hard, so is my duty to wish you a big happy new month my love.


15. A happy new month to one of the biggest fans of me, am very happy for you smile again.


16. May this new month bring you more happiness and joy; I pray that your star keeps shining.


17. Congratulations may the Lord channel you to the right part of this new month.


18. I hope that this new month will mellow down for you to achieve your goal? Because I want you to be happy as always.


19. I am grateful to the Lord for making you see another new month of success, may you witness more of these days Ameen.


20. As you make it up to this new month, I pray to the Lord to grant you more wisdom and knowledge.


21. Thank you so much for everything, I just want to say happy new month chess.


22. You are the most humble person I’ve ever seen, happy new month to you.


23. A special person like you deserves to be respected, for that, I sent this message to you. Happy new month sweetheart.


24. I am forever grateful to the wonderful person in my life; I just want you to know that I love you so much. Happy new month.

25. My prayer for you today is to be more successful in life as you make it into this new month my queen, happy new month my dear.


26. I will be very foolish to forget to wish you because you are so important to me. Happy new month of success my princess


27. Good people get good things, your humbleness makes you what you are today. A very happy new month my sweetheart.


28. You dowel in my heart, you exist in my world, even the clawed testify that I love you with all my heart. Happy new month my sweetie.


29. I feel royalty whenever we are together, please stay with me throughout today. Happy new month dearest.


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30. My sweetheart, You mean apostle everything to me because a world without you is meaningless. Happy new month my joy.


31. I don’t want to be away from you for a second, because you are my beautiful and adorable wife to be. Happy new month dear.


32. Life is wonderful only when you are around with me because I need you like no ever. Happy new month bestie.


33. May this new month bring you lots of opportunities; I wish you the most happiness in life. Happy new month dear.


34. I beseech the Lord to load lots of happiness and joy on your way, as you begging this fateful day. Happy new month.


35. I love you like police love twenty Naira, I love you like petrol like to catch fire. I love you like Nigeria’s love Amerian visa Happy new month.


36. You are hilly welcome to the month of success; I pray that the Lord should smile at you again. Happy new month dear.


37. It’s a new month, new day, new life, new moment; I pray that this new month brings to you the most wonderful time of your life. Happy new month.


38. I pray that all your wishes come through on this new month, I personally asked the Lord to uplift you and bless you with love and happiness. Happy new month sweetie.


39. I am here for you so don’t be panic, because you are my responsibility, and is my duty to make you happy. Happy new month dear.


40. I pray that peace should find it’s way to your heart on this new month because a truthful person like you deserves it. Happy new month bestie.


4. I pray for four things in this new month, to see you happy, to love you more, to make you the queen of my world, and to be there for you all the time you disserve it. Happy new month dear.


42. As this new month start, I hope that you will find a reason to smile? meanwhile, I will pray for your well being. Happy new month gorgeous.


43. Your love in my heart increases every month, but this month is totally different I feel like doing nothing, I just want to be with you always. Happy new month sweetheart.


44. I will stop loving you the day the sun stops coming out, but if that cannot happen my love for you will never die. happy new month cute.


45. As far as the sun continues shining every day, so my love for you will keep shinning more and more. Happy new month.


46. This gracious month is full of opportunities; I pray that you should be counted among the luckiest once among those who will be opportune. Happy new month dear.


47. My wishes last month is to see you happy, but in this new month more of happiness shall find its way to your home, once again happy new month my love.


48. Wishes with joy to the cutest person in my life, I am fully confident with you. Happy new month dearest.


49. This sweet message to the amazing whom and the kind-hearted person in my world, Happy new month love.


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50. My day cannot be shattered when you are around with me, I feel pleased whenever I look up to you. Happy new month.

51. I am the luckiest person on this earth because I have the most beautiful lady in my life. Happy new month sweetie.


52. I promise you that I will love you more as this new month begging because you are my role model. Happy new month my queen.


53. I have struggled to survive without you last month, base on the situation but I will do no such again. Happy new month sweetheart.


54. The hard time of our life is gone for good; this new month is a new moment of joy and happiness in our life. Happy new month. dearest.


55. As this new month gorge in, so the more my heart bits for you my gorgeous queen. Happy new month sweetie.


56. I pray to the Lord to grant you joy and endless happiness, as you step into this new month. Happy new month dear.


57. As far as the day keeps rotating, my love for you will keep increasing as the day pass by. Happy new month love.


58. It pleases me whenever I see you smiling, am also happy that you made it into this new month of success. happy new month dear.


59. My wish for you in this new month is to see you smiling again because you are my role model. Happy new month.


60. I am looking forward to this new month, a new day, and a new moment. Happy new month dear cheese.


61. You are my childhood friend not only that you are my best friend, for that I wish you. A Happiest new month.


62. You are not only my sister but also my sweetheart, I am so happy to have you in my family. Happy new month dear.


63. You’ve always supported me throughout a hard time, may this new month help us to relieve all our hardship in life, happy new month sweetie.


64. All through we’ve celebrated many beautiful months which brought many beautiful things in our life, may this new one be spectacular among all. Happy new month dear.


65. A happy new month to my beautiful princess, I want to let you know that your love in my heart will forever remain unbreakable, I love you sweetheart.


66. Happy new month sweetheart, may this beautiful month make our bond stronger, no matter how distant we are apart, I will always love you.


67. Happy new month dear, you are my essence and you’ve given me so much and I love you for who you are, thank God for bringing you into my life.


68. May this spectacular month bring beautiful steps into your life. Happy new month sweetheart,


69. The words can’t describe how much I love you; I hope this new month increased our love. Happy new month.


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70. How could I have forgotten to wish my sweetheart, you are always my number one. Happy new month sweetie.


71. I need you as much as I need to breathe; I don’t ever think negatively because I love you. Happy new month.


72. I am only successful today all because of your efforts, what could I have done without you. Happy new month dear.


73. My love for you has no limit and it will continue to grow by the day, thanks for the support. Happy new month.


74. I am loaded with so much happiness because I have you by my side. Happy new month sweetie.


75. I must say I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful babe in my life, thanks for everything you’ve done for me. Happy new month.


76. Choosing you as my dear princess is the most wonderful desertion I have ever made in life, I love you beyond the sky. Happy new month.


77. I am fully aware that you love me so much, I might not display it openly but I will always keep in mind that I love you more than you think of me. Happy new month.


78. I can’t do without you especially because you are the desired person in my life and I know that I will forever be yours and we’ll stick together, happy new month to you from my heart.


79. A happy new month to the world best amazing beautiful lady in my life, May it be of good to you and your family.


80. Happy new month to the sweetest person I’ve ever known, I promise to stick to you for the rest of my life. I love you and will always love you.


81. Happy new month sweetheart, I promise to love you and treat you better and more excellent in the right way, you will forever remain mine.


82. Happy new month dear beloved princess, I wish you more love as we clock into this beautiful new month.


83. I promise to be faithful to you now and forever because you are the most wonderful person I have ever come across, happy new month.


84. What could I have asked more from the Lord when I have you by my side, you mean absolutely everything to me. Happy new month.


85. As we begin this new month, may the Lord automatically renew our love, and blessings forever, happy new month to you dear.


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86. Happy new month, may this beautiful month make every step you take to be of good, enjoy your beautiful and amazing month as it comes.


87. May this new month make all our beautiful wishes and thought comes to pass. Happy new month dear,


88. Happy new month, may this amazing new month make things more awesome, beautiful, and colourful in our life.


89. I will always remain happier and forever be because I know you would always be with me, happy new month to you love.


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90. The bright sunny morning tells you that today is a new beginning in our life, I pray it should be filled with lots of happiness and joy, enjoy the beautiful new month dear.


91. May this beautiful month brings you more happiness you deserve in your life, happy new month.


92. Do you know that my last thought yesterday was to wish you an amazing, Happy new month? 


93. Happy new month, from this day on the word I pledge to be faithful to you although my life, be of good character, and promise to love you more, happy new month and a new beginning for me and you.


94. despite that you are my lover, I still admire you every moment we are together I love you with all my heart, happy new month.


94. I might not be there with you now, but my heart will always follow you wherever you go, happy new month.


95. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, I pray to the Lord to shower you with lots of happiness. Happy new month my love.


96. Here are wishes with love for you my dear, may your day be filled with happiness, may your days filled with joy, may you know nothing but happiness in this new month, Happy new month my dear.


97. I am very happy to celebrate this beautiful new month with you dear beloved, I want to wish you a melodious beautiful month ahead, happy new month sweetie.


98. The seed of love will be watered to grow and produce just as this new month rolls up today, happy new month to the love of my life cheese.

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