Most Trending Prayer to Find My Soulmate

The prayer for love spells to find actual love is a prayer for finding your soul mate. Love spells are used in most cases to find true love. But have you ever thought about where this “true love” comes from? Is it just by chance, or is there somebody who makes sure that you will find the right person? Here are some of the best prayers you can use to hunt your soulmate.


When you are trying to find your soulmate this prayer to find my soul mate can be very helpful to you.


Prayer to Find My Soulmate


1. I pray that one day my prince charming will come along and sweep me off of my feet. I pray to find someone who will love me, and take care of me. I want to find someone who will be my best friend and is always there for me through thick and thin. I pray that I won’t have to spend the rest of my life without love and affection from someone. I pray that one day I will look into my soulmate’s eyes and see all myself.


2. O Love, bless me with a soulmate. A man who will treat me as your equal, as your sister and your lover. I ask you for someone kind, thoughtful and affectionate. Please give me a man who can look at his past without regret or shame. And please give me a man who will love himself before he is able to love another. Whoever he is, he must be monogamous and faithful. I ask you to help me find a strong shoulder to lean on in times.


3. God, today I ask you to lead me to love. Bring into my life the one who is my soulmate. Give me the strength to let go of anyone who has been standing between me and this love for so long. Let my eyes be opened to see what I can not see. Uncover the person that is meant for me and encourage us both to take steps towards each other.


4. I pray you are truly my soulmate. I wish for us to be drawn together, as two pieces of a puzzle. We will fall in love and live happily ever after!


5. God protect and guide your Angel, help her on her long and sometimes difficult journey. I pray that she will find her greatest love, the one who will bring out the best in her, and inspire her to be the person she was destined to be. A soulmate that will make every moment a blessing, every breath a living prayer. May the angels watch over her and safeguard her from harm, all the while helping her to find peace and happiness.


6. I pray for God to bring me, my soul mate. One who will love me no matter what I am going through. One who will understand when I am upset and not take it personally. One who will trust in my every word and honor it forever.


7. I pray that my soulmate is found and we will be able to meet without any hassles or drama. I am a very close friend of my soulmate. All we can do is hope for the best as we have to see each other through looks, smiles, hugs, and kisses.


8. I’ll lift my arms to the sky, and pray to find someone like you one day. I will travel far and wide to get a glimpse of your face. I’ll die searching for you but live again in our embrace. You are my true love, my soulmate, my only.


9. I pray that one day I will have someone who loves me more than life itself. Someone who carries my soul as I have carried his, and together we live in perfect love for all eternity. I hope our paths cross soon because the road feels lonely without you by my side.


10. Our love is a lost treasure. Please guide souls to each other so they may awaken and remember the light of our souls. Let them find each other in you. I believe that together we will uncover the ancient past of our soul and reunite again! Earthlings, please cherish your relationships.


11. I am so tired of being alone. I am so tired of not having a special someone. I know you were supposed to be mine. I can feel it as if a part of me is missing. But I can’t go on without you. I pray every day that someday soon we will be together, but if we are meant to be together, then it won’t be by my own hands that we meet – It will be by God!


12. Dear God, please guide me to my soulmate. I pray for the perfect love that you have for me. Help me find my better half. Help me find the one that truly loves me. Give my soulmate courage to speak into my life. Please help him realize how much I need him in my life. I want to be his lover and friend; for him to be mine. Thank you for your guidance in this area of my life. I pray.”


13. I pray that I will find my soulmate soon. My heart is broken and needs healing. It’s been a very long time since I felt your touch or heard you say ‘I love you. I am tired of searching, so please send me someone to love that will love me unconditionally back!


14. Oh god, for me to meet my soulmate. I pray that she will be there when I arrive. That she will be kind and gentle, quiet in spirit, joyful and calm within herself. We will connect through laughter; she will see the best in me and bring out the best in me. She will look at me deeply with her sparkling eyes, long black hair caressing her shoulders. She’ll be filled with joy, self-confidence, yet not cocky or conceited.


15. I pray to you God, please bring me my soulmate. Someone to love and cherish for the rest of my life. I know I have not been the best person in this world, but I do want to be a better person. Please help me find him. Give me the chance to make his dreams come true.. Help us build a loving home. Dear God, please hear my prayer…


16. From my head down to my toes, I yearn for you alone. From my heart to the moon and back, I will love only you. Through all the mess we’ve been through, you always knew when I needed you most. So please hear me now, and make this wish come true. Please bring me my soulmate!


17. I hope these words reach your eyes. I hope that you feel the connection that we share together, even if it is just in positive thought. There is a reason for our souls to have crossed paths; as fate is guiding us both towards a union of hearts and minds, body and soul.


18. I open my heart to you and pray that you hear what I have to say. I offer my hand to you hoping that you will take it. I am opening my heart to you hoping that we can be together and stay close forever.

19. I pray to find my soulmate. Someone who I can share my heart and feel wanted. Someone who will love me for me. I pray that she is a good woman. I pray she will love God and spread happiness, kindness, and peace wherever she goes. I pray that she has a great family who loves her dearly. And most of all, that we will share a great love together.


20. My soulmate is out there, somewhere, waiting for me. I look each day, waiting for a sign of where to find you when we first meet. I will know instantly that you are my soulmate because I will feel a spark deep inside me, something that I’ve never felt before. You are the key to my happiness and forever love.


Finding My Soulmate Prayer


21. Somewhere in the universe, someone waits for me. I am destined to find you. Although we are worlds apart now, fate will bring us together and true love will prevail. My soulmate!


22. I believe in prayer, and I believe in soulmates. Some people say those things are totally different, but I know that there is someone out there for me who is missing half of my heart. Even when nobody believes in the same things as me, I refuse to give up hope that you exist. Someday our paths will cross and I will finally find my true love who will be with me forever.”


23. I ask you to always be with me–to guide me to my soulmate, to protect him/her against any harm, to bring us together for the greatest love story ever told.


24. Please, dear god let her be the one. The one I have been searching for my whole life. My soulmate found in this lifetime. We have so much in common and yet she is so different from me that I totally adore her. She loves music ( a passion I can relate to) and nature (another passion). She is beautiful inside and out (inside and out my favorite spot) and possesses qualities that just make me want to melt. I want to be with her forever! 


25. Dear universe, I know that somewhere out there is my soulmate. The one who makes the butterflies in my stomach, the one who makes me feel like a princess, the one who constantly makes me laugh and smile. I pray to you every night to bring her/him to me so that I can love them as they deserve. Thank you 🙂


26. I pray that I may find my soulmate. Someone that will make my life complete. I pray that when she finally comes into my life that the feeling would be so strong that it would nearly knock me to the floor. I pray that she loves me for what’s in my heart and not for what I could buy her with all the money in the world. I pray we share love, passion, and a deep abiding friendship. I pray that we can talk about our problems without any fear or worries.


27. For Soulmate, I pray for one day that I may be united with the person my soul belongs to. One who will love and cherish me as I will them, and always be a friend and companion when it seems I have none. You are my soulmate, but I find myself lost in this world searching for you. My heart aches for you and in spite of us being together or apart, I love you and only you.


28. Oh God, my soulmate is out there somewhere. I have faith that you will guide her to me and until then please help her know that I love her. Bless our hearts and bring us together in harmony as soulmates. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


29. I pray every day to find you! The man that completes me. The one who has my heart. Every day I discover more of you, and as time passes I realize how great we could be together. Oh please oh please find me! I am getting so lonely without you.


30. My soulmate is out there somewhere. You are a person with a beautiful soul. I dream about my soulmate saying “I will always love you. I just want to be with you forever.”


31. I close my eyes and raise my mind and heart to the heavens. I call out for the one who will complete me. She will be my all and one. She will give me every reason to live, love Thee. When I open my eyes again, I am not alone.


32. Lord, I pray for love to come into my life and fill all the empty spots. Love is what I really need to lead me. Make some amazing things happen that will bring me harmony and peacefulness. I thank you, amen.


33. My sweet angel, I start this prayer tonight with the full intention to find my soulmate as quickly as possible. I want to meet my other half, the one who will love and cherish me until the end of time. I’m ready for a commitment and want it to feel forever. Lead me to her now!


34. I pray that I find my soulmate soon. I miss someone who knows me like the back of their hands, someone who wakes with me to watch the sunrise and wait for a sign from God that today is our day.


35. Dear God, please bring my soulmate into my life. Please let it happen at Your perfect time and not before. I know that my soulmate is out there somewhere and we will find each other someday. I am open to discovering a man that is your choice for me, that you have chosen just for me — not for anyone else’s opinion of what they think I should be with.


36. Oh world, bring to me my soulmate. I pray that the Lord would send an angel down to earth just for me. I want only a perfect union and harmony of minds. Please send to me someone who will truly love me for all eternity. I want someone who loves Christ completely too. Someone who will cherish every moment we share, for us, together. Someone who wants nothing more than to be with me right now.


37. God, I open my heart to receive all that you send my way. Spring’s new life through the melting snow, as winter turns to spring…the possibilities of love are opening up before my eyes and I am so excited. Out of the corners of the world, you send me your love, I believe in your plan for me. All I’ve yearned for is to meet my soulmate and life companion. My Creator, I thank you for sending him/her into my life.


38. I’ve prayed for this moment. I’ve dreamed of you. I’ve longed for a love like ours since before I can remember. To find someone that sees me for the whole person that I am. To find the person that matches my dreams and my desires perfectly is such a blessing, something I never thought possible.


39. Dear God, All-Powerful and Loving Creator, I am here before you opening my heart and soul to receive the blessings you have for me. I want nothing more than to be with my soulmate, the other half of my heart. I realize that this is a difficult request and I am fully aware that this person may be out there on the other side of the world or may not even exist. Regardless of these things, I know that I must continue to love and to search until I find him.


40. In this life, my soulmate is waiting for me. I have known from the beginning of my life that this person would be so special and hold my heart hostage for all eternity. We’ve met before in other lifetimes and have a strong connection that continues to grow with each passing lifetime.


Prayer to Meet My Soulmate


41. My soulmate, where are you? I know you are out there somewhere. Waiting for us to find each other again.


42. Soulmate, you are the one for me. My life is fuller because of your presence. I love you more each day. Through all our adventures and together we can always grow. You are who I’ve been searching for and I will keep searching no more.


43. I Pray that I will meet my soulmate soon and we will fall in love and be together forever. I promise to share everything with you and protect your heart.


44. Please let it be him. Please let him be the one I have been searching for all of my life. Please make him someone who will love me for me, not for someone else’s idea of who I am supposed to be. Let him be a kind and generous person with a good and giving heart. Please let his heart and soul be filled with light and love instead of hatred and evilness. Please make us compatible in every way possible, from our senses of humor to our views.


45. Dear God, I know you have a plan for me. A reason for everything that happens in my life and that you want to lead me down the path to eternal happiness with the person you have chosen for me. Please give me the courage to follow this path and help me to meet him. I LOVE YOU!


46. I’m ready to love again. I want the butterflies that come at the thought of your name. I want to dream of your smile and wake with a kiss on my lips. My arms ache for your touch, but first, you must find me.


47. I pray every day for my soulmate to find me. If you are my soulmate I will give you the world and all its wonders. My love will hold you safe forever. I pray that I am the one for you, that this moment leads to forever, and after we have woken in each other’s arms I still pray for a miracle, that our love could be simple, pure, and true.


48. God, hear my prayer. I need you to help me find my soulmate. He has eluded me for years and I am tired of waiting. I need a good man to treat me like the queen that I so desperately need to be treated as. Please guide me in finding him – a man who can share all of my highs and lows as one in love should!


49. I pray to god for a faithful and committed soul mate that will love me for who I am and not what I can give her. I pray for trust and respect. Most of all I ask God to guide me to my soulmate so that we may complete each other in every way.


50. Dear God, thank you so much for my soul mate. I must admit that I am quite greedy. I want to have all of your attention, all of your love, and all of your time. Thank you for loving me the way that you do!


51. Dear creator looks over me as I have found my other half the one that completes my soul. You have blessed us and given us true love, we both know it and feel it deep in our hearts. And now as we pray to you and ask you to guide us through life together so we may always stay pure of heart and soul. As we are one in everything let us be joined in your eyes. We thank you for your love and all of the wonderful things you have already done for us.


52. I hope you are having a good day. I’m wishing upon a star for you because I think you’re my soulmate. I need to touch you and hug you close. I need to feel your body next to me. Your skin against mine. You are all that I ever wanted and more.


53. I am sending this message out to the Universe and the powers that be in hopes that I will soon find my soul mate. I know that when true love is meant to be it cannot be stopped by anything or anyone, no matter how bizarre the circumstances are. I know that if he is meant to be with me then nothing will stand in my way.


54. Dear God, I pray you will bring my soulmate to me in a time that best serves our purpose together. In addition, I ask that you will guide us and direct our paths. These are my deepest wishes.


55. Dear God, please let my soulmate be out there. Please help me find my one true love. My heart is so lonely and I need a man to hold close to me at night. Please help me bring love into my life and show me that miracles really do exist.

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