Best Prayers for My Family Quotes 2021

Family is who you go to for help when you need it the most. They’re there when others aren’t. And if they aren’t, you probably don’t want them in your life. When it comes to family I truly believe that blood is thicker than water. There are so many people out there who don’t have the encouragement and support they deserve from their family because something has happened between them and their immediate family members.


Prayers for My Family Quotes


1. God, you know my family is one of the most important things in my life; please fill our hearts with love and peace. You are the one who makes our family strong. Give us patience and understanding when we need it the most. God, bless my dad. He has been through so much in his life, but he still finds a way to stay strong. Thank you for giving me a happy childhood. It will always be one of my best memories.


2. I Pray that God blesses my family and that His love would touch all we come in contact with. I pray for all the lost souls who are in need of guidance and protection from the Lord. I pray for my husband to rely on the Lord and keep him safe when his missions call for it. I pray for my children to be humble, good-hearted, and courageous. May God bless all our hearts and minds with his unfailing love.


3. God, I pray that you bless (family member) and my family. I pray for health and peace of mind for the whole family. Thank you so much for giving us all this wonderful family!


4. Lord, bless our family. Please watch over us and protect us. Lord help my husband with his work, that he may be successful. And help me to be a good wife and mother, to remember your blessings and not complain about the small things.


5. God bless our family with love and patience as we go through our life journey. Please help us to remember that each day brings new joy and never forget that you are forever in our hearts.


6. Dear Lord, I thank you for giving my family so much. Thank you for the joy and love they bring to me. God, let them know that they are special to you and me. Dear Lord, You have given me such a great family. I hope to carry on those same standards in the years to come. Dear Lord, please watch over my family as we drive through countless towns, cities, and communities. Please keep them safe and make sure that we all return home safely tomorrow night.


7. Dear God, please watch over my family today. Bring my dad home safe from work, deliver him from accidents and harm, and help him be in the driver’s seat of his black truck; protect my mom from any sickness or disorders; please watch over my brother at school and be with him as he struggles to do good deeds and good works; keep my sister out of any danger of accident, hurt, or harm for today – keep her safe and innocent always.


8. Bless my family Lord, for they have blessed me. May my family continue to be a blessing to others, and may our love grow ever stronger. You have blessed me with a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. We shelter each other, carry each other when times are hard, encourage each other and reach out to help those in need. Please give us the strength to strengthen each other. Amen!


9. Bless my family and all the great memories we have shared. Thank you for the love that has been passed to the generations that have come before me, for the hope I have for myself and my family.


10. Dear God, I thank you for my wonderful family. I pray they all are happy, healthy, and safe. Let them know your love is with them always. I pray, amen.


11. I pray that God will protect our family. I pray that all of our family have long and healthy lives and that they know how much they are loved. I pray that they know how thankful I am for them in my life.


12. I lift up my family, friends, and loved ones to God’s loving care. I am thankful for every blessing you have given me; my family, health, friends, and work. I pray we will be more active in your church this year. Bless our pastor and missionaries with good health as they spread the word of your love to all people.


13. Dear God, I am so thankful that you have blessed me with a family. You are with them every step of the way, even when it isn’t obvious. Bless their decisions and keep them safe. God, please watch over all of us every day. Guide us through all the good times and bad. I pray for you to be with us no matter what happens. Keep me close to your heart and my family close to yours. Amen


14. Dear, God, Bless my family. I ask that you send your angels to watch over them constantly. Please keep them safe and warm in your arms. Guide them with your wisdom and strength. Let your love fill their hearts and souls with joy forever.


15. Be with my family and make them truly happy. Let me share the joy of life with them. Let them have their wishes come true. God, please let them all live in good health and spread happiness in your name. Amen.


16. I pray for my family that they will be stronger than ever and closer to each other. I pray that they will always be there for each other. I pray that they are always having fun together as a family and building memories. I pray that their love for each other continues to grow; You are the cornerstone of my life, and I cherish you always!


17. For my family. God bless my sister, Heather, for her strength and perseverance. Give her the courage to defend herself against all those who use their influence over her to obscure the truth. Give God’s grace to my brother, to see in his wife the woman God made her be and not an object or an obligation. Grant him the humility and courage to let go of his pride and accept a position beside her as she grows into the leader.


18. I have the greatest family in the world. Each member brings something special to my life. I love you each more than words can express.


19. God bless my family! Grant my family joy, peace, prosperity, and love. As there are so many things that divide us, please bind us together with your love and help us to speak kindly and to listen well. Help us show kindness to one another and thank each other for all we do. Keep us from arguments that only make hurts deeper. Let the love that Christ has shown in his sacrifice be the foundation of our lives. Amen


20. God bless my family and always let us love each other. Decides our hearts to work together and always helps us be a close family. God, guide our love into what you want for us. God, protect our family and use you to keep us safe and healthy. Help us make good choices that will last for us. God, thank you for all we have today and all that you give us.

21. May God bless my family, and may we always show each other how much we love each other.


22. Dear God, please bless my family. I pray that they will always be happy and safe. Please take care of my wife and children. Not just today but every day. We all love you, and we all thank you for everything you do for us.


23. God bless my family and friends. I am so thankful for everyone who positively touched my life. May your hand of blessing touch us each and every day, in the good times and the bad; In sickness or health, to love and care for one another always.


24. I ask God to bless my family, keep us strong in our faith, give us wisdom as we go through life, and guide us in all things.


25. Lord, thank you for the family you gave me. Lord knows that I love them with all my heart. You have blessed me so much by giving me a wonderful family. Lord bless my son.


Prayers for My Family Quotes


26. Thank you, Lord, for bestowing all your loving blessings to our family. Please keep us safe and warm, and always remember to say a prayer for us before the dinner table. Remember, God, that we need your guidance, wisdom, and help as we grow older. Help my family to love each other more unconditionally, help my parents to be strong as they age, my children always appreciate me as they become independent and successful men. Help my siblings to realize what is really important in this world and maintain strong.


27. God Bless my mother and father, who have always loved me, stood by me, and protected me in their own special way. I love you both so much. My hugs will be waiting for you, as will many tears of joy when I see you again.


28. I pray that God will bless my family and keep them safe. Please protect us from any danger and let us always stay strong together. I pray so; amen.


29. I intercede for my family that our love would always be strong in Christ. I pray for your healing from within and to see our many blessings come in as we trust in the love of God.


30. To my darling family, I love you all so very much. May God bless you and keep you and guide each of you in every situation. May He fill your hearts with His unconditional love every day. May he give you the strength to make the right decisions every time. May he reward you for staying faithful to Him and loving one another through good times and bad. Thank you for all your support, both physical and spiritual. From myself, I say this: Thank you for holding my hand when I needed it most.


31. God bless our family, our home, and all those we hold dear. Keep us safe and protected each day. Guide us in our life’s journeys and all that we do, and let us be ever grateful for your many graces. Amen.


32. Dear God, Bless my family with everything you can possibly think of. Let me find a better job with a steady income. Let my kids have more respect for themselves and me. Let my husband make good decisions for his children. Bring us closer as a family, so there’s never a need to worry about each other walking away. Amen!


33. Thank you for giving me, my family. I love them all so much. I pray we can continue to grow closer as each day goes on. Even when we are at our worst, we always have one another. We may not agree on everything, and we might fight like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day, how lucky are we to have each other? I’m so thankful that you gave us this chance. I love you all so much!


34. God bless my family; may we never be separated. Grant us love and unity in our family, and grant us the courage to be always united in your service. Amen.


35. Lord, please bless my family. Thank you for creating such a beautiful group of people, all full of your love and grace. Lord, please help us all to do our part to make our family stronger. Thank you for taking the time to care about each of us and to listen to our prayers. Amen.


36. God, please help my family to work together to spread the gospel and share the good news. Please help my family work as one, so we may accomplish what we set out to do together. Please give us the opportunity to be a blessing to others so that they may come to know you and strengthen our family. I am so grateful for all that you have given me, and I pray for your continued grace and love. Help me always to see the positive things in my life.


37. Dear God, We pray for our Families. Thank you for the family we have now and the family we will have in the future. Bless us all each day and help us to remember that when loved ones are hurting, we need to give them a hug, let them know that you love them, and encourage them to talk with us about their feelings.


38. I cherish each and every heart that makes up my family. I value you all the most in my life, and I hope that you know this. Thank you for being there for me when I need you the most. I love you with all my heart.


39. I pray that you will protect each and every one of my family. I pray that you will help keep us healthy, wealthy, and happy. I pray that you will guide us along our journey, so we will always be lead where we are supposed to go.


40. God, we ask that you continue to bless my family. My wife and kids are my life, and I want to spend the rest of my days with them. Please give us the strength to overcome any obstacles in front of us. Give me the patience to deal with all their everyday struggles and help me bring them through them. In return, I will love and care for them more than words could ever express.


41. I pray that you help my family to be happy and safe. May we always be at peace and in good health. Please bless my family with your love, protection, and guidance. Please keep us together until our last days on earth.


42. God, I pray that you will bless my family today and always. My husband is wonderful and loving, and I love him more than words can say. He is a strong man with a kind heart. He works hard, he takes care of us, and he always makes me feel so special. My children are wonderful! They are all unique individuals, each in their own way. I praise you for giving me these babies, and I am so grateful to be their mommy!


43. I pray for my family to remember how fortunate they are to have each other. I pray for safe passage for us all. I pray that we continue to work together and stay united. I pray that you bless us with love, wealth, and happiness.


44. Lord, thank you for all the blessings and happiness you have given my family. You gave us a chance to make a life and love each other with all our hearts. Guide me as I raise my family. Please help me to be a good husband, father, and son.

45. God bless my family for making me who I am today. You have been there to guide me and help lead me in the right direction. I will forever be grateful, and thank you for everything. I pray that you will always protect them.


46. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Every day I am thankful that God has given me such an amazing family and all the opportunities He has provided for us. God bless my Mom and Dad, and God Bless my family.


47. Dear Lord, Bless my family. See them through tough times, give them health and happiness. Help me to be a better daughter, sister, wife, and mother. We ask these things in Christ’s name. Amen.


48. Dear God, I know you are there. I know that you see everything and hear everything. I pray for my family every day because I want them to be happy! Please give them good health, happiness, and peace of mind. Bless our home and keep us safe. Thank you, amen.


49. I thank God for my family, And I just can’t thank Him enough. I pray that every day He watches over You and keeps You safe from harm. May all your wishes come true, and may your days be filled with laughter!!


50. I am so blessed to have a family like the one I have. No matter how far I stray or how long I am away, your love is always there to comfort me and keep me safe. Thank you for always being so loving and kind.

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