Prayers to Pray for Your Future Husband/Wife 2021

Prayers to Pray for Your Future Husband/Wife 2021


Prayers to Pray for Your Future Husband/Wife 2021



In life, there are many things that enjoined the whole beings living in the universe irrespective of whichever belief, faith or religion they subscribed to. One of these things that enjoined the whole universe is prayer. Prayer is very vital in meeting one’s demand, reaching peoples destination and achieving our aims. Even a non-believer at one point in time in his or her life tends to ask for something from what he did not believe in either directly or indirectly.


Prayer is likened to be a chain that gets one closer to their supreme being in which they believe to have the enormous superpower to turns things around anytime in any kind of circumstance.


There are many circumstances if not all circumstance in which prayer is needed to make it work. Among these circumstances is marriage. Marriage as been described as many to be a union between man and woman who have pledged their loyalty to stick together both in their trying and hard time. Prayer is what comes in to ensure these words exchanged by both genders are been followed without any form of betrayal. There is no successful marriage in this world in which its foundation is not built on a very strong prayer section.



This is why it is advisable for the single beings who are yet to married to start preparing for the course of marriage via wishing, praying and asking your supreme for a better half that would best fit you, understand and cherish you. Pray before embarking on the journey and during the journey till the very end.


Many are interested in making preparation for their union commitment but lack ways or clue on how to start nor do they know what to wish or how they want their future spouse should look like, the kind of trait they would like him to have and host of others.


To save this type of people from the stress of thinking too much on what to demand from their creator about their future wife, we’ve come up with some listed vital prayer point for one’s future wife or husband.


Below are enlisted all that has been giving you a stressful night:


Prayers to Pray for Your Future Husband


1. Dear future those are my prayers for you today, As heaven and earth facing each other and they see each other day and night and cannot come close so shall you live higher to your enemies. May the Lord I serve to rise you above and bless you for me. May you never lark anything you’ve put on hope Amen.


2. Oh Lord of miracle and wonders, let wonders happen in the life of the man you have chosen for me, give him the wisdom needed to head home and make him among the pious men on earth.


3. Marriage is not just a union between two opposite sex. God let my marriage be the turning point of my life positively. Bless my husband divinely so that He can be blessed when we’ve finally settled together.


4. Despite not meeting you yet. He that has been destined for me to spend the rest of his life with me, I pray to god guidance in god’s power for you.


5. God! You provide shelter and wealth to those you want to, you gave health to those you desired to give and you make a matrimonial home of some chosen couple peaceful. Dear Lord, let mine to be among of those you would bless with a peaceful home.


6. Peaceful existence can never be found in any couples home if the husband is not committed to ensuring peacekeeping. Oh God, let my husband be that angel that will always ensure peace and unity in our home.


7. It does not matter if I meet you late or early. All I pray for is for me to meet you at the right time destined for me to meet you.


8. To Him that has been chosen as my life partner, may you live a prosperous life now and forever.


9. In everything you do today my dear beloved potential spouse, you shall always witness a wonderful outcome and a fruitful result.


10. I will go to any extent to show how grateful I will be when I eventually find you as part of my life. I will continue to pray to my God every day to guide and bring you close to me soonest.


11. May you triumph over any satanic programs that are set out for u dear husband as you would be probably be stepping out every day. May God always direct you to walk in his path and give you the strength to perform all your functions.


12. To him that has been ordained as my husband, I dedicate my morning devotion to you. May God bless you and keep you safe in his palm.


13. I woke up this morning reminiscing on the day that I will change my name to your blessed name. God must really care for me because he destined us together.


14. May your day be filled with untold joy, merriment and happiness like the dew on the morning flowers.


15. As a future husband, I pray I have a desire to love my God more than anyone. Ground our union in the word of truth and help me to set my eyes on you and as well worship you with a pure heart, a devoted mind and loyal soul.


16. Dear Lord, I pray that you should bless my future marriage with power. Make us strong against the popular norm that has taken over the 21st century.


17. I declared that today shall be the day that you progress toward all your goals. May you gain god’s support in all you aspire.


18. Today, the Lord will rise up to bless you beyond your wildest imagination. You will end today in testimonies.


19. As you leave your home dear groom in making, may peace accompany you always. May god’s grace go before you and bring you favour in everything you search for.


20. Throughout today, may surprise greet you as you believe in him (God). May you walk with God today and always.


21. Thinking about you every day is pretty enough to make my day wonderful. I pray to the Lord to turn my thought into reality, my dream about us as husband and wife come true. I wished us in advance a life live long so that we can explore each other in good health and wealth.


22. For all God has done for me I will forever be thankful for that man he has chosen to by spouse. May God give him the ability to understand me, endure my imperfection and cherish me the way I am.


23. There is always a day that does greet us with hard and unexpected temptation. I pray you will not be a victim of non. May God give you the ability to resist all of the devil’s plan and overcome deeds too.

24. We live each day as an expression of god’s faithfulness and grace. May our marriage be blessed by him.


25. From this day onward, I pray our source of sustenance to be blessed and free off of any troubles that may hinder its progress In all your dreams and desires, may the Lord always bring redemption and make you the best husband anyone would be asked for.


26. May God showers you with blessing for this day and always my beloved husband in making.


27. In everything you do today, may the Lord be your source of help and guide. You shall find boundless ease in everything you put your hands on. Remain blessed my choose king.


28. Dear Lord, bless the man you have chosen for me with righteousness, caring, faithful, loyalty, and love. Give him the strength to uplift me to reach my dream and guide me when I’m going astray.


29. Many husbands don’t possess the habits of a good father. Lord let the father of my offspring have in bounty those behaviours that our children will learn from for guidance.


30. My potential prince, may you never struggle to find god’s favour.


31. Mercy shall arrive when you need it. Grace will be yours when you wished for it. A blessing shall befall you when you call for it and his favour will be yours when you asked for it, my man. May the entire good thing never pass you by.


32. Like the dew on the morning roses, may god sprinkle your life with his diving blessing. May your life be filled with happiness in abundance.


33. My sweetheart in making, whatever that is keeping you from reaching your dream, may the Lord almighty remove them. May he keep you away from any kind of harm and watch over you now and always.


34. Dear God, take away all form of worries from the life of my future husband. Grant him a life free of too much stress and make his source relief whenever he is stressed out.


35. May God reward you for the entire good thing you have done in the past and the future. May he forgive you for an act done which is not right. Remain blessed now and forever.


36. My dear Lord, lead my husband whom you have chosen for me to the right path of righteousness and shadow him away from any form of evil activities.


37. Grant him the courage, strength and power needed to carry out his daily activities. Let him put hope on you (God) only and entrust to you all his doing for guidance.


38. May God helps you, bless you in all your plans and protect you against any dark act planned against you.


39 . My dear creator, my wishes can never be completed if I would not ask you for a God-fearing and understanding groom who will cherish me for whom I am, love me till the very end and always be my reason to smile.


40. My lord, give my heart that beat my name only, and eyes that will always see me he does the first day and in his heart, always replenish his feelings towards me.


41. Dear lord, make what is hard for others to be easy for my man, what caste down others should elevate him and give him hope in a situation where many have lost hope already. God grace will always be with you.


42. Lord, I ask for patience for my husband. Bless him with wisdom and knowledge to find a solution to whichever sorts of the bad moment we would eventually face in our matrimonial house.


43. Bless and guide our offspring and help us train them in your way and let the learn things which are good and approved by you.


44. Dear lord, I know these are only wishes in marriage just as it is in normal life, there will surely a struggling moment in our union, a battle to overcome and test that need to be passed. During this moment, my beloved lord, do not let me and my husband down give us the strength to strive for the sustenance of our union.


45. I am a human, I have lapsed and I am not perfect. In the same vein, my potential husband isn’t perfect neither am I expecting him to be perfect. I seek God to give my future husband the ability to understand my lapses, know my weaknesses and endure my worst attitude.

Best Prayer for My Future Wife 2021

Best Prayer for My Future Wife 2021


1. Dear Lord, you created me and put me under your protection. I know you have picked out the best woman for me to spend the rest of my life with. I don’t know how she looks like neither does she know what I look like. God, I pray you to mould her into the kind of woman I will love forever without any condition.


2. Oh lord, enrich my becoming with the characteristic and traits that will support and be my backbone in acquiring my ambition and dreams


3. Oh Lord of creations, I pray you to enrich my wife with wisdom in which she will use to take care of our house and as well, bond our heart together for an everlasting relationship.


4. Oh lord of wonders, help my wife to learn the traits a lady should have toward their husband. Grant her courage and equip her in your realm before this task of marriage.


5. God, help my wife to accept any change that might take place while you’ve destined her to be a future helpmeet.


6. Free my potential wife from any form of selfishness and let her know how to live with care.


7. Dear God, help me to entrust you wholeheartedly for you to bring my future wife to me when the time is right.


8. Oh lord of wonders, I thank you for she you choose for me to be my wife. Guide, protect and direct her till and after we are joined together.


9. Oh my lord, make my potential wife heart to be pure and safe in your care so that I will always be prepared to marry her when its time.


10. Lord, please make wisdom as the foundation of our union. Grant us wisdom to establish a happy and nurture our offspring.


11. Oh my dear lord, grant the mother of my children discernment and good sense reason for the many opportunities and hitches ahead.


12. Oh Lord, give me and my future wife wisdom, bless us with offspring that are enriched with your wisdom and let them learn from us not just from our words and our divine action too.

13. Oh my lord, give my future wife the ability to stand matrimonial life. Let her not be scared of what’s going to happen. Let her have faith in you to take the challenges.


14. While my wife is single and waiting,, please lord tutor her in your might for the challenges ahead in marriage.


15. Oh lord, marriage is a colourful covenant between my wife, you and I. please show the areas she needs to develop in before marriage.


16. Oh my lord, give my wife the ability to learn submission, honour, perseverance, humility, respect, grace, love caring and selflessness.


17. Oh Lord of heaven and earth, may my wife in making have the ability to ensure matrimonial peacekeeping so that she can bless me who is her future beloved.


18. Dear alight, I thank you for the opportunity for making me love the one you’ve chosen for me. Bless our future as husband and wife.


19. Oh Lord, let my wife in view be my encourager, guidance and director. Let her help me not tear me down.


20. My creator, I plead you to put cooperation in my future matrimonial house. Make me and my wife to always stay together as a team and build a great kingdom filled with love.


21. Dear lord, the perfect creator, help my wife to be a good example to our children so that they might want to do the same in their marriage and carry on the light of blessed marriage union.


22. Dear lord,, help my future wife to follow me to the divine path you destined for without worries nor questioning.


23. In respective of my future wife engagement or occupation, please prepare me to be a godly helpmeet for her so that I can encourage and bless her as she follows her destination.


24. Oh lord, grant my grace and made her the perfect model of forgiveness and love. Always guide her focus to be on you always.


25. God, I want my wife to love me unconditionally with a heart to make me her best friend, her helpful assistance and endearing hubby.


26. Oh god, I wish and pray that every day with my bride is likened to a time spent in heaven on earth.


27. My lord, let my first night with my wife last forever till old age and I wish our love for one another never fade.


Oh lord, make our feeling for one another to always be as fresh as it was at the very start and our love for each other passionate and connecting.


28. My everlasting god, I pray you would strengthen my faith, equip me with mercenary to come victorious in any type of trials time and grant me patience and endurance in the course of the trial.


29. Oh lord, when a situation is in line to disrupt my marriage, I pray for your interference and support. Give the wisdom on how to overcome and forthwith, bless us after.


30. God, I asked for a spirit of humility, respect and teachability for my future wife that you have chosen for me


31. God, make my bride homemaker of our matrimony. Make and grant her the comfort to work in the door of our little home and give me the ability to shower the pleasurable act she deserved.


32. Oh Lord, help my wife to learn how to budget and manage our resources judiciously. To cook, clean well and to teach our children the righteous attitude.


33. Oh lord of, help my wife you ordained for me to learn the basic chores of a couple necessary needed by the wife to carry out in a matrimonial relationship at home before we get married and make her prepare to bless and serve me after our wedding.


34. Oh Lord, help my wife to develop a healthy and clean habit on every aspect of her life. Help her develop good eating habits, exercising and grooming habit.


35. Teach her my lord how to create time habit that will help me and be a pillar to the sustenance of or home.


36. God, let her be very well conscious of her time in carrying her duties and also help her to generate a good habit of rest and relaxation.


37. Oh Lord, no matter how devoted she’s to any activity, grant her the ability to always pray on time constantly and make her grow in your world.

38. Lord, let her discover the areas in her life that needed adjustment and correction before marriage. Flush them away from her and turn her into a perfect house woman.


39. Help her lord to accumulate the habit of helping me her future groom throughout our whole life to meet our personal goals no the priorities of the world.


40. Let her exercise the habit of moderation, guide and self-control in every area of her life so that she can best worship you and hear to the calling of her husband.


41. Oh Lord, enlighten and make her know that getting married to me means she agreed to commit a life of honour, truth and respect to me.


42. Help her to recognize me as the leading role model in her life and make her follow the footsteps you have destined for us to follow.


43. Oh my lord, let my wife always say to me, words that encourage and do not let her be my reason to lose interest to achieve my aims.


44. Dear lord, wash away the feelings of living a secretive lifestyle whilst married but rather, let her work hand in hand with me in achieving our set family target.


45. Help my wife to embrace and honor me. Help us to always create time together as couple to read, play and pray. Guide us in your realm dear lord.


46. My God, give me that type of marriage union that is been run, organized and control in the most way you wanted marriage to be.


47. My lord, help my wife to place my love in her heart unconditionally and always makes her the reason to my success.


48. May she honour and respect me, bless and encourage me and as well does not share her heat with me and any other person.


49. Every union in this life will surely sometime experience a hard moment no matter how divine it is. It’s part of their test. Dear lord, I pray that when its time for us to witness our own difficult time, let it not make us derail from your way, give us the strength to over-come it and entrust to you only for salvation.Here are the Top puplar prayer messages you should pray for your future husband/wife. I am sure this messages will help you. follow us.

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