Piece of Quotes To Sleep Well for Him/Her 2021

 Piece of Quotes To Sleep Well for Him/Her 2021




Pic of Quotes To Sleep Well for Him/Her 2021



In recent time, many people do phantom spending their night with their love ones but lack the capacity to maintain a good vibe with them neither do they know what to say to them to plaster their thought in the heart of their love ones and as well always in a state of confusion on how to end their discussion with their loved ones with a heart whelming messages or quote.



In the quest to salvage this specific type of people from their thought on how to constitute a lovely night message, we decided to outline numerous and beautiful series of night quotes, SMS, message or paragraphs one can easily send to their love ones, make them smile and ensure they place your thought in their heart before and when sleeping over the night.


Quotes To Sleep Well


1. May the brightness of the stars shine to where your dream can be found. Good night dearest.


2. Look outside your window and wave the stars, moon and the galaxies before retiring to bed. You will surely have a shinny and colourful dream after then. Good night.


3. Night is good and special. It is an avenue for us to relax and catch some sleep which will in turn makes us forget all our worries and pains. Make sure you have a tight sleep.


4. Good night is same as useless cutie when it means goodbye. I’m going to miss you all night.


5. Each night signifies that a new beginning is underway. Enjoy your sleep throughout the night as a new day awaits you.


6. Breath deep, close your eyes and touch your heart before retiring to bed. You will surely have a sleep full of good memories.


7. Good night my one of a kind friend. May you have a peaceful night and a wonderful day ahead.


8. A bed of cloud ahead to shade you. A bed of diamond available for you to lay on for sleep and a beautiful dream await for you to dream. Have a nice night.


9. Whishing you a beautiful sleep dearest. Sleep tight dear.


10. Special night awaits you. You will have a night that is more than fantastic cause I’m going to dream about you tonight.


11. You are cute and sweet so what you gonna dream about tonight will look.


12. My dear precious friend, as the night come make sure you sleep like a baby and wake up like an angel. Good sleep night.


13. Have a fantastic and special dream ahead but no matter how special it may look, it can’t be special than my own potential dream. Did you know why? Because I am going to see your face in my dream.


14. No matter how hard I may go on you during the day time, I will fall for you when the nightfall just as the way sun fall and bow out for the moon and stars. Good lovely night.


15. Loving has become part of me. It is my breath. I can’t stop breathing you in all the time. Catch ya night in full.


16. To my wonderful friend who made my day memorable, I wish you all a joyous night and sound sleep. Good night,


17. I have to say it (goodnight)even though I think you deserve something more real. Something like kissing your soft lips, hug your warm body and cuddle your soft hair till you sleep off. Good night.


18. As the day turns into a dark, ensure you keep off your worries away from your mind and close your eyes for a beautiful ride of sleep. Good night.


19. For the many things I have to think about, yours is always the first in the morning and the last before I sleep. Good night my first and last bestie.


20. Good night dear. make sure the word of god is plastered in your heart before sleeping. It will keep you safe from any form of danger.


Sweet Sleep Well Love Quotes for Her



Sweet Sleep Well Love Quotes for Her


1. I may be gone for minutes or hours. I may probably not be able to say good morning or good night but I will surely not try not to wish my beloved person who has been sweet and faithful to be a blessed night. good night.


2. You may think that I don’t care. You may think that I forget about and you may think that I have purge away your feelings too. It’s very wrong. My night can never be complete if I haven’t prayed for you nor see your face in my dream.


3. I’m whispering because I don’t want to disrupt your sleep. U will maybe get this tomorrow. But anyway, I want to make a confession. I stole a goodnight kiss from you and I pray for more of it.


4. Saying goodnight is not just a word to put an end for the day. It a way of saying, your thought is in my heart before I go to sleep. Hope you can feel the care that goes with it. Good night.


5. Go to bed Off the lights Out to ensure Dreams free of tension. Have a Nice sleep and make sure you Ignore all your worries, Get up early to Have a nice day haven giving Thanks to your lord.


6. I am sending a pillow of happy thoughts to create a wonderful dream, a blanket of care to turn your discomfort to comfort and a prayer to protect you until morning. Good night. and sleep tight.


7. Never think negative about a day in your life. Good days give you joy. Bad days give you memories. Both are vital in life! All are goods blessings. Good night.


8. Dreaming of you makes my night worth having. Thinking of you make me smile and my feelings whenever I am with you is compared to none and loving you is something I’ve pledged to do forever. Good night.


9. Whenever you have a dream about something you wished for, never let it go because dreams are the seed from which our beautiful tomorrow grows. Have a wonderful dream tonight. Good night.


10. Have the cutest dream tonight. Let the most beautiful. A person comes in your dream. Please, don’t make it a habit because I may not be free all night. good night.


11. Somewhere out there, someone beneath the bright moonlight is thinking of you somewhere there where dreams always come to pass. Good night.


12. As you go to bed tonight, I ordered the moon to shine its bright light on you, the galaxies to watch over you, the ghost to dance in white for you and ensure your safety and I have also told the vampires to kiss your neck while you sleep. Have a wonderful night tonight with good memories.


13. On this cold night, in my big wide room, I stare at the bright stars in the dark cloud and think of your of angelic voice and your sweet smile on your cute face. Good night.


14. I WAS looking out the windows thinking about the person Cherish most and the person that came into my mind is you. I just want to say; have a hitch-free night.


15. At this moment, over 2.5 million are sleeping, over 1.5 million are falling in love, 3.1 million are eating and only one cute person in the whole world is waiting for my message which is you. Good night.


16. I hope my lord protect you, the angels watch you as you sleep just to make sure you feel all right. Good night.


17. It does not matter if the sky is black or blue, and it does not matter if there are stars or moon. As long as your heart is true, the sweet dream will never skip your sleep. Good night.


18. God never take a second off whilst loving, guiding, protecting and caring for us in every moment of our lives. May his presence be with you now and beyond. Good night.


19. It’s so disheartening I am not at your place. Miles separate me from you but will not in my dreams, I will make sure we stay together shoulder to shoulder without leaving any space in between us. Good night my angel.


20. The sky maybe cloud and dark, the moon may not shine nor rise and the stars may hide under the cloud. But you need not worry; I will be there to embrace you tight. Good night and sweet dreams.


A Well-Spent Day Brings Happy Sleep Quote for Him/Her


A Well-Spent Day Brings Happy Sleep Quote for Him/Her


1. The best way to get a good night sleep is to work hard throughout the day. If you work hard, you will surely have a blissful sleep.


2. In everything give thanks for the sweet sleep which comes with sweet dreams, for the returning morning’s light.


3. Day is gone, night has come. Today is over, what’s done is done. Embrace your dream, through the night, tomorrow comes with a whole new light.


4. Sleep is the favourite time to repair but is hard to get a good night relaxation when we don’t dial the inner chatter down.


5. The day has elapsed. It is time for rest. Sleep well my dear you tried your best during the day time. Tomorrow comes soon. Close our eyes and wake before noon.


6. This may be the end of the day but soon, a new day will surface. Keep your spirits up there because there are always more chances. Good night and have a restful sleep.


7. Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with the zeal of achieving your dreamed objectives.


8. Fear can keep us up all night long but faith makes one fine pillow. Always have faith and believe to achieve your goals in the next incoming day. Have a night sleep and a blessed day ahead.


9. Life begins at night. Wishes are best wished at night. Dreams are wonderful Dreamt at night. and hopes can best be achieved in the day. I pray to dream about all your wishes and achieved them in handy in the day.


10. After having a stressful day and could not sleep at night, always think that God is communicating to you to speak to him. Turn to him and asked him everything you desire. May the mercy of lord be with you.


11. People sometimes does not always need advice. Sometimes all they really craved for is a hand to hold, an ear to speak to, a shoulder to lean on, an arm to embrace and a heart to understand them. These lines are very active in touching the heart. Sometimes we should understand them. Good night.


12. Hello! They called me night. I came to steal our stress; eliminate your huddles. My weapon is deep sleep and my path is sweet dreams. Kindly understand me and handover yourself to me.


13. Day may fall when the sun goes off, but you should never. You are stronger than the sun. good night and have a rocking weekday.


14. Dream touches your heart and soul directly. It is a wonderful memory that brings reality closer. Hope you will have many dreams tonight that will bring your future close to you.


15. The sun goes off and comes on the moon. Blue sky goes off and black sky comes in. so a cool night is coming! Go to bed and rest on for a good sleep.


16. Another day ends and we anticipate a new day with great hope. But a true friend never ends the day without thinking about their partners. Good night my true partner.


17. If only there was no distance between, I would have kissed you but… anyways, good night my love.


18. My night are longer than my days since I am not by your side in bed. But it’s all deserved it, dreaming about you wakes me up with a smile smiled wide. Good night.


19. God work the night shift. Not you! Don’t spend another sleepless night trying to figure out your issues. Have faith in him and believe that he will sort your issues before the night ends.


20. Early sleep and early wake up give health and make you grow. Make sure you catch your sleep early and wake up early tomorrow



When we retire to bed at night, it should be an avenue for us to ignore our strains and plan for a successful tomorrow. Most of us go to bed with a heart full of nervousness, fear and troubles. This may be due to something that has happened during the day. We worry about the concerns of the day thereby making our night sleepless. No matter how your day goes, let your night always be the moment of your refreshment and rest. There will always be another tomorrow. Another tomorrow which always gives us another chance to make things happen again.


Good night wishes can be a memorable time to add a sauce to your relationship. Doing something good for your love ones be it friend or family is one of the most beautiful feelings. Always be an inspiration to people you cherish by sending to them, good night wishes or quotes. It makes them believe that you are with them, guiding them and always in support of them.

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