40 Role of Husband in Marriage

40 Role of Husband in Marriage

40 Role of Husband in Marriage



The role of a husband is one filled with many different responsibilities. Husband and wife are two halves of a whole, and they need each other to be complete. This is why there are times when the role of a husband is not an easy one. The needs of your family must take precedence over everything else in your life.


If you are wondering, what is the husband’s role in the family? Here are some responsibilities of a husband.

The man carries for holding leadership and responsibility in the family. As a leader, he should employ his wisdom to benefit the family and avoid wearing it out. Throughout all their life, they should be faithful to pursue their duty. The husband’s responsibility in the family is an essential role that he should play as a responsible one. The husband should not leave his responsibility when meeting his family, but it should also be put to good use. He should attend to the needs of his supporting wife and children whole.


1. Husband is a very important character in our society. He is one person who supports the whole family. He should know to do what a wife expects of him. There are many roles of husband according to your capability and financial status. Some of them are.


2. The husbands are responsible for the government of their wives. They are to nourish, comfort, and cherish their wives, wanting them to feel loved by him every day. Husbands are to be generous with their money and hard-working to give their family a better life.


3. A husband should build his marriage. One needs to take care of the family both financially as well as emotionally. A wife would appreciate it if her husband meets her emotional needs by being supportive and understanding, and it will lead to greater intimacy in the relationship.


4. A good husband is one of the most important roles for the family. A good husband will share housework, make decisions together, understand each other without talking much. Here are things a good husband should do.


5. Husband is lord of the house; he presides over his wife lovingly. Husbands should be willing to sacrifice their time, energy, and even their life for their wives. Husbands ought to lead their family in daily family devotions, prayer, and Scripture reading (Eph. 6:5-9). Husbands should guide in deciding all matters concerning the children’s education, spiritual upbringing, proper activities, and associations.


6. A husband’s most important duty is to provide for his wife and family. He should also help his wife with the household chores because if he doesn’t, then who will?


7. There are three main duties of a husband in a wife’s life. 1. Provide for and protect his wife. 2. Give her love, affection, and companionship. A man has countless opportunities to give expression to the love he feels for his wife. There are ten thousand ways in which a husband can express his love to her — through a caress, by word and action; by good deeds, by thoughtful consideration, by friendly interest in all her affairs; and as often as each opportunity presents.


8. There are many things a husband must do in his family and in the social circle. To help you know what is expected of you, you should play five important roles as a man. First, you should be the leader of the family. As a responsible male, you should set an example for your wife and children. What kind of example will they emulate if you lose control over your emotions? No one will respect a husband who does not uphold his end of the marriage contract.


9. The husband is the head of the family that his wife and children need him to show his love and concern. Even in the tough times, he is obligated to love with purpose, care for his family and inspire them.


10. His life and lies are different. A good husband is a person who lives positively in his possessions and preserves peace in his house. He should be a leader, an excellent example for others, a person who shows hospitality to strangers. He must demonstrate the strength of family relationships and love towards family members, accept responsibility for his family, regardless of the circumstances.


11. My dearest husband, I’m sorry she did this to you. I did have a feeling for you from the first time I saw you. Even if I didn’t, at least now you know the truth. The pain and hurt that she caused me was immeasurable, but I was able to stand back on my feet again because of your caring and loving nature. You are a blessing in disguise because only God knows how much I needed my family’s support. 


12. Divorces and marital problems can be so difficult, it is always best to try to avoid them, but if divorce becomes a reality, the husband has some responsibilities.


13. A husband must sacrifice many deep personal desires and devote his time to serving his wife, providing for her health needs – emotional, physical, and spiritual.


14. A husband is a center around which a family organizes. He should be strong for his wife and have a deep understanding of her. And, He can be her best friend and lover simultaneously, someone she is comfortable with and can trust with her interests and needs. He must love her willingly in good times and bad in sickness or in health, whether rich or poor until death they do part.


15. Dear husband! It would help if you were not afraid of anything in this world. No one in this world loves and pampers his wife as much as you do. You are the best husband ever! I will love you to the end of time!


16. The love of a husband for his wife may be roughly divided into three distinct stages. First, it is the lowest on the scale and consists of mere animal attraction, such as leads to sexual intercourse without any emotion beyond the gratification of an impulse. This is called natural love, which is regarded as not properly confined to married life. Secondly, it is that which becomes criminal or mortal when it disregards justice and equality; when man becomes a slave to his appetite for pleasure. 


17. My husband is my strength. He is the rock that I cling to in times of trouble and need. He is my shelter, my confidence, and my friend.


18. My dearest husband! I want to tell you that your letter warmed my heart, comforted my soul, and delighted my heart. I saw a tear roll down my cheek as I read from beginning to end. You have a beautiful way of writing love notes, especially with meaningful words like honor, service, sacrifice, and devotion, to name a few. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!


19. The husband is the absolute ruler of his own home. It belongs to them, and they may decide what rules they should enforce and how they should go about it. A husband’s duties are so sacred that they are mentioned in the most sacred book ever revealed unto the man: Thou shalt love thy wife with all thy heart, and shalt cleave unto her and none else (D&C 42:22).


20. Love is not just a feeling; love is not a simple word. But love is the deep passion and affection for one another. It binds the family members together and makes them feel wanted. And love is a reciprocation of one’s duty in the family.


Role of a Husband in Marriage


21. A true husband is the leader of the family and responsible for every area of the family. In the past, for men, being a husband or man was simple and easy. However, nowadays, it seems to be more challenging to be the man that one is expected to be by society as well as God.


22. Under the law, a man is required to support his wife and family. However, Islam does not leave it at that. The husband is also given a role of leadership in his marriage and over his family. He is responsible for the proper spiritual, emotional, physical, and social development of everyone in his family.


40 Role of Husband in Marriage


23. A husband should lead his wife and his children to obey Allah, the Almighty.


24. It is the duty of the husband to contribute to the economy of his family. With love and sacrifices, he has to take care of his wife, children, and the old persons in his family. He should be strong enough to handle all these responsibilities on his own. As a matter of fact, as a husband, he has played the most important role in family relationships.


25. The husband is a good father and protector of the family. He deserves to enjoy the happy moments with his wife because he worked hard for it like a man. He should try his best to bring essential income for the family. And, He should understand and know how to treat his wife. Spouse communication plays an important role in life together; this meets a spouse’s expectations and avoids any misunderstanding between them, especially financial matters.


26. The husband should respect and take care of his wife and children from the core of his heart. He should never look or speak disrespectfully to the wife and children. The husband must love his family as far as possible. The husband has to make efforts at it if he is able to do so.


27. Today I saw my friend’s tribute on her husband, who passed away in a road accident, and I am deeply moved by it. It reminds me of the importance of being a husband, especially a good one. So I’d like to share some things about the roles of husbands in marriage, especially according to the holy book.


28. A wife, who is beloved by her husband, resembles a beautiful jewel. She is loved and respected for the magnificent person that she is. But how many husbands out there really love their wives?


29. . He is responsible for the wife’s family; he has to provide for them and maintain their dignity.


30. As a husband, one of my roles and duty is to love my wife and be faithful to her. This means that I should always regard her as special, share my possessions with her, protect her and treat her tenderly. As a man, I should be the conqueror, leader, protector, and provider.


31. A husband must love his wife more than his own life, and guard her chastity and preserve his marital rights.


32. A husband never sees a faded face in the mirror when he looks at his wife. A husband doesn’t notice how old his wife makes him feel, but a good one will say Happy Birthday and look forward to covering her with kisses. A Good Husband appreciates his wife, no matter what her age or appearance, is the most beautiful woman in the world to him. He notices her smile, even when she doesn’t think he’s looking. He notices her smell, even when she uses cheap perfume.


33. My dearest husband, you are my lover and best friend. I love you with all my heart and every inch of my body. I am so lucky to be your wife, and I will love you until the end of time. And, I am proud to call myself your wife and to be a part of our family. I want nothing more than to bring you joy, laughter, support, and happiness for all our days together.


34. They say behind every great man is a great woman, but that’s not true at all. Behind every great man is an even more amazing wife who has the capacity to make him even greater. She holds down the fort and takes care of everything while he goes out in the world to pursue his ambitions. She’s a beacon of light for him when she holds up his morale and reminds him why he is working so hard. And for all this, I want to thank you.


35. As a husband, you share the role of spiritual leader with your wife. You have many duties to perform. I am not saying that you have to be a perfect man, but you must try your best to do your duty as a human being, husband, father, and family member.


36. Husband, as a life partner, you must have long-term interests and short-term benefits. Long-term benefits are the basis of trust between husband and wife. These principles include the following.


37. The husband is the head of the family in so much as he is responsible for the family’s spiritual well-being. He is called to provide leadership and vision. The husband does this based on his own faith, with wisdom, and in love. A man who provides leadership based on selfish ambition or favoritism will fail miserably in helping his family be all that it can be.


39. In addition to lifelong support, a husband can show his love through specific actions and expressions. By helping out around the house, looking for ways to reduce his wife’s burden, and helping care for the children and parents, he shows his love. Husbands who understand that their wives are more than just homemakers will try to lighten their load and give her respite when possible.


40. You play many roles in this world. You are a husband, a father, a colleague and friend, even a son to some. But above all, you’re my husband. When I married you, I did so out of love and respect for you. I knew the hard-working person behind the smile and the silver tongue. Even then, as you stood at the altar promising your heart and hand to me, all I could think was how lucky I was. How blessed I was to have found.


41. After all the expectations of men, it is amazing to look at what Paul says in the above passage: husbands are to love their wives as they love their own bodies. What does that mean? I will quote from a few resources that explain this verse and how important this is for Christian husbands.


42. Husband should provide the house for the family. 2. Husband should add the money to wife’s account or jar if she wants. 3. Husband should help their children to study, marriage and job. 4. Husband should wake up early morning and send the wife to work by car or by cycle, don’t wait till the wife call him to take her after work. 5. Husband should cook good food for his wife and kids’ daily food; all family members must eat.


43. Husband, a man who lets his wife be herself, always cares about her in every moment. he ready to help and forgives her every mistake even though she makes mistakes very dangerous like suicide. If he has children compassionate with family, he should love his children not just as father, but loving them from the bottom of his heart and remember that his wife is their mother too.


44. A healthy family is a great gift. But one thing that makes it so special is when the husband realizes his role and duty in his family.


45. First and foremost, be true to yourself. Be the best person that you can be in all that you do. Do this not only for yourself but also for those around you. The husband must lead by example.


46. As a preacher, I encourage you to read it. It might make you think about how you treat or maybe treating your wife! Wives, feel free to share with your husbands!

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