Sweet And Lovely Birthday Paragraph For Your Girlfriend

If you want to impress your girlfriend on her birthday, it’s not so hard to do that. Instead of a bunch of impersonal ramblings, you should think of something brilliant and special. A birthday greeting paragraph is a way to make your girlfriend happy for sure. Don’t hurry, take some time, and think about this topic – the answer will come easily. Then just copy down all those paragraphs to send to her, and remember to keep it personal.

Sweet And Lovely Birthday Paragraph For Your Girlfriend

1. Happy birthday, my sweetheart! I thank God for bringing you into my life and making me so happy. You are the best girlfriend a guy can ask for. I love you and thank you for being by my side through the good and the bad times. We will last forever.

2. Happy Birthday to my lovely girlfriend. I just want to let you know how much I care and love in me. You are a very important person in my life. Happy Birthday, dear! have a wonderful year and lots of fun.

3. There are days when I think – what exactly do I have in my hands? Slowly, the answer reveals itself on your birthday. It becomes clear that you have been a part of my life, even before I was born. The moment you entered this world put positive energy into it and made it shine. Keep staying true to yourself as the world needs good souls like you more than anything else! Happy birthday!

4. Happy birthday, my dear! No matter how many birthdays you have, each year that passes by will stand out. You are my present I can’t live without. You are the fuel I need to keep going at all times. My beloved angel, together with you I am invincible and nothing can break us apart. I love you, sweetheart!

5. Happy birthday, my dear! I have never had someone in my life who has had so much to do with the way I think and feel than you. I hope that your birthday today is as great as you deserve it to be.

6. Sending you warm greetings, birthday wishes, and heartfelt blessings. I hope that you become the happiest person in the world today. It wouldn’t be possible without you! I hope your day is packed with great fun and excitement! Hug and kiss

7. Happy birthday, my dearest friend! I am smiling because of you, my life is so different than it was before. You have taught me to love and laugh again, and always keeping me going whenever life is tough. I know that shadows follow us but I hope that together we will keep them in check. Wishing you a year of boundless joy and fulfillment!

8. My dear girlfriend! You are the best thing in my life! I feel blessed to have you. In every difficult time, you have been there for me. You are always so caring and loving. I don’t know what will I be without you. Happy birthday!!

9. It has been a year since you have been in my life and I would like to say that it has been the best year. I wish you very happy birthday honey as I have loved you through all ups and downs. You have made my life worth living and for that, I will always love you with all my heart.

10. Happy birthday my love. You have been the best thing to happen to me in recent times. I hope that we will continue to share so many amazing experiences together. Thank you for making my life beautiful with all your kind words and gestures. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a truly magical birthday!

11. Happy birthday to the person who has turned my world upside down. You are not just my lover but my best friend who has taught me the beauty of love. Even with all the ups and downs, I am thankful for this beautiful relationship, for having you in my life! Wish you a very happy birthday!

12. Dear Elizabeth, you are my life partner, best friend, and guide. I have found in you what I was searching for in this world. Our love has grown stronger with time and I hope it will live forever. I am happy to be your birthday gift this year.

13. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you nothing but happiness in your life. From the time we first met, I knew I was going to spend a lifetime with you. Every day, you make my life worth living and you have given me a reason to be happy every morning when I wake up. Happy birthday, baby!

14. Happy birthday to a wonderful person! You are a bright and cheerful girl with whom I shared my best years in life. I feel very close to you, and your support is invaluable to me. My soft heart melts when I hear your voice, and I can’t help but hug you every time we say goodbye. Just one question – do you have any idea what do I feel for you?

15. My beautiful girlfriend, how are ye? Today I want to wish you a happy birthday with all my heart, I know that we have our differences, and we tend to argue sometimes. But you are still the most wonderful woman in the world for me, and I want you to know just am grateful for everything we share together.

16. I am so blessed to have you as my girlfriend. You are the only woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Your care, love, and commitment have boosted me and made me believe that I can achieve anything in life. Let’s grow old together! Happy birthday!

17. Happy birthday to the love of my life. You always kept me going when I was down. Your smiles and laughter have given me new life, and you have made every day of mine worth living. Today I wish to be with you forever, to tell you how much you mean to me, and to show you just how important you are in my life. Happy birthday, darling!

18. Today is my girlfriend’s birthday and I just want to say happy birthday! I love you and you make my life much happier. No one can be as loving as you are. You have sacrificed a lot to make me happy, let me thank you for everything!

19. I know you are a special one. On this day I want to wish you all the best in your life, as long you keep being yourself and bring joy to those around you. You have made me happy, and I am so proud of that. Thank you for the hugs, kisses, and all the love we shared together. It was by far one of the best times of my life! Wishing you a birthday full of fun, laughter, and excitement!

20. On your birthday, I wish you a myriad of happiness and success that no amount of money can buy. You are one of a kind and I know you will make the most of life. May God bless you in abundance!

Happy Birthday To Girlfriend Paragraph

21. For my dear girl, we have been together for 4 years now. It was not easy, but it was worth the wait. You are one of the most caring and intelligent women I have ever met and I love you for all your contributions to my life. You have been by my side in all good occasions and bad ones. Thank you for sharing my life and making me feel so special all these years!

22. Birthday wishes are always meant for the special people in our lives. The love of your life, your soul mate, or a best friend do not come by every day. We all have this one soul mate that keeps us going when times are tough, and comfort is needed. Your inner beauty shines brighter than any diamond and your heart is as pure as gold. I hope you have enjoyed my collection of Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend to show to your special lady!

23. My dearest girlfriend, I just want to wish you the very happiest birthday today. You are indeed special to me and this bond between us is something that no one can break.

24. My sweetheart, with my deepest wish I bless you on this day of joy. To the woman whose love has given me light and warmth after being in the dark for so long, I want to thank you every day for bringing laughter into my life. Seeing a smile on your face makes me feel like I can take on the world, no matter how tough it is. I love you and I wish you a very happy birthday!

25. My dearest girlfriend, you have made my world a better place to live in. You brought so much light into my life and brightened my existence. Thank God for bringing someone like you into my life, as I would be nothing without you. You are indeed my dream come true, and it is a joy to have someone as special as you in my life. I am so very lucky to have you around and know that I do not deserve all that you have ever done for me. Happy birthday, sweetie.

26. Dear girlfriend, I am so glad to have you in my life. You are the light that guides me through the storms of life. I love you so much, and you will always be special to me!

27. Many happy returns of the day! I hope you are as excited as I am, about your coming birthday.

28. It’s my time to honor your presence in our lives and to tell you how special you are to me. May all your wishes come true and may today be a nice beginning for a long life full of joy and happiness!

29. Hello girlfriend! I know you are having a great time. I saw you with your friends and you are all having so much fun. I wish I was with you, but since I can’t be, make sure to have a very special day. Happy birthday!

30. A sweet angel like you is God sent down. You are an example of love for everyone to emulate. You have taught me what it really means to love. I feel so lucky that you are my girlfriend. I hope you have a beautiful birthday?

31. My dearest, you are the most important person in my life. I have never met a woman like you. You add value to my life and make me a better man. Thank you for blessing my life with so much joy, love, and warmth. May the years ahead bring us closer together as we create more beautiful memories on your birthday and other special days to come!

32. Girl, you have been my best friend. You have never disappointed me and stood by me always through thick and thin. I hope your birthday is filled with only happiness and joy, and that all of your wishes come true. I love you baby and wish you a very happy birthday!

33. There are only a few things that would have made life complete for me, and you are one of them. You have been my best friend and confidant, and you are most important to me in life. I wish I could be as special to you as you are to me. Happy birthday!

34. My dearest girlfriend, my soul mate and love of my life – I would like to send you warm birthday wishes. For you are the one who brought meaning to my life. I found true happiness, love, and sincere caring in you. Today, I want to remind you that I am grateful for what you have done for me:

35. Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend! You are independent, gorgeous, and fun. Your sense of humor brings happiness into my life. I love spending time with you, talking about things I always wanted to share with someone special. You have been there for me and encouraged me during all the rough times. You are the one for me and I would like to spend the rest of my life with you.

36. My dearest, my princess, I can never imagine a birthday without you. You are an angel in disguise who made my life full of dreams and colors. Let this day be one of the most memorable ones we spent together. It is hard to believe that so much time has flown by since we met. Today I call out to your family and my family to thank them for raising such a wonderful woman like you. You bring sunshine into our lives and are the true meaning of giving without expecting anything.

37. Birthday is the best time of the year. I love the feeling of happiness you get on this day. You’re a star and a princess in my life, and I could never imagine my world without you. Let’s go all out to celebrate your birthday, and let all your favorite memories be engraved in my mind.

38. Hello. Just in case you do not see this, I want to say that I have always loved the way you think, how you feel and what you say. You are an amazing girlfriend and I am honored to be your boyfriend. Happy birthday to my one and only Ginger!

39. My dearest girlfriend, I just want to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday. I am sorry that I was not able to make it for your party. It’s been hard for me lately. But, I want you to know that every time I see your picture next to mine on the wall, it reminds me of how lucky I have been. With love, your sweetheart boyfriend.

40. My love, today is your birthday! The moment you came into my life, everything changed. For the better. I knew that we would fall in love together, and I was right! You are my cute little angel who always stands by me and looks after me. Every time you touch me or kiss me or hold my hand, every time you look at me with those beautiful eyes, I know that there’s somewhere heaven on earth. Today is your day and yours only.

Happy Birthday To My Girlfriend Paragraph

41. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world! You are the one person who has changed my life and made me realize what true love is. You have endured through it all, from shifts to charges, even when I thought there was no hope left. Thank you for helping me get through all the tough phases of my life. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday!

42. Girlfriend, looking at you, I am so proud to have you in my life. Even though we argue sometimes, there is a lot about you that makes me wonder how can I have found such a beautiful person. You are a guiding light, a walking angel, and an inspiration like no other. On your birthday, I hope you live another year full of happiness; have fun and enjoy the day to the fullest!

43. Hi sweetheart, I cannot tell you how happy I am that we are together. Whenever I feel down, you are always there for me and everything seems to be more than okay. You are the most loving woman on earth! I am glad that today is your birthday too and I hope it will be a wonderful day because you deserve nothing but happiness.

44. Happy birthday to you! I want you to know that your presence in my life has made all the difference. Even though we have not been dating long, I find that the time I spend with you means the world to me, and I want it to continue as long as possible. You are my best friend, and I hope that our friendship grows stronger over the years. Enjoy your birthday and have a prosperous year!

45. I never used to believe that true love exists. I never knew that falling in love could have been this beautiful and romantic. Yes, we are young, so young! But those whirlwind months have taught and made me realize how special love is. Love is so heavenly and magical that it can make any girl ready to give up her life without regret. I hope you know all my feelings, how valuable you are for me, a real treasure that I will hold forever in my heart. Happy birthday.

46. Happy birthday to my eternal soulmate! I know that our relationship is still a work in progress, but I feel we are getting closer every day. You are such a good person and I am happy that God has brought us together. You are thoughtful, caring, and loving – the kind of person I have searched for all my life. Happy birthday, baby, nothing is going to destroy this special bond we share. Love you forever!

47. Dear Laura, you are the best dream that ever came true for me. You have been by my side through every hour of darkness, as well as every hour of joy. You are perfect to me, in fact, you’re priceless. You make me feel complete and I know I cannot live a moment without you. Just because I would like to make this birthday special for you, I have a gift for you: my heart! Please accept it with all the love it contains!

48. You are the true definition of love, happiness, care, and affection. You have never failed to surprise me on every milestone in my life. Every year, you have to remember my birthday and give me a present that brings a smile on my face. On this birthday, as always, I wish you all the best life has for you. Happy Birthday, dear.

49. Great women like you are hard to find. You have changed my life, made me see life in a different manner, and shown me what true love is. I want you to know that I am proud to have you as my girlfriend. You are an amazing soul and I wish you a happy birthday!

50. From the moment I lay my eyes on you, I knew you would turn out to be a great person. But I did not know that you would transform me into someone else. Ever since you came into my life, my desires have been fulfilled and I am a happy person with a bright future ahead. Today is the day, I want to thank you for being by my side and changing my perspective towards life. Happy birthday dear boyfriend!

51. Hey you! I am happy to be with you all the time. You make my life colorful. So, without saying more, let’s celebrate your birthday in a grand way. Let’s have fun all day long and let us make this day memorable. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

52. Hi hun, on your special day I want to wish you happiness and love. Since I am not able to buy you gifts, I want to give you this heartfelt note. You are such a precious person to me, which is why I want only the best for you always. You must be a really great girlfriend to deserve someone like me. As they say, the best things in life are free. That is how I feel about your love.

53. You are the air I breathe. You make the world a better place. No one in the world makes me feel as special as you do! I love you so much that I can’t even express my feelings in words. You are a guardian angel and have been my pillar of strength after dad’s death. I am proud to call myself your girlfriend and happy birthday to you!

54. This is the best way to tell you that I care for you. It is also the best way to express the joy and excitement I feel when I am around you. When I spend time with you, time never stands still, because every second holds something new and precious. I know we are young, but no matter what, I wish this day to be perfect for you. Happy birthday!

55. My girlfriend, you are truly one of a kind. Friends like you are few and far between. You brightened up my life with your sunny disposition and gave me the strength to live life to the fullest. I wish you a very happy birthday and hope you always remain the same!

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