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Thank You for Making Me Laugh Everyday

It is a saying that men usually refer to their wives when they say, “thank you for making me laugh every day”. But if one were to use this expression. it will be more appropriate if said by a woman who appreciates what his husband, boyfriend, girlfriend has done for you in the past and still doing it. So we compiled those appreciating words for you to use and thank that precious person in your life.

Thank You for Making Me Laugh Everyday

Thank you for making me laugh every day and helping me forget about my worries and problems.

Thanks for making me laugh every day! can’t wait to see what you guys post next.

You have brought genuine laughter into my life. You are lovely, funny and clever. Thank you for having me visit your site. ❤

Your smile gave me one of the greatest gifts of my life: laughter. I don’t think we realize how special — and rare — a gift that is. So here’s to you, for being so wonderfully fierce, so hilarious

“You haven’t lived until you’ve woken up to the sound of your dog barking at kettle corn.” – Patrick Meyers

Well, here we are—the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice. Hang on to the memories of summer days that inspire you into cozy fall nights ⛈🍂

Almost time to join our mutual friend for brunch. Sorry, I’m running late 😳

Thank you for making me laugh every day — Andrea!!! We are so happy to have you back in the office. #ChuckleMuch? 😂

just wanted to say thanks for making me laugh.

You make me smile every day! 💗

Laughter is the best medicine #grateful #donutempire

😂🤣😂😂! You crack me up.

Now you can get a hearty help of laughter from the morning that laughter was made. 😎

Hanging out with this guy😂😂

Yes, I have a spaghetti hair-do. No, I won’t fix it. And, no you can’t cut off some for yourself.”

What’s better than a 3-day weekend?? An extra day for Nacho Runs, duh. Happy #NACHOTOYEAR!

Even just ‘Liking’ and commenting on your customers’ posts is a way for customers to feel connected and engaged with you.

👭 on TV and online! Watch Cartoons on Hulu:

Thank you for making me laugh every day. Happy Captioning!

I’d like to thank you. For making me laugh every day, for your support, for your creativity, for just being you. I don’t think I can ever say enough how much you mean, but here’s

And thank you for the laughs 🤣😂😂

Here’s to the people, the stories, & the lols that brighten our days 💫✨🎉 #alwayswithfriends

Thank you for being that thoughtful best friend, that sister I never had, or the kooky neighbor I could count on.

True friends are the ones that keep you laughing through the tears. #BFFs

Thank you for being a bright spot in my day. ❤️

Laugh often, smile big, love to the max, and keep chasing your dreams.

Have a #HappyDay. 💥

Love you all, thanks for being my weirdos.

Cheers to many more laughs with you.

Getting through today with a smile is my new dance move. 😂🍏️

Thank you for making me laugh everyday 😂😂😂

thanks, big sis, for making me laugh every day 😂😂 happy birthday! I love you

Karen & I have been married 17 years—I thank her for making me laugh every day. Happiest wife, happiest life!

Thank you guys for all the laughs and opportunities to make everyone around us laugh, we love you. 😄

Day 7 on set with this dude! Every BTS video he makes is my favorite … but this one is truly my favorite. 😂💗

Today’s mornin’ ☕️ is dedicated to my @xxxx powered by Coffee at ☕️☕️. You helped me through a rough morning and made me laugh while I was nervous for an exam

We like to think we make the world a better place, one giggle at a time.

I think I must be loving you more than ever – maybe it’s because I’m really tired.

Life’s better with you in it. Thank you.

I can’t wait for my daughter to get older so she doesn’t feel awkward when I drop the f-bomb in front of her.

It’s pretty much impossible not to feel happy when surrounded by family, old or new. ❤️

Canada thanks you for being as weird as us. 🇨🇦😎

No matter how dark it gets, keep shining.

thanks for following my journey, I wouldn’t have made it this far without you!

Thank you for making me laugh every day! Happy Father’s Day @xxxx 💙#dierkshenderson

Thank you for making me laugh every day. I’m so grateful to have a co-worker who knows how to lighten things up 😃

I can’t thank you enough for making me laugh every day! You are the best boss, friend, brother-in-law, mother-in-law, and wife a guy could ask for. Happy Birthday! ❤️

Thank you, from @xxxx making me laugh every day for the last ten years.

I’ll make you laugh anytime 🤷‍♂️

I love you guys so much. I hope your day is as wonderfully hilarious as always.

#Laughter is the best medicine, so make sure you’re getting an adequate dosage every day! #OpenSince97

I’m so lucky that I get to do what I love for a living. Each & every one of you inspires me to keep creating. #thankful #grateful #ilovemyjob #bandofcraftycroppers

I will never admit you’re getting older. We 👶👨‍👦 rise together.

I have literally never laughed so hard. Wow. Just wow.

One of my favorite things about this job: getting to share the moments that make the news and bring you a smile. @xxxx

It’s almost Friday, and we already miss you! Remember we all cherish your wacky sense of humor.

Having a good sense of humor is the key to any relationship.

Have a happy Friday! 💙

Feeling nostalgic. #throwbackthursday

Happy birthday to my favorite funny person in the world. Thanks for making me laugh every single day. I love you ❤️🎈

My favorite thing about my job is making people laugh and having a great time.✌️ #totalkindness

These dogs are here to make you laugh. 2,745 pups and counting. 😁

I wake up laughing and go to bed laughing #SheStruggles

Some days are harder than others. Thank you for getting me through them. 😀

Thank you to the funniest cast of misfits anywhere. We love you!

My day is made when finding out there’s a NEW Penguin video or sighting. 😂🐧

I feel my best when Iʻm laughing my ꙮ ꙱ ꙲ ꙳ ꘐ ꘑ ꘒ ꓃ ꏢ

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #legendofsupercuts

maybe there may be no heaven, but there is definitely soul food.

Thank you for making me laugh every day, friends. Here’s to a fun weekend ☺

Sometimes, you need a little break from silly news. Let’s thank our TV hosts for making us laugh during a crazy week. #TGIT

Thanks for coming on this crazy ride with me. Here’s to many more years of making each other laugh all day long. 🤪🍻

Happy Birthday, Mom…thank you for helping me put myself together every day!

I can’t remember what I was looking for but I better keep searching cause laughs like these are what life is all about 🙏🏻

Don’t stop doing what you’re doing, you’re reminding me to not take life too seriously. 😜

My greatest feat is to make people smile.

I’m not a morning person, but you make my mornings easier. #grateful

one paw, two paws, three paws… who cares? #happypash

I feel like I’m stuck in a Golden Girls episode…with really cute hair.

We have a new puppy! He’s so full of life and energy.

Thank you for being so loyal. The country couldn’t do without your service.

If you want to feel the best, look your best.

Thank you for making me laugh every day. Here’s to you, Mom!

Appreciate the people who make you laugh. Life is too serious not to laugh. ___ #merrychristmas #merrychristmas2016 #merrychristmasfuntimes

this is my favorite snap right now. you always make me laugh and I hope I do the same for you 😄

Cheers to the imperfections because the best memories are made with good friends, good wine & comedy #cheersfriends #thatswhatshesaid

Get to know @xxxxx star Zachary Pincus-Roth & his dog @xxxx…the man behind one of Vine’s most loved accounts. 🐶❤️💕

I ❤️ laughing at things that aren’t funny and talking to myself in the car.

Happiness is the best makeup. 😜

We’re thankful for all the laughs—big and small—at our business.

Happy birthday to our favorite busy body @xxxx Hopefully, this gives you a good chuckle during your day! 😀💀

I am really thankful that Fabs was my roommate for this month. Hope you enjoyed our video! Love you Fabs. Ciao

“I’m having the best summer of my life.

What are you grateful for right now?

thank you for making me laugh every day. 🙂 *heart emoji*

I couldn’t ask for a better partner. Thank you for making me laugh every day.

Happy birthday to me! I can’t believe today is my big day. Oh, thank you for making me laugh every single day! 🎉

My daily laughs 😂❤️

Your sense of humor is life-enriching (and totally adorable).

this job is a dream come true, I have the best boss and the best ppl to work with ❤️

No caption is needed. Happy Pet Day!

Let’s change the status quo, shall we? We don’t need to put tablecloths on everything 😑 . *plays dad jokes while wearing lulu lemons while drinking coffee*

I would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. Oscar Wilde 😎

Fed up with your morning commute? Too tired to cook that healthy dinner? Try making this

healthy, hearty chorizo omelet, which will definitely perk you up. 😍

You can achieve anything in life if you drink enough coffee.

By nature, I’m not what you would call an early riser. Whether it’s being kept up all night by my kids or the occasional sleepless night due to back pain, I don’t always get out of bed with

Should I do this in person, or over text?

Baby, thank you for making me laugh every day. I love the fact that you are always up to something hilarious. 😂

Thank you for joining in on the fun and making me LOL 😅😂💗😄

Happy Birthday to the funniest person I know my brother @xxxxx 😂🎂❤️ I love you 😙😄

This couldn’t have been more true, thank you for all of your hard work and positive attitude 🎉🎊☕️

Happy Friday! Be grateful always, be kind to others. #CheersToU

At @xxxx I get to edit and share the stories and lives of incredible women. This last year has shown me the power of story-telling and the way it can inspire us all to live our best selves. Mariël Clark

The perfect caption for a social marketing manager.

Thanks for Making Me Laugh Every Day

Thank you for making me laugh every day 🤣😅.

all day, every day us making you laugh.

To a fantastic girlfriend who has taught me anything, I know about makeup. Have a wonderful day my dear friend.

Laughter is always the answer. 😂 #UCB

isn’t laughing the best medicine? 😆 🍀

thank you so so much for lighting up my world @tess_mcclure_ 🙏❤️ 😂 #foreverfriends

broke up with my girlfriend earlier today. Thanks for all the laughs, go support me on @instagram anyway #brokethenoughtobroke

I’ll be forever grateful that you share the light in your life with me. I’m very thankful to be in yours.

Here’s to always giving thanks for the ones you love 💛 ❤️

Well hi, there is a way to brighten my day with this video. Hugs to you little man! and now I want to hug you with all my heart

Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride.

I am a mirror, a mirror on the wall, a mirror that looks at you

Thank you for making me laugh every day.

No one knows how to live life like you 🤣 you’re my inspiration, thank you for making me laugh every day and for being who you are ❤️ I love you

Making me laugh like an idiot every day is one of the many reasons why I wake up with a smile. 😊 🥰

Thanks for making me laugh…in this crazy life.

I laugh every day because of you, thank you @xxx 😂

In a world where most of the news is negative, you’ll make me feel like I can actually make a difference. You all are seriously hilarious!!

Some people make you feel like everything is OK. Thank you for being one of the people who make me feel like everything is great.

give me coffee before class, give me coffee in class… make my day

I woke up feeling like P Diddy, you woke up feeling like Tom Diddy ☺😂 #NoFilter #Coffee

can’t exactly say if this is good news or bad news but I’m laughing either way #winwin

Laughter is the best medicine. So let’s never run out.

Happy almost birthday to me 🎂☺️❤️

We are the best medicine. 💊

Can we keep this one? #ThankYouForMakingMeLaugh everyday

Thinking of you today and every day. You make me laugh and we make memories together. I love you.💛 😘

Soooo, at least I made someone smile this week.

Happy Friday. Find opportunities to laugh in every day. 😊

Happy anniversary to the best Dad and husband ever.

I Haven’t Found A Joke I Can’t Laugh At.

A special thanks to the many ppl who inspire, encourage, and brighten my days. I thank you kindly 🙌🏼

No matter what happens, remember that we’re still friends. And friends can always be friends if they choose to, right?

At the end of the day, it’s all about how to make people feel.

🙋🏻🙋🏻For your support and best wishes for this project guys. Thanks so much, I love you all❤️

This city has always taken me back to the fun of the early days. There is a feel here that reminds me of all those first dates, late nights cramming for exams, and breakups that became makeups.

some days all you need is a laugh. thank you for making me laugh every day.

A good sense of humor is everything – thanks for making me laugh every day. I’m so grateful you’re in my life!

Thanks for making me smile and laugh every day! You guys are awesome! 😎

you make me laugh every day by doing these 3 things (insert list of three specific things) 😻

Thanks for making me laugh @xxxx

You can set your clock to this chucklehead…seeing him makes my day, everyday 😎

Thanks for all your laughs, you made my day.

There’s no shortage of reasons to laugh … or coffee for that matter.

Kicking off the weekend with a laugh. A post shared by FitnessTown (@xxxx) on May 26, 2017, at 9:23 am PDT

Good morning, my dear followers. I hope that you all ate an extravagant breakfast. Don’t eat too much though; it’s almost lunchtime. 🍳

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

The only time that you’re not annoying is when you’re surprising me. Thank you for making me laugh everyday xoxoxo 😂💕

Sending all my love and thank you for making me laugh every day —from the bottom of my heart. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Here is to more laughter and fun… thanks for making my day every day. 🤗 #MyHusbandLikes

grateful for my man, who can always make me laugh. Happy bday 🎂❤️🍰

Happiness is getting a daily dose of something I find funny. 😂🙌

I laugh so hard because you laugh so hard. I’m thankful we can share our smiles and hugs every day. 😭💑

gotta thank someone who inspires you to create, and for us what inspires us is the laughter! 😂😂

We all need a good laugh every now and then. Here’s to the comedy in your life!

Even when you make me pee 💦 I still like you 😍❤️

…I like to laugh. Makes me feel good 😊

I’m so thankful for the people in my life that keep me feeling positive and always help me out. Y’all are the best! 😁

Here’s to the days when joy meets coffee in a perfect way. Summer in a Cup. ☀

Thank you for making me laugh everyday @xxxx ‼️ I’m obsessed with you😂 #GROOMINGACCOUNTmygod

Drinking your morning coffee with you makes my day so much easier. Thanks for making me laugh every day–here’s to many more years of doing so!

I’m really grateful because you make me laugh every day. I love you

Every day I wake up next to you is cause for celebration. Luckily, that’s every day of my life.

In this crazy world, it’s the simple joys that count. Happy National Silliness Day 🤣🎉

I made a new home for all of you on my new favorite site. Let me know if I can share anything for you!

Life is short. Laugh hard. Love much. Keep it quirky.

When it comes to comedy, there is nobody like Judd Apatow. We’re delighted to partner with him on his first ever Netflix stand-up special.

here’s to the little things. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hanging with you guys is always a blast ️

The little things : )

It’s been my distinct pleasure 😘

Gratitude is the key to life. I don’t think it has any value unless you give it away.

Let’s get Sunday started on the right foot.

Hi, my name is coffee.

Thx you for making me laugh every day…my life would never be the same without you.☺️

BE MORE CHILL in everything you do and everyone you know. Thanks for making me laugh every day!

you make me laugh every day, so let’s do dinner on my birthday B-)

my friends make me laugh every day, and the people who love them make me laugh too.

Thanks to @xxx for making me laugh every day. 😂😂😂

Happy birthday to the funniest girl I know! You make me laugh every day! 😂

You make my day and I am so thankful for you. You’re funny and creative and I’m proud to be your friend.

Laughter is the best medicine for everything! ☺ #funnyambassadorteam

We all have that friend who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts. Here’s to the humor of summer, captured by @xxx

Thanks for being there when I’m grumpy in the morning. Thank you for being there when I’m grumpy at night. I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Happy birthday. 😚

Hahahaha 😂😂😂🌃

💚 🍔🎉#cjcrewmembersrock

Little victories add up to make a big person.

I’ve heard of customer service, but @xxx is now my favorite example.

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