Top Short Birthday Prayer for a Friend 2021

Top Short Birthday Prayer for a Friend 2021

Top Short Birthday Prayer for a Friend 2021


A birthday prayer for a friend is one of the most meaningful ways of showing how much you care. Being able to pray and bless someone on their birthday is the best way of conveying how special that person is. Here are the lyrics to a short birthday prayer for a friend.


Birthday is a very special occasion. Birthday prayer is also considered a very sacred one if you want to pray for your friend then it is necessary you have information about prayer so that you can pray properly. Firstly, we should have to have information about birthday prayer as it will play a vital role in your life.


1. I am one of the many people who God has blessed to be good friends with you. I know that you are not easy to handle, but that is not what I want to talk about today. You are a very special and unique soul. I don’t know how to describe it other than the way you live your life has guided me in my own. So happy birthday to my good friend.


2. Heavenly Father, I offer my most sincere thanks for your merciful love and for the gift of my best friend. Please show him/her the way to you and to your kingdom. I pray that he/she may come to know you as (he/she) has never known you before. Strengthen his/her faith today through your power and grace. May he/she walk with you all the days of his/her life.


3. Your smile tells me that the day I first met you has been one of my happiest days. Your eyes show the care and compassion that is deep inside your heart. And, Your arms embrace me with warmth, tenderness, and comfort. You are my best friend. Thank you for the things you do for me. Thank you for always being there to lend a listening ear and a helping hand! Happy birthday dear friend.


4. May God make you thousand times more beautiful than you already are. And, May He give you an abundance of money and friends. May he be the source of all the happiness and laughter in your life. And may He help you to always do good for others. Have a really Happy Birthday!


5. There are people who bring a smile on your face whenever you remember them. They make your life easier because they are so much attached and involved with you. You know, we want to be blessed by those people all the time, but from where do we get a chance like that. I want to tell you that you have got a blessing in the form of my best friend John for you. It is not only me who admires his manners and nature, but the whole world has recognized him for being a gem.


6. A real friend is one who cares for and believes in you more than himself. You made me feel a lot of things, but none of these come even close to gratitude. Without you, I would have been lost. Thank you for coming into my life and filling it with love and laughter. This time around, I got you something special that I know you will love. Happy birthday! Blessings!


7. You’ve been my best friend since the day I met you. You made me feel good about myself and always welcomed me into your life. As we grow older, we realize that life is not a bed of roses. When it rains, I don’t have to worry about being left alone in this cold world. You will take care of me forever and ever, despite your own problems and struggles.


8. Happy birthday my dear friend. May this year be a wonderful one for you. Also. May everything that you wish for come true. May God shower all his blessings on you. I promise to celebrate your birthday with you and make it worth remembering. Once again, happy birthday, dearest friend!


9. Dear God, I thank you for my wonderful friend, for all the joy and happiness he brings me in life. Help me to be a better person by his example. Bless him with your best and keep him safe from all danger.


10. You are very intelligent, and I have learned a lot from you. May you become a successful person in your life. You have been my best friend since childhood. You taught me to be a good human being with many great lessons. I will always love you for who you are, and I wish you happiness in every step of your life. Keep spreading light, my dear friend.


11. Lord, bless my friend with all Your gifts. Please surround him with companionship and strengthen him with courage. May he see his success and be grateful for the love of his friends and family.


12. I thank God for seeing you through this journey of life. You are wonderful in every way, and there is nothing I can think of that makes you lovable than your birthday. Let this beautiful day be the beginning of many more joyful days to come. Love you lots!


13. It is so easy to say that I love you because I do. There is no one in the world more precious to me than you. May this birthday bring you good fortune. And may all your dreams come true.


14. Loving you is as easy as breathing but more powerful than holding your breath. The life that you have brought to my existence has been the most fulfilling. I never knew what fine silk felt like until I laid eyes on you. You are an amazing individual building the world with nothing but bits of imagination and a state-of-the-art pen. Today, I wish you all the best that you deserve, and may God always smile on every step you take ahead!


15. Thank you for all the happiness and laughter you have brought into my life. You are a great friend, mom, sister, and teacher. I hope your birthday is filled with fun, love, and joy. It is the best way to celebrate a person like you!


16. Today is your birthday. I pray that God bless you abundantly and richly all through your life; I pray that God will fulfill every good and perfect gift for you. Happy birthday dear friend!


17. My friend, I pray that everything you do in life brings you joy. I pray that God always strengthens your faith and reminds you how special you really are in His eyes. You are a true blessing in my life. I just hope that every moment we live has a purpose no matter how difficult the task ahead is, and even when it looks like all hope is lost. May God guide us as we struggle to maintain our daily walk with Him.


18. May God bless you with a wonderful year ahead, full of happiness and contentment. I hope that today will surprise you with all the beautiful things life has to offer. May you always be blessed with joy and happiness on your special day! Happy Birthday!


19. Born with the strength of love and great spirit, your smile gives me strength. Your heart gave me hope through the passage of time. I, your friend, wish you a happy birthday. May you find all the happiness in years to come.


20. We know that you are a very busy person, so we decided to put together this special prayer for your birthday. May this song be a reminder of all the strength you have blessed us with.


Short Birthday Speech for a Friend


21. Oh lord, my Father, thank you for blessing me with the best friend on Earth. You had sent him into my life just when I needed him the most. Thank you for blessing me with a friend like him and making our friendship stronger. Help us to always be grateful, honest, and caring towards each other. Let us never forget the promise we made each other when we were just friends. Make our bond stronger through all the good and bad times of our lives. Bless this day in numerous ways.


22. On this special day, I pray that God would grant you both long life and prosperity. We celebrate your birthday, and we thank God for everything he has done through you.


23. Lord, each of us has a different path in life. Thank you for guiding me every step of the way and giving me the strength and courage to keep all your commandments and do what is right no matter what. I pray that I will always be grateful for everything you have given me. Today is my friend’s birthday, and I want him to know how much I appreciate having him as a friend. Bless him with health, prosperity, good friends, good food, happiness, and everything he could ever dream of.


24. It is always wonderful to inform you of my feelings for you and how much you mean to me. I have had the chance to show my appreciation for your love and sacrifice throughout the years. Thank you for making a difference in my life. I may not say it enough, but today is your day, and that will be enough for me. This card serves as a reminder of what I feel for you at this moment! Happy birthday!’


25. Thanks for being a good friend. I am sorry for all the misunderstandings and arguments we have had, even though you deserve credit for enduring them because I can be very stubborn sometimes. You will always find in me a friend with whom to share a laugh, a smile, and tears. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you an exceptional birthday!


Top Short Birthday Prayer for a Friend 2021


26. May God strengthens you and fill your heart with his love and joy on this special day as you continue to share it with me.


27. Dear Father, I pray that my friend _____ lives a very happy and prosperous life. Thank you for this birthday to be the happiest of his life. ______ has been so nice to me and everyone around him. I want all his dreams and wishes to come true on this special day. Please grant that he may find great success in all the endeavors he undertakes today, this year, and every year of his life. Then you will have answered my prayer. Amen.


28. God bless you lots and lots on this special day. I believe that because of your special place in my life, God will be more merciful than he has been to me in a long time. A good wish for you, my best friend.


29. A friend like you is a true blessing for me. No matter how far we are from each other, you will always be there to lend a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to my problems. Thank you for all the times that you have been there for me. You are my best friend, and I am grateful to God for making us, friends! Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day!


30. My dearest friend, I can’t find the words to tell you how much you mean to me. You are a wonderful woman who teaches me to be good. I am grateful for your help and support whenever I needed them. Today’s hump day special occasion is a time for thanksgiving. I am thankful for your friendship; both of our lives are enriched by your presence around us. I wish you’d always be by my side as we grow old together. Happy birthday!

31. I love the way you are into me, no matter what happens in your life. Thank you for always being there for me. For the years I have known you, it is purely amazing! I cherish our friendship and will always be here for you. Happy birthday my dear friend!


32. On your birthday, I wish you prosperity and happiness in all spheres of your life. May you be blessed with great health and spiritual growth. Happy birthday dear friend!


33. Your birthday is a special day, and it deserves a special prayer. I just want you to know that one thought of yours that kept me together all these years, and you have been my pillar of strength. For you, I pray, Lord, Make his days happy and bright. Give him this day your love, And bless him with your mercy.


34. Happy birthday to my dear friend. A person like you I am not going to come across anytime soon, but that’s for another day. Today is about celebrating this beautiful day with a lot of fun and laughter. You are a very happy person who makes everyone around you laugh—wishing you an immense amount of joy and good health forever.


35. Dear God, please don’t allow anything to happen to my friend on this special day of his because he is the most important person in my life and I couldn’t live without him. For God has blessed me with one of the best friends one could ever hope for. And I know that he feels the same about me. So in the name of Jesus and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for blessing my life with this wonderful friend. AMEN!


36. Happy birthday my friend. I want to thank you for all the good times we shared, and it makes me so happy to know that we will have many more to come. This is a wonderful milestone in your life, and I wanted to be the one to help you celebrate it. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the friendship that God has given us, and I hope that it continues until we are old and gray.


37. Dear God, I pray that your spirit of love and joy will be there to comfort my friend on his birthday. Please bless him with a happy mood and let him feel loved on his special day. Thank you, Lord.


38. Love can’t be measured. That is why this tiny prayer for you melts my heart as I pen this message to wish you a very happy birthday. I care for you so much. That is why my heart is always with you, and only you will ever know how special you have made it all through these years!


39. Dear Lord, Make my friend see how wonderful he is to me and everyone around him! Give him the courage to accomplish his dreams and share them with others. Fill him with the love and kindness that will embrace the world in peace. I pray that God’s spirit will live inside him so that he can spread love and joy to people everywhere! Let his life be a blessing to others.


40. O Lord, I am thankful that I have a friend like you. Thank you for being my helping hand and the inspiration to live life to the fullest. You are a precious gem that brightens up my day and makes me forget all my sorrows. I wish you a very happy birthday, my friend.


41. My darling friend! As I pray for you this morning, I know that great things are manifesting in your life. May the best of good come into your life as you embrace them. I am confident that your birthday will be the express train to a greater future and brighter days ahead.

42. At this point in time, words cannot tell you just how much I value you. You someone who has always been by my side and made life much easier for me. You showed me what true friendship is about. Words are not enough to express my feelings, but I want to say that I am happy that you are my friend. Thank you for making my birthday special today!


43. Here is a sweet birthday prayer for my best friend. My dearest friend, you have been a very special friend in my life. I feel so blessed to have you as my friend, and I appreciate you forever. You are an amazing person that I look up to and look to for inspiration. Happy birthday my friend!


44. Almighty God, today is my best friend’s birthday. So I just want to start today by praying for him. Please shower him with love and blessings so that he may grow his business and achieve all his dreams and goals in life. Thank you for all your wonderful blessings. Please accept this special prayer for my friend as a token of my love and gratitude.


45. Dear God, my friend is the best in the entire world. He may not know You personally, but I do. Today, I ask that you strengthen his friendship with You and guide him to Your light. Thank you for loving us so much and for always being there when we call out to You. I love my close friend so much. Therefore, I want to thank You for all that he has done and will do in this life. Bless him, Lord, as he continues to make a name.


46. My best friend means a lot to me. I pray that you’ll dream your biggest dreams, be surrounded by people that love you the most, and never forget the value of being honest.


47. Life gives us many challenges, and it is meant to test our true nature. To pass these tests, God sends his angels in disguise to guide us and help us whenever we need them. One of these angels is a friend who helps us stand strong in times of trouble. Happy birthday my friend!


48. My dearest friend, the thought of you makes my heart fill with joy. Thank you for all the love and care you have showered me with. I sincerely pray that your heartfelt wishes come true today. Have a great birthday!

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