18 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong and Healthy

Recently, keeping a strong and healthy relationship is a challenging question in the world we live in today, this problem has been there. and we are still struggling to resolve this.  However, what we young generations are doing to resolve this issue?…. below you will find a reasonable answer to this particular question make sure you don’t miss out.


A healthy relationship is the one in which both couples who came from two (the man and the woman) different background has the tranquillity of understanding. So, read the below therapies for a strong and healthy relationship.


To be in a relationship is something that is emotional and can be very dramatic, in another word it can be very bad to both parties if something’s gone wrong. Now, for a relationship to be very successful and very strong there are something’s that must be done which the two parties will be partakers in it. We will be listing, explaining and giving examples of how a relationship can be strong and healthy which will make the relationship to last very long if followed accordingly.


1. Don’t’ argue over money


Money is not everything, they said so, it is a piece of paper with a stated amount printed on it. But the relationship is megalomaniac bound which exists between two fellows who share a common score together, particular husband and wife or man friend and woman friend or boyfriend and girlfriend. people usually say that a human is wealthy in currency.

So, do not argue over money in a relationship is a secret step to in keeping the relationship

Do not keep your financial secret from your spouse

Let Him/Her know your finance

Exercise financial truth with your spouse

Money is not an end to a relationship, but relationships do

Money can unpair a relationship, once she sours it!

Money can bomb relationship to ashes

No rosy relationship is defined with money blink

Love and money often at logger-head

The cause if things fall apart in a relationship is “Money”

Make sure your living expenses are not too expensive

Agree with your each other

 Make Accountability of your priority

 Purchase according to your budget

 Discuss your financial plans why with your partner

 Discuss your career ambition

 Finally, seek financial counseling


2. Share your thought:

In relationships sharing of thought is one of the most important things. Wrong feelings should be dealt with appropriately.

* Explain the feeling by saying it or writing it. One objective is to assist your partner to understand what it is like to be in your position. You likely want understanding in return for sharing your feelings.

* Describe the feeling. Use a list of feeling words if this is difficult. Remember that feelings are not long they are just one word: sad, angry, hurt, happy, overjoyed, embarrassed, and so on.

* Practice. If you are not someone who is used to expressing feelings, this may feel awkward at first. Showing it in small steps will make it easier.

* Realize that feelings are temporal they are not permanent. This is different from a “mood” which is a sustaining period of an emotional state.

* Differentiate thoughts from your feelings. Thinking, also known as “cognition” is a process that occurs in our heads. It coveys what our thoughts and what we beliefs about something. While Feelings, on the other hand, show our emotional state and is often said to come from the heart. The thought is not physical while Feelings physical sensations.


3. Be friendly

These involve mutual dealings between two different people. Being friendly requires tolerance, that is you will have to tolerate some things that may be bad that is done by him or her. Here are some tips for becoming friendly inrelationship.

* Give attention

* Give assistant in all aspect

* Go to your partner and help with some duties

* Gist with your partners

* Make sure you resolve quarrels before going to bed

* Avoid Argument with each other

* In case of any argument, one part must be calm and quiet to avoid long term argument

* There must be considered between you two

* Have fun together without technology

* Let your partner sleep right in your arms

* Make her feel free whenever she is around you.

4. Rarely are partners relationship on a steady course.

There’s a little instance that every relationship pass through. That instance will occur a lot of times in life, and sometimes even multiple instances in a week. More also, there are times that problems come up and not in a can you stop the existence of a problem but can be resolve through accepting the fact that day as that could be very much.

Over time, all relationships go through ups and downs. There are times’ where the relationship feels as if there has been no effort in it and then periods where you feel as if you have been left alone, and more intention is deserved all.


5. In any given week or month or season at every time, no relationship is just on a straight.

We all like it to be that way, yet relationships tend to reflect more of a rise and fall manner. You see a path emerge. Proper course correction results in an upward path.

Do you think relationships supposed to just magically happen?

Well – in some fairy tales they do, I suppose In real life, they require maintenance, uphold and making needed adjustments daily or weekly. The best relationships understand this and when they sense or feel that the relationship’s energy is depreciating “down”, the correction is quietly made. It, therefore, becomes a natural thing and doesn’t involve a bunch of drama or. If you’ve not yet figured this out, you might be overreacting. Overreacting is what most people do until we figure out that this is the natural course of most everything in life.

6. En-largely our emotional toolbox is needed for lasting, happy relationships, especially the one we share with our life-partner.


With greater emotional knowledge, someone will step aside and assess and then see where the change is needed, instead of causing damage to the relationship.

Working from willingness, personal abilities definitely helps a rough patch or rough situations smooth over faster. So thats the quickest answer to this. You just accept the fact that you have to choose your own vibe, you accept that this is a stage in your relationship, creating an image or a picture of what your partner is going through at that particular time and not personal to you.

Once you’ve applied this motive and taken the proper consideration for you, the feeling will be quite incredible and different and not that hard to achieve. It’s just about deciding and then acting in favour of the happy, healthy relationship you have always desire in your lifetime.


7. Resolve argument together

In every relationship, there is always one thing that will cause argument, but in the long run, it is expected that the two parties come back together. We will be given some tips on how to resolve argument amicable with your partner in a loving manner whereby he or she won’t be angry with you.

* If you the cause of the argument, accept and hug your partner

* Don’t let your partner disengage form your hug except you want to let go.

* While hugging your partner whisper to his or her hear and said I love you

* Cuddle and play with your partner’s back while hugging

* Hold hands, look at your partner straight in the eyes and show that you are so sorry

* When coming back from office, branch a shopping mall and buy him or her the thing you know she or he like best just show that you are sorry.

* If its something that is profitable in disguise but your partner did not understand that, make your partner understand, tell your partner that you did it for the good of the relationship that is to make it strong and healthy probably now or later on in the future.

Steps of resolving Argument with your partner:-

Take Responsibility

Don’t hit below your belt

– Be respectful

Watch the approach

Be the bigger person

Diffuse the situation

Take a break

– Communicate clearly

– Stay focus

Don’t fight or argue back.


8. Show affection.

Showing of affection in any relationship is a thing that needs to be done regularly, even at the time you are not in the mood. Do your best to keep your partner to your self make sure you don’t allow him to look outside and all your partner’s attention will yours. Below are some tips on how to show affection to your partner:-

* Don’t be cliché

* Do some chores

* Cook their favourite meal

* Go out together

* Spontaneous Date

* Talk to them

* Listen to them

* Appreciate their advice

* Engage in activities they like most

* Celebrate with them

* Make their Birthday special

* Spend time together without technology

* Hang around together

* Watch movie at night together

* Make the breakfast

* Discuss your likes and dislikes

* Be romantic to each other

* Let them sleep right in your arms

* Tell them Love them too

* Care for them when they feel tired

* Look after each other during illness

* Buy her compliment gifts

* Hang out during Christmas

* Don’t let the romantic activities stop.


9. Focus on the positive

In relationships being positively minded is very advisable. The reason is Positive thinking can improve your relationships drastically; not only your close relationships but your personal relationships.

It determines how you feel, how you do things, and your positive and right emotions and thoughts can affect everyone that is around you not leaving out those that are very close to you.

.If you’re having positive thoughts, you’ll feel happier, you do all your best to make sure you don’t move out of the line in which your positive thought lies and this makes those around you feel comfortable and happy when they’re around you.

No one can control your thought, you’re in charge of your thoughts and hour thoughts can determine what happened to you, your feelings etc whether you’re happy with your life or not whether you feel comfortable with what you are experiencing, and definitely if you’re happy you’ll have positive relationships.

Positive Thinking about things: Your thoughts affect your relationships with people, it determines how you relate with them.

Have you ever been in relationships that you didn’t enjoy and unpalatable? Have you ever been in relationships that didn’t work out? If you have, then your thoughts might possibly be the culprit or negative.

10. Be supportive.

Been supportive can make a relationship strong or weak depending on the two parties. Here are some tips on how you can be supportive of your partner.

* Be caring

* Give advice that can help with your partners business or trade

* Make sure your partner’s business is going smoothly

* If he/she doesn’t have a business idea, try as much as possible to sit to him/her and discuss some business ideas

* Whenever your partner comes home depressed try to encourage him or her

* whenever your partner is financially down, and you know that you can do something to help, don’t hesitate

* Don’t reject your partner when he or she needs something very important from you

* When everything seems as if it gonna destroy with your partner make sure you are there to help your partner

* There are some times when your partner can feel very lonely and lifeless, as long as you are there with your partner try and give him or her life.

* Make sure you don’t irritate  him emotionally in the morning

* Make sure he or she is very happy at your sight

* make your partner your friend that you can meet at any time when you are depressed


11. Word plus deeds:-

Sometimes it is impossible for a man or a woman to believe something unless that thing as been impacted by someone her or she loves so dearly. To make your relationship strong and healthy you can do these

* When your partner has a problem or a difficult in his or her business, you should advise and try as much as possible to have a hand in it.

* Make sure you contribute to the progress of your partner, no matter the cost 

* Whenever it like the problem is getting more than your partner’s power, be ready to borrow if you can just to see your partner smile.


12. Recognize that all relationship has ups and down:

Over time, all good relationships go through ups and downs. There are periods where the relationship feels more effortless and then periods where resistance is felt, and more intention is required. Well in fairy tales they do, I suppose. In real life, they require “keeping things in mind and making needed adjustments every time. The best relationships understand this and when they sense that the relationship’s energy is trending “down”, the correction is quietly made. It becomes a natural thing and doesn’t involve a bunch of drama or “acting out Here are some tips of how you can recognize that


13. Respect each other when arguing.

In any good relationship, there is always a need for argument and this is because of the two different parties trying to come together to form one and to achieve the same objective and goal. In an argument between two parties in a relationship, there must be one must be calm There must not be insulting language between both parties. How to stop an argument between Relationship.

One of them must accept the blame

– Each person must apologize to each other

As a man, try not to raise your voice against your woman.

– Call your partner loving names that can remove the anger on his or her face and put a smile

– Take your partner by the hand, look into your partner’s and tell your partner you love him or her

– Make sure each of you doesn’t go to bed without resolving the matter

Make sure you get your partner to sleep in your arms

Both of you can go to a cinema just to clear your head

– Try to buy things that your partner love so much


14. Set goals as a couple

To make a relationship strong and healthy there must be some things that you both must agree upon before getting it into the house. These can be explained with just one word ” cooperation”. In a relationship where there is no cooperation between the husband and the wife, then such a relationship cannot last. In any lively relationship, and as long as you are one together, you must both do these following things:-


15. Make your partner a priority

Making your relationship strong requires for you yo make your partner your first priority in the following aspect:-

* You will think about her at all time.

* make sure you give your partner all attention when he or she needed it.

* Make him/her happy when she is sad

* Take him/her out when she is bored

* Encourage him/her when she has lost courage.

* Moan with him/her when she is moaning

* Make sure you spend time together with him/her

* Be there for him/her whenever she needs you

* When you have a problem, make sure she/he is the first to know about it.

* Make sure no opposite sex is closer to you the way your partner is to you.

All these can make your relationship strong and healthy


16. Often tell your partner why you love him.

In every relationship, there is a need for remembrance because remembrance can keep a particular thing going. To make your relationship strong and healthy you will need to sometimes feel your partner why you fell in love with him or her. These apply for both male and female:-

* Tell him or her that you love him because of Him/Her honesty

* Tell she you love him because he is very strong and hardworking

* Tell her that you love her because she is very beautiful

* Tell her that whenever you wake up in the morning without her beside you, is like you have not seen the anything.

* Tell him that you love him because you live him because he will never leave you for somebody else

* Tell him that you love him because you know that he will not eat until you are around so that you can eat food together.

* Tell her that you when you sleep you always dream about the future of both you together in loveand that is the reason why you will never leave her for someone else

* Tell her that you love her because she will never sleep unless you are back from office.

* Tell himthat you love him because he spends time with you more than the time he spends on the Internet

* Tell him that you love him because he is arrogant

* Tell her that you love her because whenever she cooks the whole compound is full with the aroma

* Tell him that you love him because he helps cook for you whenever you feel sick

* Tell him that you love him because he carries you inside the room and places you on the bed

* Tell him that you love him because whenever you are asleep and there is a little bit of cold, he will take a bed sheet and cover you up

* Tell him that you love him because he cracks a joke with you

* Tell him that you love him because even when the food you cook isn’t sweet he will still say he likes it


17. Practice acceptance and appreciation

Showing gratitude and appreciation to your spouse is a day to day thing and very important, it’s essential to nurturing a healthy marriage or relationships. There are many ways to express your thanks and appreciation to your husband or wife, so today, we’re giving you 10 ideas for showing your partner your appreciation.


Deliberately saying thank you to your spouse or partner more often is the very easy, most obvious way to show him or her your gratitude.

Write an inspirational text note

Write a note of appreciation and hide it where it can easily be found in their lunch box Ofdashboard of their car, on the bathroom mirror, or someplace similar. 


A few hours of quiet time might very well be on your spouse especially if he or she is tired maybe because of overworked or caring for young children.


Do you know what your spouse like to eat or take, Youcan Prepare some once in a while that brings back happy memories for you both of you?


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Take the time to deliberately tell your kids about all the great things and incredible things your husband or wife does for the family, to encourage them to say thank you to their other parent.


Go a little further than the four walls of your house and let other knows, Praise your partner in front of your neighbour as often as possible, how grateful you are for your husband or wife…


Saying “thank you,” giving gifts, and telling others aren’t quite enough; you have to behave in a grateful way toward your spouse or your partner. Make an effort to notify what they do and to respect the things they’re putting in for you…


A nice date is a great and most pleasurable way to say thank you to your spouse for everything they do for you. Choose their favourite place where they’re like to eat, a movie they’ve been dying to see, grab a coffee, stop by their favourite bookstore or library to buy them some novels. Make that time all about your spouse.


Sometimes, an appreciation gift is in order. Purchase something your spouse would like to have but might not be willing to buy by themselves, then attach a little note of thanks before you give your partner. This could be the perfect opportunity to splurge for him or her.


Its is more blessed to give than to take. Another way to show your gratitude is to avoid existing only as a “taker.” Give, give, give–your spouse is giving to you, so make sure you not only reciprocate but go above and beyond to give back.


18. Trust your partner

In a relationship that wants to last and stay healthy there a quality that must not be found wanting which is trust. The thing is, trust plays a lot of roles in relationships than in simply keeping the peace. “Trust helps people think less about the risks of getting close to someone, depend on them, and see them in a positive light.”

To boost your bond at any stage your relationship, follow these trust gaining tips:

* Let him plan date night

* Show him your flaws

* Confide in Him

* Don’t Judge

* Keep your Promises

* Be your self in front of others

* Tell him the truth

* Arrive on time during your date

* Take his side or at least be Diplomatic in everything you do with Him



We’ve written those amazing messages advise to those who did not appreciate there partner, we all know is difficult for you to tolerate things you never been familiar with but in a relationship, you have to because no one is perfect. this is why we’ve come out with this idea to help you in other to secure your relationship.

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