World Animal Day Quotes With Caption for Instagram

We all love animals and thus we celebrate the birth of the animal kingdom with this world animal day quotes. We all know that there is a great difference between humans and animals, but in some cases, we forget to understand that we are alike in many ways. This is where we should stop and think. Last year it was celebrated on Oct 4th and this year in 2018, we see it in early October (but the exact dates for this celebration vary in different countries). Today we will be looking at what animals mean to us and quotes about animals so let’s get started.

World Animal Day Quotes With Caption for Instagram

The life you save may be your own. Please remember to adopt, not shop! #worldanimalday

That brings us to today—World Animal Day—a holiday dedicated to the harmonious coexistence of all living beings. Many are vegetarian, but regardless of how you choose to honor this day, at least show your compassion for the furry friends in your

A Jovial capybara. A tiny pangolin. An elegant warthog. A cute sloth. The world is full of amazing creatures–let’s take some time for them this #WorldAnimalDay (22 Oct)

The more you laugh, the longer you live…☀🐾 #WorldAnimalDay

As we bring #WorldAnimalDay closer on the calendar, remember those less fortunate than us and those unable to speak for themselves. It is our responsibility to help those who do not have a voice.

Furry, feathered, finned…we love them all. Let us teach you the way of the wild. #WorldAnimalDay

Happy World Animal Day + a little throwback to the beginning of our story, when things were a lot different! 🐾🦊

We are the voice for animals.

Here’s to the animals that have made our lives more interesting. You are true beauties in every way 🙏🏿❤️

The best smell in the world is the smell of clean animal fur. 😻🐾

It’s all about your habitat and what you can do to make it better.

Oh, we’re not done yet. If one good deed could plant a seed with such potential, surely we can do better.

All creatures great and small, 🐮🇵🇷…have a place in the Choir Invisible.

🐘🌎🐇🐆🐂🐾#WorldAnimalDay #WhyIWorkForWF (Photo by @xxxxx)

The power of social media can help protect tens of thousands of Asian elephants in 2016. #WorldAnimalDay

July is the month of love. Love animals to help preserve their populations for generations to come.

Let’s give the world’s remaining wild animals – including endangered species – a chance to thrive. 🐰🐧🐼🦁

Every day should be… world mental health day.

We can’t promise you perfect people will find perfect dogs or vice versa, but we can promise you it will be an adventure.

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.

Wild animals never have too much room. It is only with a civilization that man has got beyond his limits.

When the world gets you down, remember that there are other things in life to be happy about besides people. -Neil deGrasse Tyson

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. – George Bernard Shaw 🐘 . 🐘 🍇🐈

When someone displeases you it is never because of who they are but because of who you are.

Not all angels are heavenly, some fly among us because they need to.

Up for an adventure? From the deepest trenches to the ocean’s tallest peaks, you’re never far from something wild here on earth. 🌏

Her body is preparing for migration back up to the arctic.

At @xxxxx, our work is about always doing what needs to be done today to create a better tomorrow for animals. Today, September 4, is #WorldAnimalDay. Help us spread the word!

❤️ World Animal Day

Happy #WorldAnimalDay – let’s all spare a thought for the animal kingdom today.

Making the world a better place, one animal at a time.

If you go on some vacation don’t forget to take your bags with you. Our slogan is: We love this planet so much, we decided to sell our products in a reusable bag 😎

If you look into the eyes of an animal, you do not see an animal.

There are over 1.2 million wild tigers in the world today. That’s still fewer than there were 100 years ago, but we’re working to bring them back. Here’s how:

Partnership is a powerful force. Let’s help each other create a more sustainable world for all living species. @NMNH 🐾

🐟 There are too many of us who take our oceans for granted. But our oceans are fragile, this planet is fragile, and we better figure out how to live with each other in order for all of this to continue.

To my mind, Earth’s biggest natural resource is plants. They clean the air, the water, they provide us with medicine, they feed us. I love plants. Plants are way more important than oil.” – Jane Goodall

Go out there and make this world a better place, you will 👏 always 👏 be 👏 remembered !!!

A new week, a new month—and some new furry friends. What will today be like? 💜🐕

Be kind to ourselves and others, for everything you do affects the whole world 🌍

Animals ask no questions, they are not sinners or undertakers or attitudinizers. They go their own way as they have to, and as it pleases them, and as seems best to them.

Happy World Animal Day! Here’s to the cats and dogs in our lives.

️🐶 It’s #WorldAnimalDay, so remember that the love you get from your pet is unconditional. 💕

One world, one fight. Let’s all do our part to protect animals and give them a voice. #worldanimalday #worldanimalday2018

Good morning…and happy World Animal Day. Remember, every action counts. Every voice counts. Let’s do our part to help the four-legged critters of this planet have a better world.

Today is World #Animalday-to pledge your support to protect our beloved furry friends

Today’s the day to be extra awesome to all beings—human, furry, feathered, and scaled. Happy #WorldAnimalDay! 🌏

Today is #WorldAnimalDay – it’s a day that we celebrate the beautiful, the curious, and our capacity to care for them all. 🌍🐮👩‍👨‍👧‍

Yay team prairie dog, the unofficial mascot of America’s National Wildlife Refuges. Today is #WorldAnimalDay. Wishing you all dandy days! 🐶

Because sometimes making a difference is as simple as scouting out a great opportunity to be your dog’s best friend.👌

In improving the condition of animals, we improve the condition of humanity. ~Benjamin Disraeli

EarthSky has a big pool of articles on Planet Pro with wild animal facts and photos.

Maybe it’s human nature to assume that one day someone is going to come up with a solution for world hunger, or produce gasoline from algae… But I don’t think the solution really lies in science or technology or big ideas. I’m sort of

Butterflies are symbols of transformation.

Howl at the moon.🐺

We are simply pilgrims on an endless journey, seeking home. ~ Alan W. Watts

With just one more, you’ve helped us donate over $12 million to wildlife conservation projects. Happy World Animal Day 🐾 @xxxxxx

World Animal Day is all about showing we care for our animal friends and encouraging us to spread awareness and support of wildlife conservation. #worldcompassionday #loveanimals

Today is #WorldAnimalDay—a day to celebrate our 4-legged friends. 🐶

With greater new heights in global sustainability standards, let’s celebrate the beautiful bond between people and animals. #worldanimalday

It is not my place to forgive humans. forgiveness is up to each of you. –Nelson Mandela #worldanimalday

Today, let us celebrate the wondrous world of animals on #WorldAnimalDay 🐯 😍

Be the one to stand up for them today. Speak for that voiceless animal today. Show the world that you support the end of captivity that is cruel and points us towards extinction.

Today is the day we remember that animals are people too! 🐸🐮🦁

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Mahatma Gandhi

A selfie with a baby panda is the only good selfie.

Affection is the language of animals… and some humans.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.


The magic of the moment has walked into your life. Namaste Gorgeous!

Every morning, set out to forge a new day, throw away the old garbage and make a fresh start. – Sun Tzu

Happy #WorldAnimalDay from @xxxxx! Learn more about how to help abused animals here—and share what you’re doing to stand up for animals on Instagram by using the hashtag #WorldAnimalDay!

Today is #WorldAnimalDay. Here at #Mellow, we celebrate the many great things that animals do for us. From providing us with companionship and protection to serving as our furry friends, pets make our lives better.

It’s hard to believe it’s already #WorldAnimalDay. Here’s to all of the animals—big and small—that make the world a little more awesome every day ❤️

Happy World Animal Day! Help spread the word and tell everyone you know about our furry, four-legged friends 🐶👀

Wishing all the animals on this planet a wonderful #WorldAnimalDay 😇

Today is all about kindness to animals. Remember that they are just as important as us humans. Speak up for them and do what you can…

We all have a #spiritanimale inside us, show the world yours”

Chimpanzees are our siblings. Like us, they are capable of love, laughter, wonder, curiosity, imagination, and fear. It’s time to let them be free.

Rise for Animal Rights!🐮

Today, we honor our animal friends, both wild and domesticated… And try not to eat any of them.

Don’t buy ivory. Don’t take ivory. Crush ivory.

All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. 🐰🐮

Love me, love my dog.

The dog’s bark may be the language he uses to salute his creator, but it is written in a manner that we men can read.

A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep. 🦁

There are some books that you want to read slowly, there are others that you feel like devouring. You don’t want to miss one word, one sentence of it. This is what happens with the World Animal Day quotes that you read

Rise. Rinse. Repeat.—to celebrate World Animal Day on October 4, join us in celebrating animals of all kinds, including these amazing animals here at the sanctuary! #worldanimalday

Wishing everyone a very happy World Animal Day on October 4th and all year round! Featuring: Cow 🐮, Horse 🐴 and Elephant ♡ #WorldAnimalDay

The smallest creatures can teach us the biggest lessons. -unknown #WorldAnimalDay

Global Animal Day is a chance to celebrate the animals around us while also thinking about ways we can strengthen our connection with them and improve their lives.

Go vegan and eliminate animal suffering from your life.

Monkeys, Guenons, Warthogs. A new species every day! Help the International Primate Protection League care for monkeys of all shapes and sizes with a gift of $35 or more. Together we can give all animals a voice.

You’re never too small to make a difference.🐾

There is no need to light a candle to see the light, we need only awaken our consciousness. Why not care for all creatures great and small? 🐾🌏😎✌️

If you want to make the world a better place, go home and love your family.

🐢 I wish all the beautiful 🐢s of this world could experience this moment together.

World Animal Day Quotes & Sayings

In the morning, at night, when I’m dreaming…I think of you…😺

Be the change you wish to see in the world-Gandhi

Learn to love exploring the world beyond your own… even if what you want to explore is, well, right here.

I welcome the winter cold because it makes everything else seem warmer by comparison. ―Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

World Animal Day—today’s the day to acknowledge ALL animals who enrich our #lives. Here, two top canines. 🐶🐾

World Animal Day is Nov. 4. Let’s celebrate the day recognizing the beauty and innocence of animals, and at the same time, let’s pray […]

Today we celebrate all things wild and wonderful on #WorldAnimalDay. Whether we’re staying up late to catch a shooting star or getting up early to watch the sunrise, we can’t get enough of this amazing planet we live on

Animal testing is a highly controversial issue in product testing. Find out why. #WorldAnimalDay

If you could say only one thing, it would be this: animal abuse is not who we are. Say it today and every day. 🐾

Protecting animals is an issue that must be addressed by all of us…

Share the love. Every time you eat meat, an animal has lost its life 🐮

It’s easy to forget there are people out there who go hungry every day despite the fact that there’s enough food for everyone.

For a caption on a post showing a picture of a pet.

Nobody knows for sure how many species are left on the planet. Yet experts estimate that between 50,000 and 100,000 species go extinct every year. – Survival International

The star of the living world is not man but an animal. Animal Quotes

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. (Saint Augustine)

Check out @xxxxxx on Instagram for some cute pics of our furry friends.

World Animal Day -Show your love for animals today #wad

Today is #WorldAnimalDay—a day to remember that all animals are individuals with feelings and unique personalities just like us.

Wildlife conservation depends on each one of us. Be a hero for animals and the wild places they call home by taking action at

There is no problem we cannot solve. No enemy we cannot vanquish. And, most importantly, no creature we cannot forgive and embrace #WorldAnimalDay

Every individual can make a difference. The first step is to adopt an animal shelter pet #AdoptDontShop.

May our friendship with animals bring out the best in us.—Joyce Meyer

We love sharing what we love with who we love. PARTY ANIMALS! 😊

The more we embrace a vegetarian diet, the more we realize how easy it is to get a variety of nutrients from plant-based foods.

There are no favorites or rejects, just brothers and sisters that need us. And that’s worth celebrating. ❤

Every morning, I wake up grateful to have seen another day. Because no matter how long I’m here, I know that one day my time will come. And when it does, I hope that with all the love in my heart, with all

The most important thing in life is to stop saying, “If only.”👉🏻☎️ And start saying, “I meant to do that!”

They asked me how I felt about the human race. I said, “You mean all of them?’

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.

A photo can capture a moment, but words are more powerful. That’s why on World Animal Day, use this opportunity to get more involved in animal rights by joining some of the best groups in the world working to make a difference for animals.

October 4th is #WorldAnimalDay. It’s the perfect occasion to spread love and compassion for all animals 🐶🐱️🐯🦁😻

Today is #worldanimalday. We’re honoring animals everywhere with these adorable products. 🐾🐶🌈😻

Today is #worldanimalday, so let’s start this week of focusing on the incredible, helpful, & above all beloved animals that share our planet. ❤️

Not all heroes wear capes. The hidden heroes among us are the ones who rescue abandoned animals and give them loving, forever homes. Join us today in honoring their love by visiting

your local shelter to adopt, volunteer, or donate.

Animals are friends, not food. 🐷🐮🐔🐟☝☠

Remember that animals have a certain power, a way of being, that we don’t have. We live on earth along with them and they have wisdom we’re almost always unable to see because it’s so close to them.

Pets add years to your life. Old friends add life to your years.


None of us are defined by the challenges we face. We are all defined by how we overcome them. 🐘👩‍🦳🦁💪

The eyes of a cat never lose the light of heaven.

It takes a little time to grow an old friend.

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.

When you go fishing, remember the one that got away.

Cute pet pictures for World Animal Day. Adopt instead of shop!

Happy World Animal Day!🐾

Happy #WorldAnimalDay. Here’s to all our furry family members… you know who you are 😊

Today is #WorldAnimalDay, could you spare a minute and think about how we can all help reduce our impact on the planet and the animals here 🐬🐠

Happy World Animal Day from all of us at Wildlife Warriors! To learn more about how you can help save incredible animals like tigers, lions, elephants, rhinos and so many more check out #WorldAnimalDay

It is estimated that there are currently more than 39 million homeless dogs and cats in the US and an additional 160 million homeless dogs and cats worldwide. 1 /3 dogs and 2/3 cats who enter animal shelters are euthanized.

There is no greater measure of the health of our society than how we treat our fellow #animals. Today- let’s give thanks for their friendship, compassion, and nonjudgemental love.

If people are cruel to animals, they have no right to be kind to humans. -Isaac Bashevis Singer

Treat animals with kindness, even those which are unfamiliar to you.

When it comes to animal rights, stay on the sunny side of right. –Grey DeLisle

When your dog trusts you, you become trustworthy.

He taught me to be brave, to never give up… to look at the world with wonder and amazement. That you can do anything if you set your mind to it. He was my hero __and __he still is. _#National

“Each animal represents a test to human beings. As quoted by The Prophet Mohammad (

PBUH): Each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for your flock. The Imam said that each person has a guardian angel over

Sometimes I think all I need is a wide-open sky above me and a trail beneath my feet. 🐿

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